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7 Jul 20
Victoria's Premier Daniel Andrews says wishful thinking that the coronavirus outbreak in Australia is over, when it is not, is "part of the problem."
Andrews: "I think a sense of complacency has crept into us as we let our frustrations get the better of us."
Victoria's Premier Daniel Andrews is issuing a new Stay At Home order for metropolitan Melbourne and Mitchell Shire for 6 weeks.
Permissible reasons to leave home include:
* Shopping for essentials
* Caregiving
* Daily Exercise
* AND work 'If you can't do it from home'
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18 May 20
And the 73rd World Health Assembly is off and running:… #WHA73
Drinking for every 'solidarity' and you'll already be trollied.
Uh oh, we've got a hitch in trying to cross to @CyrilRamaphosa #WHA73
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14 Apr 20
William Hague tells @Policy_Exchange Western policy must change; China isn't going to play by our rules and therefore west can't be dependent on China, however, no global problem can be solved without China.
Hague: So there must be a framework of cooperation while being strategically independent. Huawei is an eg of where UK has been 'caught in a very difficult position' by not being independent.
Hague says UK should be investing in battery technology but atm it is China buying up all the relevant resources and companies.
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