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15 Sep
An enriching not so early morning outing at Sarakki lake, south Bangalore.

Go see the lake teeming with spot billed pelicans, cormorants, purple moorhen, little grebe, painted storks, egrets, pond heron, fish, fishers and walkers!
If only the walking path (not natural to the lake) was gently sloping into the water, the lake would have been teeming with more wild birds - particularly dozens of species of waders. (Shores potentially support about 70% of bird life)
This is why the Justice Patil Cmt report, an outcome of a PIL by @esgindia1 advocated gentle foreshore, and walking paths outside lakes in no development zones (min 30 m) and perhaps shaded with endemic fruit & flowering trees (and bushes).
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15 Jun
Karnataka Chief Justice Abhay Oka’s order in a PIL filed by @esgindia1 & me is a major leap forward in securing ecological, socio-economic and water security for the people of Karnataka - by devolving lake governance to local levels with public involvement and science based…
…efforts. See: bit.ly/2UaMcZl
Now everyone must use this order and ensure every village, talluk, ward, city and district protects, rehabilitates and governs lakes and Raja kaluves as commons, based on traditional knowledge and wisdom and new scientific understanding of wetlands, and thus secure our lives…
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14 Jun
1/ Tomorrow (15 June 2021) at 2.25 pm, the Principal Bench of the Karnataka High Court headed by Chief Justice Oka will be delivering a judgment in a process that involved recalling the order in ESG's Lake's PIL: WP 817/2008. More: bit.ly/3zzGBMz
2/ The Lakes PIL was heard for several years from when it was filed in 2008 and a final order was delivered on 11 April 2012 directing the State to ensure local communities were involved in lake rehabiliation and management, and their regulation was devolved to district level…
3/ …lake protection committees. Importantly, the Justice N K Patil Committee that the Court constituted had provided detailed guidelines based on inputs and participation of BBMP and 8 agencies of the State.
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6 Aug 20
1/ Is it a coincidence that exactly 120 years ago, on this very day, the 20th day of Shravan, Rabindranath Tagore wrote a poem "Deeno Daan", about a temple?

A loose translation of some of the excerpts:

@narendramodi, I Dedicate this to your vanity.
@narendramodi 2/ ----------------------------------------

“There is no god in that temple”, said the Saint.
The King was enraged;
“No God? Oh Saint, are you not speaking like an atheist?

On the throne studded with priceless gems, beams the golden idol,
@narendramodi 3/ And yet, you proclaim that it is empty?”

“It is not empty; It is, rather, full of royal pride.
You have bestowed yourself, O King, not the God of this world”,
remarked the saint.

The King frowned, “Two million golden coins
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21 Jul 20
1/ We live in very dangerous times, when those who speak truth to power are hounded and jailed, while those who are complicit in massive crimes are rewarded and promoted, electorally and politically.
2/ (Some who are complicit in creating this situation are bumped off when they become too inconvenient to the super powerful.)

The last bastion of hope in such times is the Supreme Court of India.
3/ Time and again, in recent years, the Court has itself worked in ways to betray that trust. Rarely, though, it was by bending the rules of engagement. But even that has happened to protect particular judges.
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10 Mar 20
When an economist writes on the fudging of Forest survey data, it is an indication of a situation having gone from bad to worse. However, Ajit Ninan also falls into the trap of assessing ‘forests’ as land with tree growth. ⁦@moefcc⁩ ⁦1/n deccanherald.com/opinion/panora…
What of #grasslands which can #sequester #carbon quite as rapidly and sustaining side ranging biodiversity? What of #coastal #sand #dunes, which apart from protecting us from the fury of cyclones, also provides an amazing diversity of niche spaces for aquatic beings,. @E_S_G 2/n
... whilst supporting #paan #kethis, as in #Orissa? What about deserts, which play an incredible role in drawing the monsoon into India, whilst also being amazing ecosystems? What about fresh water wetlands like #Loktak in #Manipur &Saltwater mixing zones as in #Chilika,.. 3/n
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