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A/P Kathmandu University šŸ‡³šŸ‡µ| PhD candidate @CMOR_Otago | MSK Physiotherapist interested in #backpain #chronicpain research | Views = own.
17 May 20
Many people have looked at my PhD with scepticism. 20+ papers in 3 years, is rare, raising questions and concerns.

Understanding some context could help.

I spent my teen years and most of my early adult life in Nepal in great deprivation like many other millenials. 1/n
Life then in Nepal was life now most places during the COVID-19 pandemic, an analogy you can relate to.

Because of political instability, we frequent strikes, curfews frequently (~ violent Lockdown); load shedding (it's power cut off > 18 hrs in a day, yes in a day). 2/n
Can you believe that we still get water in our taps only few hours every 10 days.

We wake up at 3 am, use electric pumps to pump water into tanks, and spend water sensibly for the next 10 days. We strategically plan who takes bath each day with least water. 3/n
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26 Mar 20
I will be sharing my Ph.D. research during the next 30 days #Covid19 lockdown, while I wait for my Ph.D. defence!

My Ph.D. mainly aimed to improve pain care in Nepal.

Paper 1: Nepali Numerical Rating Scale and Global Rating of Change! Image
Paper 2: Validation of the Nepali Patient-Specific Functional Scale published in our very own @JOSPT. We found that PSFS is comprehensible, reliable, valid, and responsive in people with MSK pain (who r able to comprehend numbers). Full-text:ā€¦ Image
Paper 3: Clinimetric properties of the Nepali version of the Pain Catastrophizing Scale (PCS). We found a 2 factor structure for the Nepali PCS. The scale is reliable and valid. @DovePressā€¦ Image
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