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Cancer genomics, epigenomics and evolutionary dynamics (Weill Cornell/New York Genome Center). Hemato-oncologist (NYP). Discl.: https://t.co/tAu87FMVW3
May 12 18 tweets 12 min read
💃📢¡GoTChA! New pre-print🤯🕺

High throughput single-cell multi-omics platform to jointly capture genotype and chromatin accessibility; charting the differentiation of clonal outgrowths

If you have a moment, would love to tell you all about it 👇

biorxiv.org/content/10.110… Clonal outgrowths are everywhere in us humans. In malignant and non-malignant tissue. But we know little about the phenotypes of somatic driver mutations in primary human samples. To address this key challenge we need the ability to connect genotype and phenotype in single cells
Sep 30, 2021 15 tweets 7 min read
🥳Max-level joy sharing new work with @MarioSuva 🥳
Single-cell multi-omics defines epigenetic encoding, heritability and plasticity of cancer transcriptional cell states @NatureGenet
Short 🪡 /n First off, congrats to @ChaligneRonan (now @sloan_kettering) @fgaiti (now @pmcancercentre) @DSilverbush & @jsschiffman for making this dream project come true 🥂
Jun 1, 2020 13 tweets 8 min read
Excited to share our work @NatureMedicine offering a novel framework [MRDetect] for ultra-sensitive cancer monitoring through whole genome mutational integration of cfDNA go.nature.com/2XmxJZv
#LiquidBiopsy #WGS #cfDNA #MachineLearning
👇👇👇 Therapy monitoring is a central pillar of modern medicine. And yet, in many areas of oncology, we lack sensitive monitoring tools for residual disease detection. ctDNA carries the potential to change this, but is scarce in low-burden disease.