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The day before yesterday, I posted a provocative tweet; I want to make a point, which I think is important. It's a thread. Go on, read it. You've got time. Why are you on twitter on a Saturday? (12 tweets)
This thread may contain a joke, and comments which are not jokes. I will indicate which is which. This is no reflection on my readership (if I have one). It is a reflection on my sense of humour, which can be a little obscure.
Some time ago I learned how to approach, listen to, and try to engage people who could, among other emotional reactions, be extremely angry. To my own surprise I was voluntold to take a course and take on a 'corporate' role in addition to my job. Voluntold is what happens...
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GE 2022/3 scenario. No PR (most likely). Poor take-up of tactical voting (unfair to put burden on voters). High risk of frame-breaking right wing Tory govt. Parties must build #ProgressiveAlliance platform mobilising entire progressive ecosystem. Demand one now
#ProgressiveAlliance is necessary for winning. Parties must be responsible. But if we here on Twitter and in our communities don't show them there is a fierce hunger for #DemocraticAlliance, parties think they have done enough by supporting PR and tactical voting.
We here really do have an incredibly important role to play. By uniting on Twitter around a #ProgressiveAlliance in the 2022/3 GE, we unite also in the real world. Come together. Be the change.
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Giving this more thought. Since the opposing parties lack a parliamentary majority, how will they secure PR? Whilst debates on PR go back & forth, we get closer to a 2022/3 General Election
In the next GE, we must remove from power the people who have stolen the #conservative party. We will likely not have PR to help us. So we need to start building now a #ProgressiveAlliance. Goes beyond tactical voting. Makes choice easier for the voter
So, parties must resist temptation to channel demand for #ProgressiveAlliance into debates about PR & tactical voting. We need something more inventive. A platform for #DemocraticAlliance . A natural home for our votes
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Please retweet if you want the opposition parties to cooperate in key seats in the next General Election in order to get the Tories out.

#FBPA = Follow Back #ProgressiveAlliance
We really need to push Labour hard on a Progressive Alliance. I've been told that quite senior figures in Labour simply don't grasp that Labour going it alone is a recipe for disaster. We urgently need to break down their bubble of group think and ossified habits.
Caroline Lucas , Layla Moran and
Clive Lewis writing today in support of a Progressive Alliance. #FBPA…
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What is a #ProgressiveAlliance ? It is the strategic answer to the meta-threat the people who have stolen the #Conservative party present to our democracy. To the freedom, power and solidarity we need to pursue all other progressive policy objectives.
There may be other strategies - such as tactical voting. But these put too great a burden on the voter. And gets the parties off the hook - they don't need to do anything. The parties must take back responsibility. They must serve their core public purpose of giving us voice.
It is not fair to keep asking the voter to shoulder the risks of perpetually losing parties. The task of the voter (especially under #FPTP) needs to be made easier with a binary choice - and it is the job of the opposing parties to provide one.
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Hello Twitter Friends,

As we absorb and reflect on the Cummings evidence. A thread asking - How can we, together, create #ProgressiveAlliance #DemocraticAlliance?

If you can, do please enrich the discussion with your experiences and ideas. Send Tweets & Messages

Here goes:
(1) The political parties need our support to come to the table, to start their talks. Let's identify and dismantle their barriers to doing so.
(2) Operationally, PA might consist of:
1. Shared values - inc. conservatives who feel politically homeless
2. Committed party leaders
3. Mobilised network of local groups
4. Climate of goodwill & joint purpose
5. Orchestrating entity to hold whole lot together

Please refine
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I cannot understand why people express surprise that UKG will agree a FTA which will damage the farmers & create a damaging precedent for FTAs with Brazil etc. This was completely predicted and wanted by Brexiters like Patrick Minford.
He advocated 0 tarrifs/quotas with the rest of the world; acknowledged it would destroy farming & manufacturing which would have to be progressively "phased out like coal & steel". Land will be bought cheaply by Tory farmers like Dyson who will live off government subsidies
& genome edited plants (controlling this key technology) while the population will be fed on food from developing countries (with a small profitable organic farming for the wealthy & healthy). Manufacturing will be destroyed by competition with India and so on. All the wealth in
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The pandemic is not about an epidemic.
The mRNA "vaccines" are not about a cure.
The masks and "passports" are not about our health.
The inauguration was not about the election.
The illegal immigration is not about gaining freedom.
The Hamas violence is not about a local rivalry.
The Arizona election data has been recovered.

The newly released video demonstrates there was no "Capitol insurrection."

The mRNA gene altering "vaccines" are known to be harmful.

The #ZelenkoProtocol & #Ivermectin treatments are proven to be curative.

PROVEN: "Capitol Insurrection" is a #psyop, including the deep state #DOJ/#FBI captured by #CabalWorld.
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The UK is trying to torpedo Biden's minimum corporate tax together with 🇮🇪 by putting the digital tax back on the table.
It will lead to endless discussions & no agreement They are banking on the Republicans winning the mid-term elections ( wrapping in in a "noble cause").
They are banking on the Republicans winning the mid-term elections. Biden's proposal isn't perfect but it is a big step forward.
UK withholds backing for Joe Biden’s minimum global business tax - via @FT
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Arrogance is not clever.
When will Labour learn?…
The three political parties said they tried to secure a four party agreement for chairing committees based around the proportion of seats each group has on the London Assembly.
Their plan would have allowed Labour to chair five committees, the Conservatives four, Greens one and the Lib Dems one in the first year of this administration.
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Spring is in the air?
"For Labour, on 12.9% at the GE,it tests its common sense: is it willing to work with other parties against the common foe& stand right back or not at all?" @EdwardJDavey @Keir_Starmer do NOT dare disappoint us.
"The Batley and Spen byelection coinciding makes it easy for a Lib Dem quid pro quo, standing down in exchange."
"For the Greens, on just 5.5% last time, this HS2 route feels fertile ground, but if they fight here they risk taking the blame. Can the other parties reach out to them? “They’d better come to us with a cast iron quid pro quo,” says the Green party spokesperson Molly Scott Cato."
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A progressive alliance between the 3 parties of the left would be a huge gamble, difficult to pull off. It would require genuine audacious leadership. But it could be a great electoral success. This is why. 🧵1/11
Some say that voters would react badly to an "explicit alliance". Perhaps if this alliance was only an electoral pact -presented as purely "opportunistic". But if it was focused on "flagship" policies on which the 3 opposition parties could unite (& hopefully unite the country)2/
-Dignity & security: at work, at home (housing), in old age, in communities (crime)
- Halting the privatisation of the NHS - much more should be said about the recent privatisation of GP surgeries for profit
- A genuine Green programme on job creation & protecting the planet 3/
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1/ The Tories were once a democratic party serving millions of middle class people and hundreds of thousands of British businesses. Now the Tory elite serves only itself and its super-rich backers - neither of these groups cares for democracy.
#FBPA #ProgressiveAlliance
2/ Like the Republican elite, the Tory elite and their kleptocratic media allies and paymasters have learnt that they can manipulate poorly educated voters through crude appeals to their fears and prejudices. The 2019 election results clearly reveal this.
3/ This politics of manipulation means the Tory elite and their kleptocratic paymasters no longer have to worry about actually benefiting the people who vote for them. All that is required is an endless supply of crude, emotive theatrics and slogans.
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Please retweet if you want the opposition parties to cooperate in the next General Election in order to get the Tories out.

#FBPA = Follow Back Progressive Alliance
The political system and media are already hugely biased towards the Tories. If they win another election they will so distort our political system that the UK will in effect become a one party state. That's why a #ProgressiveAlliance is so necessary.
A #ProgressiveAlliance will not fall into our laps. Labour requires a rule change to make it possible, and Labour's byzantine decision-making process and powerful vested interests, I'm sure including Len McCluskey, will make getting agreement to a PA a massive struggle.
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1/ Legal checks on government power are to be eroded. Voter suppression is arriving, the right to protest is being curbed, critical TV is being cancelled, while hard-right TV is being funded by super-rich kleptocrats. This is how democracy dies.
#ProgressiveAlliance #FBPA
2/ If the Tories win the next election the UK will become a Putinist sham democracy, a DINO (Democracy in Name Only), in which one party always wins. Trump's stupid Capitol coup failed. The Tory kleptofascist creeping coup is succeeding all too well.
#ProgressiveAlliance #FBPA
3/ If the opposition parties don't engage in electoral cooperation, they will almost certainly lose the next election, and we will lose what remains of our democracy. It is a simple as that. It's a Progressive Alliance or democracy dies.

#FBPA Follow Back Progressive Alliance
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Brussels has pledged legal action after ministers announced plans to unilaterally change a part of the Northern Ireland Brexit deal to better suit British businesses.

Starmer and Davey need to wise up. Brexit is not done, and it isn't going away.…
The Tories and the tax-dodging Brexit billionaire press will repeatedly use conflicts with Brussels to stir up English nationalism. Opposition parties that stay silent will look vacillating and ineffectual and will see their pro-EU support base gradually drain away.
Of course if opposition parties attack the government on Brexit issues they will be accused of treason etc., but they will increase support among the anti-Brexit majority, and with a #ProgressiveAlliance they will have the votes needed for victory.
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Feels like history now! but @thatginamiller inspired me, I returned from Vienna, joined @LibDems, fought #Richmond, helped @sarahjolney1 WIN
Answer? not in the past! @ProfBrianCox memorably stated "Time travels relentlessly in one direction, FORWARDS" We need ideas for the FUTURE!
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