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21 May 20
It took a little while for Namjoon to calm down enough to get his words out, to apologise to Eunha for crying out of the blue like that, all while he stroked at Biscuit's fur, the small white cat curling into his lap, the purring never ending.
"You're not allowed to say sorry for crying," Eunha smiled, taking a seat at her desk, spinning in her chair to face Namjoon, tea mug in hand. "In fact, I encourage it here, if that's what you need. Namjoon, this is a safe space, to vent however you need."
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8 Apr 20
He was getting hard, didn’t know what to do, what to do, all while his hand was tight in Yoongi’s hair, forcing Yoongi to look up at him. Yoongi was staring like he was surprised to find himself on the floor, on his knees, and Namjoon prayed, prayed Yoongi didn't notice--
Oh god, Yoongi noticed, gaze snapping from Namjoon’s down to where his cock was tenting his pants, and it was mortifying, humiliating, as Namjoon waited for Yoongi to mock him.

Call him a virgin again, try to wound his ego.
But Yoongi just stared, blinking, the shimmer on his eyelids so sweet and alluring, making Namjoon’s chest heave, making his dick twitch in a way that was impossible for either of them to ignore.

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6 Feb 20
And with that, let's begin! ✨

PLEASE PLEASE don't reply to the thread guys, twitter changed stuff and if you reply, it breaks the thread, so only quote retweet if you wanna comment please ;-;

also, I'm gonna be writing this on the spot, so any spelling errors, please forgive me ;-;
Namjoon didn't like to call it a crush.
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18 Jan 20
🌸Flower shop AU🌸 where JK is in love with the owner, Namjoon, and comes to work at the flower shop to get closer to him, despite being terrible at the work. How can he impress Namjoon when he messes orders up and kills all the plants? Will Namjoon ever feel the same for him?
This was written based on the prompts given to me by the winner of my 3K follower giveaway! Please expect silly JK who is hopelessly (and destructively) in love--

and rimming

thank you for reading in advance! 🥰💜
It felt surreal.

Jungkook shuddered in front of a small fireplace, hands outstretched, not too close to the flickering flames but just enough to feel the hint of heat, enough to feel it seep past his skin and make his insides warm.
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29 Jun 19
✨AU✨ where Jungkook sneaks into Namjoon’s room to retrieve his confiscated 3DS, and somehow ends up hiding under the desk as Namjoon jerks himself off, muttering Jungkook’s name, completely unaware of the boy mere inches from where he’s sitting...

#nsfw #btsau #namkook
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