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There's definitely a remix theme to Workday's music to kick off the event as the Tuesday morning keynote starts #wdayrising
CEO Aneel Bhusri takes the stage and starts with a cheeky wave to SAP and Oracle and a focus on change #wdayrising
Bhusri points out a new department category of customers: procurement #wdayrising
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My new course "Causal Data Science with Directed Acyclic Graphs" has finally been published at @udemy. And I'm super excited to share it with you!… #CausalAI #Causality #MachineLearning #DataScience #Econometrics #DAG #MOOC
In the past, I've already given similar workshops on causal inference. And people often asked me afterwards for recommendations of good online teaching resources. Unfortunately, there's really not that much out there. So, I decided to do something about it.
Please have a look and let me know what you think! For me personally, this is my first experience with MOOC education. I'm pretty happy with the result. But decide for yourself (there's a free intro video on the course landing page, btw).
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How do we build an ambidextrous company out of Africa? #TransformationFriday
Great things start small... with intentionality. #TransformationFriday
Over the last year, we have been speaking with many business owners, read extensively as we try to establish @transform2scale: a consulting firm with a mandate to transform determined African companies to global institutions. #TransformationFriday
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Love the simplicity of #Serverless #FaaS (Function-as-a-Service) but hate the setup process? Look to these 7 open source projects to ease #AWS Lambda deployments:
#BigData #StreamingAnalytics #Cloud #DataScience #MachineLearning #IFTTT #EventDriven #AI
13 free tools for #API design, development, & testing — for example, Amazon API Gateway allows you to build front-end APIs for applications built on Amazon EC2, #AWS Lambda, or any web application:
#microservices #cloud #serverless #FaaS #coding #IoT
#IFTTT alternatives for developers of #EventDriven workflows:
#IoT #EdgeAnalytics #EdgeComputing #Microservices #DataScience #BigData #FaaS #ML
+See the book “AWS Lambda in Action: Event-driven #Serverless Applications” at
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@JanJekielek @EpochTimes Lesser known #China #Lenovo #Motorola worldwide smartphone saga starts here:
Known for #RussiaHoax PR, #AI #Algo firm #NewKnowledge #5G six step "Lifecycle of Disinformation", eventually blaming #TuckerCarlson! Their partner #NKLabs is originator of modular #ProjectAra smartphone
@JanJekielek @EpochTimes #NewKnowledge appears to be defending interests of Motorola Mobility, now owned by #Chinese firm #Lenovo. #Google had begun development on #ProjectAra, shelved it, then #Google announced it would sell Motorola Mobility to Lenovo. A big pot of #5G logo stew, with Chinese seasoning
@JanJekielek @EpochTimes Confusing? You bet. Scary, maybe. With the likes of #Google #NewKnowledge #Motorola #Lenovo #China involved, a reach into the voice data #AI #MachineLearning cookie jar may start to look tempting. Why is #NewKnowledge fighting the story so hard?... ghost writing in #NewYorkTimes:
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Bayesian #MachineLearning Part 1 — Understanding Bayes Theorem from an Analytics Perspective: #abdsc
#BigData #DataScience #Statistics #StatisticalLiteracy #DataLiteracy #Algorithms
Bayesian #MachineLearning Part 3 — building Bayesian models & inference networks: #abdsc
#BigData #DataScience #Statistics #StatisticalLiteracy #DataLiteracy #Algorithms
+See also these books:
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Queridos amigos, hoy es sábado, sabadete, así que toca hilo de #privacidad y #eticadelosdatos. ¿Por qué es tan fácil para las empresas realizar perfiles de usuarios, y tan complicado para los usuarios acceder a esa información, incluso cuando es totalmente discriminatoria?
Vivimos en la era del #BigData Analytics, donde la toma de decisiones automatizada, el aprendizaje automático y las técnicas de creación de perfiles son cada vez más capaces de evaluar las vidas de las personas en función de su propia historia datos y predicciones.
Las técnicas automatizadas de toma de decisiones y creación de perfiles pueden ser perjudiciales para las personas porque la legislación actual no proporciona a los usuarios control sobre sus propios datos, y menos sobre las evaluaciones realizadas por los procesos automatizados.
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1/ Alright folks, this will be the last round of #EconBookClub, discussing Guido Imbens' new paper on PO vs. DAGs (link: #EconTwitter #BookofWhy #Econometrics #Causality #CausalInference #MachineLearning #AI
2/ Today I will go through the final chapter 4.6 and the paper's conclusion. Maybe you will notice that I skipped over section 4.5. I had some thoughts on this chapter, but I feel that I didn't understand Guido's point well enough. So I prefer to leave it aside for the moment.
3/ In chapter 4.6, Guido discusses the returns to education example, which is a classic question in economics and which is also closely connected with the development of PO techniques in econometrics.
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2/ In this chapter, Guido responds to the main criticism that is brought forward towards the potential outcomes framework by proponents of DAGs – the choice of covariates or how to justify ignorability.
3/ We're all familiar with the ignorability / unconfoundedness assumption that underlies classical matching estimators, for example. The corresponding DAG is depcited in Figure 8a of the paper.
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1/ Let's continue with chapter 4.3 of Guido Imbens' new working paper on PO versus DAGs (link:…), this time with a discussion about simultaneity and cyclic models. #EconBookClub #BookofWhy #Econometrics #Causality #MachineLearning
2/ The chapter raises an important point. Many canonical models in economics are cyclic equilibrium models (in our language, we would call them "nonrecursive"). And DAGs are by definition acyclic, so they cannot really capture such models. But...
3/ The chapter follows a line of argument that is very similar to the last section, and which I don't agree with. It focusses on a special case (here a simple supply-and-demand equilibrium model) that lies outside the realm of DAGs, and which was solved by PO practitioners.
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🆃🅴🅾🆁🅴🅼🅰 (de representación de Arnold-Kolmogorov)

Tiene que ver con #deeplearning, #machinelearning, AI, #bigdata y todas esas palabras cool (y es una excusa para hablar de Arnold).

Dedicado a @wsosaescudero y los fanáticos del libro verde.
🗣️ porfa RT así difundimos #TeRegaloUnTeorema
Dice así: toda función continua, aunque dependa de muchas variables se puede escribir como combinación de funciones (continuas) que dependen de una sola variable.
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Queridos amigos, es sábado, sabadete así que toca hilo de #privacidad y #protecciondedatos. Hoy la protagogonista es una aplicación femenina llamada MyDays, o su nombre largo, My Days - Ovulation Calendar & Period Tracker ™. ¡Empezamos el hilo!
Esta aplicación femenina sirve para controlar el ciclo menstrual y la ovulación. La idea es saber qué días de tu calendario menstrual eres fértil, y así saber cuándo puedes quedarte embarazada, o cuándo evitarlo. Descargas: más de 5 millones de personas.
Muchas mujeres que quieren quedarse embarazadas entran en un círculo obsesivo, desgastante y, en muchas ocasiones, tóxico para ellas, que son quiénes lo sufren realmente. ¿Qué ocurre con estas aplicaciones? Pues que juegan con este hecho, lo incentivan, creando dependencia total
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Thread Machine Learning: Apesar de ter virado moda durante essa decada, ML não é uma novidade na academia. Os primeiros algoritmos são dos anos 50, como o Perceptron de Rosenblatt:…
Mas o que é ML? Em 1955 John McCarthy cunhou o termo Inteligência Artificial como uma nova área da ciência da computação. A ideia era que os algoritmos aprendessem só observando o mundo sem necessidade de programação específica.…
Como fazer um programa para jogar xadrez? Tradicionalmente se programava todas as regras ditadas por um grão-mestre. Mas McCarthy propunha estudar como fazer para que uma maquina aprendesse a jogar somente observando os jogos.
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1/ Alright, time for round 3 of #EconBookClub! In this iteration I will cover chapters 2.4 to 2.9 of Guido Imbens' new working paper on PO vs. #DAGs (link:…). #BookofWhy #Causality #AI #MachineLearning
2/ The Twitter thread will probably be much shorter this time compared to the last ones, simply because Guido discusses a lot of terminology and technical details in these section, which I don't have much to comment on.
3/ But I'm extremely happy that Guido provides an introduction into the basics of DAGs and calculus to a broader audience in economics. Finally, I have a paper to cite when I use the terms "confounder" or "mediator", since this type of terminology,
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So a few of us (@unhlangothi, @adantro, PeterLatham, @TPVogels, @JosephRaimondo) wrote a perspective piece for #PLOSCompBio entitled "Think: Theory for Africa"…
here are some of the points
"we call for greater efforts to empower Africans to join the global neuroscience community and argue that the subfield of computational neuroscience is the ideal vehicle to do so"
neurotheory is super accessible!
just need #data and #expertise
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Sábado, sabadete, por lo que hoy toca hilo sobre #privacidad y #protecciondedatos o (des)protección de datos. Tema central de hoy: ¿Por qué estamos actualmente en una situación en la que la privacidad y la falta de transparencia se han convertido en cuestiones legales centrales?
Obviamente, se debe a un rápido desarrollo tecnológico, pero quizás sea útil para nuestra discusión sobre #transparencia, #privacidad y #perfiles.
para cavar un poco más profundo en el por qué, y no en el cómo. ¡Adelante hilo!
Dos hechos tecnológicos hicieron posible esta enorme transformación: 1) el desarrollo de hardware informático y 2) el desarrollo de un software que permitió que muchos ordenadores funcionaran como uno solo. ¿Qué supusieron estos grandes hitos para las organizaciones y empresas?
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If u want to learn #AI or #ML completely online without any BS. Follow this route(thread): #elearning

1. Artificial Intelligence:A modern approach by Stuart Russel and Peter Norvig

This book will give a non technical intro into #AI.Read relevant chapters…
2. Alternatively u can take "#AI for everyone" course on coursera by @AndrewYNg

This is also non technical.…

3. Then move on to "The hundred page machine learning book" by @burkov…
4. "Machine Learning" course on @coursera by @AndrewYNg will give a proper foundation…

5. "Hands-on Machine Learning with Scikit-Learn, Keras, and TensorFlow"
by @aureliengeron…

#AI #MachineLearning
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Are there individual differences in response to antipsychotic treatment?

Excited to share our new paper, now online @JAMAPsych. Here's an overview of what we did and what we found.
So what's the problem here? Isn't it obvious that patients respond very differently to treatment? After all, that's why everyone talks about personalizing medicine, right? Well, not so fast. It turns out that things are actually less clear:…
Statisticians such as @stephensenn @statsepi @f2harrell and others have repeatedly pointed out that the typical responder analysis of RCT data is quite problematic:…
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Welcome to the @NSMCInternship #tweetorial for this week’s study on a new risk prediction tool for IgA nephropathy, appearing in @JAMAInternalMed. Check out these unhappy glomeruli with mesangial IgA deposits in green from (1/16)
Recent unsuccessful #RCT: STOP-IgA (immunosuppression+supportive care isn’t superior to supportive care alone) & TESTING (corticosteroids reduce risk of #ESRD but cause serious infections) were covered by @NephJC:…
and… … (2/16)
Question for the #NephTwitter: What percentage of patients with IgA nephropathy develop #ESKD by 10 years? (3/16)
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Il cancro rappresenta il paradigma dell'immortalità. Se nelle cellule sane esiste un meccanismo 'salvifico' di apoptosi, le cellule cancerose non vogliono morire. Mai come adesso ricerca e nuove tecnologie sono in grado di combattere ad armi pari. Quattro esempi. #OneGiantLeap
Cancer-fighting nanorobots programmed to seek and destroy tumors
In a major advancement in nanomedicine, scientists have successfully programmed nanorobots to shrink tumors by cutting off their blood supply

#Cancer #NanoRobots #NanoMedicine #DNA #origami…
Google’s Machine Learning Model Detects Cancer in Real-Time.
Detecting cancer at an early stage has long been a focus area in healthcare. From IBM Watson to other major players, until now.

#Google #Cancer #MachineLearning #ML #ArtificialIntelligence #AI…
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Very excited to see our work on the different types of El Niño published today @NatureGeosci showing dramatic changes of El Niño towards more Central and stronger Eastern Pacific El Niño events @unimelb @Monash_Science @uow @anuearthscience @CSIROnews #climatechange @NASA @NOAA
El Niño is one of the most important weather phenomena on Earth & comes in 2 types: warming occuring in the central Pacific vs strong traditional El Niño in the Eastern Pacific. How El Niño will behave with future climate change is an open question.
Using coral records, we show that the number of Central Pacific El Nino events has increased by the end of the 20th century, with fewer but stronger eastern Pacific El Niño events
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In July 1969 the Apollo 11 astronauts conducting several tasks during extravehicular activity (EVA) operations on the surface of the moon. The EVA lasted approximately 2.5 hours with all scientific activities being completed satisfactorily. #OneGiantLeap

#Apollo11 landed on the Moon on July 20, 1969.

That's #OneSmallStep for [a] man, #OneGiantLeap for mankind.

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Happy #EarthDay, America! 🎉

Learn how the Energy Department, National Labs, and sites help make the world more sustainable. ⚡…
More people are experiencing severe food allergies than ever before

#food #health…
The Pentagon thinks bugs could hold the secrets to conscious experience.

#consciousness #physics #philosophy #brain #ArtificialIntelligence #AI #robots #DARPA…
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