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Contributions to @ANAO_Australia's audit into the effectiveness of @dfat's response in helping #StrandedAussies get home ends this Sunday.

Ahead of that date let's go through some of DFAT's greatest hits.

Read along, & feel free to submit comments:…

@ANAO_Australia @dfat First and foremost all #StrandedAussies registered for repatriation flights will be well aware of the stress and trauma caused by sitting by the computer waiting for an email to appear to tell you flights were on sale... only to discover they were sold out within minutes.
Why did they never give us a heads up? Was it just to stress us out even more?

Well... they eventually did, but only when flights were sold by @SingaporeAir. Those previously (and also later) offered by @Qantas were always extra Hunger Games-esque with no prior warning.
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NSW Premier @Dom_Perrottet has DROPPED QUARANTINE FROM NOVEMBER 1 for fully vaccinated Australians.

i.e NO HOME or HOTEL quarantine for citizens returning to their country.

#FortressAustralia is finally actually crumbling!

"We are opening Sydney, NSW to the world."
NSW Premier @Dom_Perrottet says returning Australians will need to show Vax proof and a neg PCR.

"Sydney, NSW is open for business, we want people back, we are leading the nation out of this pandemic and hotel quarantine is a thing of the past."
I spent this whole week writing a 1500 word explainer about all the things we didn't know about how home quarantine would work.

Never been so happy to see a piece spiked!

#FortressAustralia #StrandedAussies
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I have worked years in the Ag industry training here working teams when in Australia
#no2agvisas is a must not only is a affront to #strandedaussies that there trampled over again the LNP is endorsing a bonded labour scheme that allows exploitation
heres why read part 2
2/ Being in SeAsia the montly salary is $150 a month for a 6 day week 12-15 hr day.
For farmers to hire labour they have to use Brokers to find the pepole.
Brokers will pay family spotter fees or anyone in fact if they can find them a body
Brokers get a % of wages cont.. #auspol
3/ That these bodies earn but heres the catch
Brokers will contract them
and the bodies will garentee there labour they may borrow from the broker any fees for visas medicals other costs getting them to australia this is repaid over the term of the contract current cont
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If you watch nothing else today about Australia's COVID lockdown, watch this.

Despite Murdoch's relentless attacks, QLD lifts the lid on Morrison's bungled vaccine rollout & national quarantine crisis. Why has Murdoch deliberately understated these crises?

A thread.
Premier Palaszczuk reveals National Cabinet never approved AstraZeneca for under-40s.  Neither did the independent experts panel, ATAGI. Nor did Australian doctors, the Australian Medical Association. 
Why is Morrison pushing young people to take AstraZeneca? QLD Health Minister says they have 8 DAYS of Pfizer left & have been denied requests for more. Murdoch is wrong to blame state govts for slow rollout. The truth is there's a Pfizer shortage.
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Well @StevenJMiles did a excellent job calling out @ScottMorrisonMP about non citizens and onshore entering over the bodies of #strandedAussies well done
here is his part of QLD presser
2 parts
the 3rd part is @ScottMorrisonMP
presser closing boarders
part 2
part 3
@ScottMorrisonMP closing boarders
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Is there some form of virus infecting onshore Australians thinking ability?
18mths is not enough time when #strandedAussies
are trampled over by anyone with $$ my little tweet yesterday highlighted this
Reduction IS NOT the answer
plus there immedite family NO ONE ELSE as the original boarder closure stated here it is again by @ScottMorrisonMP
This IS A TOTAL FAIL BY @ausgov to #strandedAussies
no excuses are acceptable
look at the exemptions 2/
the complete list is here…
1000s a week
For 18 mths #strandedAussies have recived ZERO support we have no income no money most dont even have a roof
#auspol WHY HAS NOT the @ausgov given Covid payments to us? if we are registered to come home with @dfat /3
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The Commissioner of the Australian Border Force may grant an individual exemption if you are a non-citizen:

travelling at the invitation of the Australian Government or a state or territory government authority for the purpose of assisting in the COVID-19 response
providing critical or specialist medical services, including air ambulance, medical evacuations and delivering critical medical supplies

with critical skills required to maintain the supply of essential goods and services (such as in medical technology, critical infrastructure,
telecommunications, engineering and mining, supply chain logistics, aged care, agriculture, primary industry, food production, and the maritime industry)

delivering services in sectors critical to Australia’s economic recovery (such as financial technology, large scale
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NON CITIZEN ENTRY OVER citizens #strandedAussies #auspol @StevenJMiles
CAP The Priority Migration Skilled Occupation List

The 41 occupations (ANZSCO code) are:

Chief Executive or Managing Director (111111)

Construction Project Manager (133111)
Accountant (General) (221111)*

Management Accountant (221112)*

Taxation Accountant (221113)*

External Auditor (221213)*

Internal Auditor (221214)*

Surveyor (232212)*

Cartographer (232213)*

Other Spatial Scientist (232214)*

Civil Engineer (233211)*
Geotechnical Engineer (233212)*

Structural Engineer (233214)*

Transport Engineer (233215)*

Electrical Engineer (233311)*

Mechanical Engineer (233512)

Mining Engineer (excluding Petroleum) (233611)*

Petroleum Engineer (233612)*

Medical Laboratory Scientist (234611)*
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Federal court hearing on the legality of the India travel ban kicking off now, before Thawley J. If you’re interested you can watch for yourself here:…
The plaintiff is Gary Newman - a 73 y.o. man who has been in Bangalore India since March 2020. He is in a vulnerable category and wants to return to Australia as soon as possible in the circumstances, but says he has been unable to do so.
Today the court will hear arguments about whether a fundamental common law right allowing citizens to enter Australia, or other factors, mean that the travel ban could not be made under the Biosecurity Act.
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A Chronology of The Stupid & Wrong Things @AlexanderDowner Has Said About COVID

#auspol #insiders #UKPolitics
March 10, 2020 "The panic about coronavirus is madness..."

#auspol #insiders
March 10, 2020

Compares COVID to the flu

#auspol #insiders
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To @ScottMorrisonMP
As a registered voter, tax payer & former ADF member & on behalf of #strandedAussies I'm calling on you & @ausgov to adopt the following COVID response plan as a matter of urgency..

Read on...

@KKeneally @SenatorWong @billshortenmp @ABCaustralia @SBS
1.Immediately issue a public statement & provide the truth regarding the communications sent by DFAT in March 2020 advising expat Citizens & PR’s who had employment, access to health care & lodgings, of the option to remain overseas & follow local authorities’ instructions.
2.Provide monthly updates informing the Australian public of the number & type of departures & arrivals across Australian International borders. - These reports shall include at minimum:
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Well, it’s Christmas day 2020 and I am writing to you from the USA to express my disgust at how you have all treated my family and the other 39000+ Australians stranded overseas and to firmly request that immediate action is taken to repatriate them.
This action must be up to the task of bringing every Australian home within 30 days, without exception. It is unacceptable that Australians stuck overseas, some for over 10 months, are being abandoned to the predatory tactics of the few airlines still flying into Australia.
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There are 30,000 Australians who wanted to make it home (10,000 in India alone) by the end of the year but are effectively locked out by Govt caps and bans...and how many more families who are separated this Christmas by the ban on leaving the country?

#strandedAussies Image
Does the PM not realise that many of those people having the Christmas he gloats Australians won't have to have are also Australian?

God forbid if they get seriously ill from Covid and have been trying to get home for some time...

Also add, this doesn't account for those with valid visas to enter Australia (or did have) but have been barred from entering and reuniting with their loved ones.


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Hey @David_Speers

I hear you've come down with an bad case of selective amnesia, for some reason you seem to think @ScottMorrisonMP has had a 'good' year?

I've created a brief reminder of Morrison's 2020 Fuck-Ups in an Advent Calendar just for you
#auspol #insiders
Day 1: January

Morrison sparks protests calling for his sacking around Australia. Angry Australians are not happy with him going to Hawaii while Australia burned.

Remember you called it a 'misstep' Dave?

Morrison visits Cobargo
#auspol #insiders
Day 2: February

Bridget McKenzie resigns after weeks of Morrison defending her, the #Sportsrorts scandal is traced all the way back to the Prime Minister's office.

#auspol #insiders…
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