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Municipal Elections: A Thread

Recently I've seen calls for people to start getting involved in their local (municipal) elections. If anyone is up for an example of why we need more people doing so, look no further than here, in Burlington, ON. /1
/2 Burlington has been building up over the years. It's been very noticeable the past decade. I could go on about our ex-mayor's role in this, but I'll focus on the here & now. After our municipal election documents were made public, I did some digging on my ward councillor.
/3 I took his 16 campaign contributors (no businesses listed anymore, just names) & on a hunch I started searching. What I found shocked me a bit. Out of the 16 contributors, 11 were developers or tied to development. For those in Burlington, here's the list:
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#Listen2Cities #LocalizingSDGs

#Culture is a key dimension of #SustainableDevelopment

In this thread, we will show how #cities#GoodPractices have significantly contributed to achieving #SDGs as referred in our OBS 🔗 and Guide…
#SDG11 aims at promoting the #sustainable #development of #cities

👉#SDG11 is the Goal that addresses #culture more directly, with Target 11.4 aiming at strengthening efforts to protect and safeguard the world’s #cultural and natural #heritage

#Listen2Cities #LocalizingSDGs
👉In #BeitSahour the revitalization of the historic Old City and its related #heritage has contributed to local #identity and #sustainable tourism

✨See good practice here 🔗…

#Listen2Cities #LocalizingSDGs #SDG11
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It is a new tool box. A way to apply new thinking to the problems of contemporary life. What are we DOING when we change something in a system like #energy #transport #housing or #food?

We are changing a system which makes us free. Free to cook, clean, move and shelter.
So it is never just #energy #energytransition work we are doing. We are not just trying to hit #netzero we are intervening in peoples lives and #capabilities

These freedoms are part of a contract between individuls, society and institutions.
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Council run leisure facilities play a key role in keeping communities together, the nation active and reducing the burden on the NHS.

As representatives of #LocalGov, we're proud to back the #SaveLeisure campaign, launched by @CommLeisureUK, @_ukactive and @cimspa.

Why? Thread:
Leisure centres and other sporting facilities provided by councils support 36% of physical activity across the country.
While private sector facilities contribute greatly, it is councils that provide the swimming pools and other facilities that would generally be less profitable for and less attractive to the private sector.
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#LocalGov continues to lead local efforts to beat #coronavirus but is being stretched to the maximum.

Many councils continue to face spiralling cost and demand pressures at the same time as seeing a huge drop in income.

This is unsustainable.

THREAD (1/8) 👇
Extra funding for councils will be helpful but they will need up to four times the funding they have been allocated by government so far.

We are working with councils to provide the most robust evidence to government on the financial challenges they face. (2/8)
Their latest monthly returns should show the impact of a full month of cost pressures and income reductions and the impact of lower council tax and business rates collection rates. (3/8)
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At every turn of the #Covid_19 crisis, the Govt has centralised decision-making into command & control with a preference for big blunt schemes over sophisticated local strategies & expertise- often with huge real life consequences for people not getting response they need. (1/?)
This virus is not hitting everywhere and everyone equally, we know that geographic, demographic and socio-economic factors compound its spread. This calls for intelligent, adaptive locally-led responses, but the Govt has held a tight grip on initiative throughout.
The centralised response started w/ Govt decision not to deploy Civil Contingencies Act, which set out clear roles, responsibility & resources for public bodies incl #localgov in an emergency. The Covid Act has more draconian powers for the executive & no defined local role.
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Pleased to speak to @BBCShropshire about #localgov funding & impact of coronavirus on parish/town council budgets esp. lost income - government must provide dedicated package of support incl. funding, or many councils will be facing precept increases and/or service reductions
Took opportunity to thank parish & town councils for leading their communities in #VEDay75 commemorations, finding creative ways to for people to remember & celebrate from the safety of their own homes
Councils among the quickest off the mark to step up & support their communities as part of the national effort to tackle the coronavirus pandemic
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Hearing a frustration that fewer people listening to standard #covid19 messaging. Just share real people's messaging, FFS. There's acres of it. It doesn't have to be local. It doesn't have to be yours. It just has to work. #localgov #police #nhscomms #govcomms
It doesn't have to be local. Christ, the internet doesn't have boundaries. A story from Southampton can cut through in Stourbridge.
It doesn't have to be your content. Share someone else's. Share a paramedic or a nurse.
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An open letter to team @jadu. Our time to refocus starts now, working with our partners for the benefit of our customers and the public.

Partners, please join us on a call this Thursday 2nd April in the morning:…

Text here:…

We've made a start working with @SopraSteria and @BroxbourneBC to share the COVID-19 services they have launched. #LocalGov #LocalGovDigital see them on Library here:… and here:…

Our partners @MethodsDigital are building generic forms that can be used by any Local Authority - regardless of platform. They have asked us to stand up a fully featured Jadu platform and we will. We're focusing on needs, building what's important and ensuring its of value.

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We're heartbroken to hear that some of our #LocalGov colleagues have been abused while working to keep communities running.

This is unacceptable. They're our people and they are working tirelessly to get us all through💙

A #ThankYouLocalGov thread 👇 Image
In our time of need, the bin men from @lpoolcouncil are continuing to work to make sure the streets of #Liverpool are clean and tidy.

We salute you! 👏


They're not the only ones

Gemma from @Royal_Greenwich has been working around the clock ⏱️(and away from her normal office role!) to ensure Greenwich's streets remain clean and tidy. Well done Gemma!


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Norman, we need to talk. A week ago I declared our city was in a state of emergency. 3 days later we made the incredibly difficult choice to close some businesses, because the coronavirus is 3X more contagious than the flu and the ONLY way to slow its spread is social distancing.
Fast forward to today. It’s 10pm, and I’m getting messages from a local physician begging me to do what I can to get more personal protective equipment (PPE) for the hospital. They even sent me sewing instructions for making “pocket masks,” because the need is that severe.
Then they said “I went to Harbor Freight yesterday to get some makeshift PPE for when we run out, & it looked like a regular day w/ parking lots/streets full. I stopped in the Walmart parking lot but it was nearly full so I didn’t go in. People aren’t taking it seriously enough.”
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Today we’re discussing soil care as part the #urbanisinginplace research programme…
Kicking off with @Anna_K_speaking speaking about what it means to care ...
Identifying 4 stages of care:

- identifying the need

- accepting the responsibility to meet it

- identifying how you will provide the care

- assessing how well you have provided the care
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Much to commend in #UK2070 work. Clearly a serious academic type regional planning orientated contribution to issues of regional inequality and what we need to do about it. Good stuff! However, whilst extensive, there are some serious omissions/lack of emphasis.
Few thoughts 1/6
💷Financialisation with wealth extraction? The great 'unleveller' of the UK economy. This is a hugely significant omission by #uk2070? Needed bravery here. It hasn't been.
🌳 #GreenNewDeal? Surely worthy of consideration as basis to industrial transformation/ rebalancing?
👨‍👩‍👦‍👦Local economies? Weak section. And no mention of #communitywealthbuilding(I declare an interest!). However, this is a key local economic approach adopted by dozens of areas and growing in anchor institutions (I.e #NHS)
👋Brexit. Barely mentioned.
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Today we’re at the “Fringe Farming In London” event being run by @UKSustain & @MayorofLondon

Together we’re asking: can we support agro ecological food production in the capital and beyond?

#food #agroecology #farming #periurban
One key question is what is the role of #greenbelt - 22% of London’s land is greenbelt but it is largely seen as a place of recreation rather than as a place of production
Brian from @organiclea suggests the idea of not just a Garden City or a Nation Park City but a Market Garden City....,
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A decade of funding cuts and reforms have radically reshaped English councils’ revenues and spending, with potentially significant implications for the future.

Today, we've published our first annual report on English #localgov funding:…
Cuts have been larger in poorer parts of the country.

The most deprived tenth of councils cut spending per person by 31% (or £432 per person) between 2009–10 and 2019–20.

The least deprived tenth of councils had to make cuts of only 16% (or £134 per person).
The local government funding system still redistributes from less deprived to more deprived areas – but less so than a decade ago.

The next government will need to take a decision on whether to entrench or undo this change.
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1/ decentralising systems doesn't necessarily lead to decentralisation of power. An interesting piece.… ht @benjohnbarnes
2/ "Decentralizing systems should be as heterogeneous as their users. Incorporating multiple forms of decentralization, and multiple forms of participation, can enable each to check and counteract creeping centralization."
3/ There should be less of "How can I decentralize everything?" and more "How can I make everything more accountable?"
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A THREAD - Our brand new Corporate Plan for 2019 - 2023 is now live on our website! While it may not sound all that exciting, it’s really important as it sets out our core priorities and ambitions for the whole borough over the next four years 👇
The plan is for everyone – for you, for councillors, our staff, partners and local businesses. The ultimate aim is to achieve a good quality of life for all of our residents in a vibrant and thriving place, with strong community values and an inclusive society 👇
The new Corporate Plan is based on eight strong priorities based around people, place, economy and us as a strong and resilient council. But, we cannot do this on our own! 👇
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Let’s talk about lies.
The biggest lie here is that somehow #LocalGov can tell who would vote for Bernie Sanders or Tulsi Gabbard just by looking at their voter registration. How tf would we do that?
The second biggest lie is that this is even plausible at a technical level. In CA, voter rolls are maintained cooperatively by the CA Secretary of State & the Registrar of Voters in each of its 58 counties, respectively. Nobody ✌️unregisters✌️voters without proper documentation.
This is the documentation:…

It must be completed by the registered voter and submitted to the *County* Registrar of Voters. It doesn’t ✌️unregister✌️ them; it cancels their registration. IOW, it leaves a paper trail.
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The #BBC's @Hoskea10 digs into #LOBOloan bank debt at Sheffield City Council (from 27mins)… #Sheffield had to pay a £12.3m "breakage loan" to the Royal Bank of Scotland #RBS to escape a £20m loan.
Clive Betts, Chair of @CommonsCLG and a Sheffield MP said: "that the bank #RBS actually gets a double benefit, once for fiddling the #LIBOR interest rate, a second time when their council #LOBOloan interest rates go up"… #localgov #fraud
#Newham resident @rachel_shares said: "this country has to stand up to the financial institutions that made hundreds of millions of pounds out of them over the last decade. Who has the most power in this situation, #Barclays and #RBS, or Newham Council?"…
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(Thread) #CivilSocietyStrategy - A few observations:
1. #localgov have a stat duty to secure sufficient services & activities for young people to improve well-being. It got a few paragraphs. We've waited a long time for a Youth Strategy & focus on high quality youth work.
2. Youth work & services don't seem to seen as part of a system or a sector that involves central and local govt, social and private sector organisations which intertwines - can't have one without the others #CivilSocietyStrategy
3. It's a good start. We still need to talk about money and sustainability #CivilSocietyStrategy
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It's a criminal offence to falsifying a legal instrument. But if the #MetPolice / #LBRUT do it, then there is not even an investigation. 12 years of silence. Evidence to prove it -

#skynews #lbc #theresamay #uk #bbcnews #coverup #c4news #worldnews #ukgov
Welcome to the #Metpolice who also changed & falsified my arrest details. Have a look at the evidence here as it's all easy to prove & that's why it's never addressed

#R4today #corruption #coverup #leadership #values #corevalues #bbcnews #skynews #itvnews
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So, remarkably today was my last day at GDS after six years so I'm going to treat/subject you to a thread...

Such mixed emotions. I've been so lucky to call this my workplace. It's been an absolute privilege so I am at once incredibly excited and desperately sad.
There's a lot to reflect on what I've done and what I've learnt in the six years since @ejhp's invitation to join @SarahPrag and @marksheldon on the team prepping to launch GOV.UK.
I spent a lot of those first months wrestling Business Link. And apparently I still can't escape it...@Shotclog reminded me he still had this folder the other day. It contains a hard drive of BL's 77,000 pages and all its associated miscellany. A white folder emblazoned with the original logo
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And so the Bloody Garden Villages look dead and buried in their current proposed form. The Government Inspector has written to the four local authorities, telling them pretty much 'could try harder'… [pdf]
Thready, thread, etc.
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Interesting call to action from @markthompson1 and colleagues for #legogovernment Who doesn't want better public services with more resources going directly to serving those in need powered by a digital commons (the what)? What we really need though is more on the how! - #thread
1) I'm a big fan of @markthompson1 and his beligerent poking of government to be and do better in the #internet age. His thinking on #platform government #paas #gaap is right on the money. However, some things to consider as part of the debate...hopefully helpful...
2) I'm not sure comparisons between government and the big #tech #innovators of the past 10 years do the #legogovernment argument justice. There are too many differences for the comparison to be helpful. Think lack of democratic accountablity for starters (more now than ever!)...
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