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Sep 25, 2021 6 tweets 4 min read
Remember that #RhodeIsland BOE meeting where the Council on Elem & Sec Ed directed @AInfanteGreen and @RIDeptEd to reject any school reopening plan that did not include a mask mandate? Here is the infamous letter generating the OMA violating letter. A 🧵. 2/ Notice this letter is to the GOV, and lists not one, but TWO teacher unions as signatories. Guess what else? Two of the signatories are actually on the the BOE: Colleen Callahan (RITFHP) and Larry Purtill (NEARI). That's not all...
Jul 29, 2021 8 tweets 8 min read
@AInfanteGreen I found your written position on @repmorgan bill H6070, which would have prevented you from bringing #CriticalRaceTheory to all #RhodeIsland schools. Nice try attempting to bury it, though.

Tell us again how RIDE "doesn't have a #CRT policy."

@LGillheeney 2/ Here is a link to @RIDeptEd official position on #CriticalRaceTheory in #RhodeIsland - straight from the RI Legislature website. Hint: They sure were against banning #CRT, but that's not all the gems I found...…
Jul 25, 2021 7 tweets 5 min read
1/ #exposing more connections between #criticalracetheory and the @RIDeptEd LEAP task force member Jeremy Chiapetta from BVP. Remember this page from the LEAP report? In researching a parent concern about BVP's summer reading list, I found... 2/ I found startlingly similar language on the Teach for America (TFA) website and the #RhodeIsland LEAP report. That wasn't all. The TFA website is littered with #CriticalRaceTheory tenets, filled with praise for their own work on racial equity initiatives, and more...
Jul 22, 2021 5 tweets 4 min read
1/OK #RhodeIsland, let me introduce some background on one of the members chosen for the LEAP Task Force, Juanita Montes de Oca. Remember this task force appears devoted to bringing #CriticalRaceTheory to all RI schools, by hook or by crook. Guess what Generation Citizen... Image 2/ stands for? Culture change and System Change, to the tune of educating our students about their oppression and privilege. As @repmorgan can attest, this is how we wind up with students being bribed with test credit to become social justice warriors. But wait! There's more! Image
Jul 22, 2021 13 tweets 12 min read
Exposing #CriticalRaceTheory (CRT) in #RhodeIsland, and @RIDeptEd Commissioner @AInfanteGreen's role in forcing it on school districts everywhere. A 🧵
@NoLeftTurnElana @esanzi @LegInsurrection @sistertoldjah @repmorgan @Elaine4Senator @GovDanMcKee @JessicaforRI @RIRepublicans 2/First up: Listen to @AInfanteGreen's interview with @IanDon -- Fast forward in the link to about 11:40 and you will hear her LIE on 7/9/2021:
"...I know that here in RI we do not have a CRT policy, that's not what is being taught in the schools...."…