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Despite a PM found guilty of breaking the law, a terrible local election result & a budget that's failed to address the cost of living crisis...

In the most likely scenario, Labour will still fall 18 seats SHORT of an overall majority. 1/…
Why? It's the regressive alliance influence.

In the last two elections, other right-wing parties stood aside for the Conservatives so as not to split the vote in key seats.

In our large-scale, constituency level polling, this results in a hung parliament 👇 2/

If the opposition parties work together in the next election, Labour are projected to win 323 seats and the Liberal Democrats 13, putting them comfortably in the position of forming a coalition government 👇 3/
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#BorisJohnson would be stripped of his Commons majority and lose nearly 90 seats at a general election if local election results were replicated.

#ToriesOut #VoteToryCouncilsOut
/2 Asked by the BBC’s PM programme on Friday whether Labour was giving any thought to a #ProgressiveAlliance, the shadow attorney general, Emily Thornberry, said: “We are going into the next general election wanting to win it and wanting to be the government,
/3 and being a government that has the majority of seats.
“We will have no deals going into that election and no deals coming out of it.”
But asked about the issue on the Today programme David Blunkett, a former home secretary and current member of the House of Lords, said
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I voted Green yesterday, and I'm happy with my decision.

Gains made by @LibDems & @TheGreenParty, while @UKLabour massively underperformed, sends a strong message that Starmer needs a #ProgressiveAlliance to be PM.

He won't listen though.

#r4today #bbcaq #LE2022
@LibDems @TheGreenParty @UKLabour This is what happens when you provide no meaningful opposition, have no policies, & no personality.

What is the point of @UKLabour?

#LE2022 #r4today #bbcaq

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1. As you know, I'm pro pr and progressive alliance. For the last nearly 30 years I've lived in countries where coalitions are normal, where politicians are forced to find concensus instead of adversarially point scoring all the time.
2. People in the UK aren't used to that. Coalitions are seen as weak, but their strength lies in preventing extremes and forcing agreement and compromise, which can often lead to better ideas and policies.
3. A further strength is that the politicians that make up the coalition tend to have more varied backgrounds and experience. This means that the chance of someone having a portfolio that they are actually experienced and suited to is higher.
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🧵 We talk a lot about building the #ProgressiveAlliance, but alliances on the right are alive and well, and much more successful.

In English #LocalElections2022, UKIP & ReformUK are only standing 1/4 as many candidates as they did in 2018, consolidating the right-wing vote.
Want the numbers? 📊

In 2018, UKIP stood more than 600 candidates. In 2022 they are standing only 17, with ReformUK standing 121 candidates, a total of 138.

That's a reduction of more than three-quarters.
In the 2019 GE the Brexit Party stood down in all Conservative MPs' seats.

Our opponents recognise the need for cooperation under FPTP, and they're doing it.

They're already engineering behind the scenes, enabling a 80 seat majority in parliament with 43.6% of the vote.
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BREAKING: Liz Noble (Lib Dem) elected Councillor for Bisley and West End with 66% of the vote. @ALDC @LibDems 🔶
@Surreyheath Council now back in No Overall Control! This swing puts @michaelgove seat in jeopardy if a GE was to take place now. #BlueWall is crumbling in #SurreyHeath @lewis_goodall
Proxy #referendum on @conservatives as a 2 horse race only in traditionally true blue constituency. Thank you @LabourHeath for supporting the #ProgressiveAlliance to #gtto
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👍 analysis on #ProgressiveAlliance
"Even the one piece of constructive news comes with alarm bells. Labour & the Lib Dems have clearly agreed a non-aggression pact but they have seemingly failed to reach any agreement about the use of proportional representation"
Summary 🧵
The Lib Dems finally have some leverage now; they should use it while they can to secure assurances on electoral reform.
The basic error of the two parties excluding the Greens should ring another alarm bell.
The Greens have virtually no chance to win a 2nd MP but environmental issues are prominent enough that the Greens will peel off votes from a significant number of Labour or Lib Dem & allow Conservatives to win
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#FollowFriday tweet for the #FBPA community for 10th March 2022.

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A sincere, no BS, friendly message (and strategy) to all #StarmerOut folks.

It's a long 🧵but please read.

#KeirStarmer #Starmer #Labour #labourdoorstep #LabourParty #ProgressiveAlliance #SocialistSunday #socialism #Progressives #progressive #FBPE #FBPA
Firstly, there's no disagreement between us. Starmer has proven one of the most ingenuine politicians in our history. He has repeatedly rowed back on his leadership pledges & sentiments and proven untrustworthy in his words and actions as leader.
He has been a babe in the woods. Policy illiterate and not particularly interested in ideas. Electorally inept, taking the hand of his elders when he's lost and then caught in the headlights when the strategy handed to him doesn't work.
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5th May 2022 local elections:

Get ready to deprive many many Tories of re-election.
Join with others to make your local citizen's #ProgressiveAlliance

1. Entry Point:
Find your #ForwardTogether constituency Facebook page. To meet. Talk. Organise.

2. Group Formation:
@CompassOffice groups already exist or can be set up.
@RebootGb groups likewise.
Or just make your own new group using #ForwardTogether FB page.
3. Make your plan:
Talk to other groups. Talk to local parties. Look at voting data. Select your tools. @GOV2UK is developing tactical voting & countering misinformation tools.

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So true:
"Elections are won by parties with a compelling and optimistic, forward-looking story about themselves and how they will change the country. The Tories still have one; Labour does not."  What could this compelling narrative be? 🧵 via @FT
Labour badly needs all hands on desk and this means including others from outside the now sclerotic Labour movement. In particular Labour needs to work hand in hand with the Libdems & the Greens & even include discussions with & ideas from new parties like True & Fair.
Working with other parties and running as a #ProgressiveAlliance is, as I argued below, the surest way to present a compelling, optimistic & exciting narrative of renewal & modernisation
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This is a #FollowFriday tweet for the #FBPA community for 3rd February 2022.

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1/10 #BREXIT – A LONG VIEW IN A SHORT THREAD: The EU (previously the EEC or Common Market) was the lifeboat that Britain jumped into (very enthusiastically) after the Empire sank and the prospects for further exploitation of our former colonies receded. #Max12to1
2/10 Any good history of Britain post-WW2 (e.g. Ben Pimlott’s biography of Harold Wilson 👇 – highly recommended) shows how fundamentally shattered the British economy was after 1945. We have never really recovered. #Max12to1…
3/10 The economy lurched from crisis to crisis under both #Tory and #Labour govts, with the balance of payments in particular disarray as we struggled to come to terms with the over-valuing of our currency in a world that now looked to the mighty dollar instead. #Max12to1
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Please retweet if you want Labour LibDems and Greens to form a Progressive Alliance to beat the Tories, introduce PR, and radically reform our battered democracy.

#FBPA Follow Back #ProgressiveAlliance
A Progressive Alliance is necessary because what we are facing is not politics as usual. We have the most corrupt government in living memory, and a Tory elite intent on eroding democracy and human rights.
The Tory Brexiters have portrayed themselves as rebels. But when the rich and powerful rebel, they are rebelling against the rest of us. They are rebelling against the democracy, laws and political norms which curb their power.
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I'm struggling to put into words why, but the more I think about this idea of a #progressivealliance, the more uncomfortable I am about it. It feels like "managing" voters in a way that doesn't feel quite right to me. 1/n
Don't get me wrong: I want the Tories gone; I think they're a terrible government and doing real harm to this country. But this doesn't strike me as the way to get them out. 2/n
It seems disrespectful to voters for party leaders to meet together and then say, "we have decided between us who you should have a chance to vote for," to limit their choice in advance of the poll.
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"Progressives ought to embrace strategic voting with a vengeance next week to weaken Mr Johnson’s position."

Yes. Cooperation between progressive parties needs to start now to be able to oust this Government at the next general election. 1/…
Our analysis shows fielding unity candidates between Labour, the Lib Dems and Greens in 154 battleground constituencies in England would relegate the Conservatives to just 254 of 533 seats in England, leaving them 40 seats short of a majority & unable to form a government. 2/
This is the case even if the Conservatives were to hold their 20 Scottish and Welsh seats and gain the support of the DUP’s 8 MPs.

So Labour would only need to step back in 26 seats where the Lib Dems have greater support to oust this government at the next general election. 3/
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And now in the New Stateman ( previously very opposed to a #ProgressiveAlliance). Not an editorial but...the movement is clear.…
The chorus of voices in favour of a #ProgressiveAlliance is louder every day. Yesterday Rafael Behr.
In @NewStatesman "To secure a majority of just one, Keir Starmer’s party needs to win 125 additional seats – an almost impossible task given its collapse in Scotland and the way its vote is concentrated in cities and university towns. Analysis suggests it would fall short
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BREAKING: Finally HARD DATA: this in-depth MRP analysis by @BestForBritain of 12,816 people conclusively demonstrates the immense benefit of a #ProgressiveAlliance
Wiyh cooperation between @UKLabour,@Libdems & @TheGreenParty agreeing to field ONE unity candidate in each of only 154 English battleground seats, the Conservatives would end up with just 254 English MPs, seven fewer than Labour, which would have 261 English MP.
The Liberal Democrats would win 16 English seats and the Green party one.If the opposition parties were to field single unity candidates, the MRP-polling exercise found, the Tories would be left 40 seats short of a majority even if they succeeded in holding on to their 20
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Please retweet if you want the opposition parties to cooperate in the next General Election in order to get the Tories out.

Current polling suggests a Tory defeat, but a small recovery would keep them in power with DUP help.

#FBPA = Follow Back #ProgressiveAlliance
A Progressive Alliance isn't about parties giving up their identity. It should be about strengthening and reforming democracy, including proportional representation, kicking big money out of politics, media reform and genuine regional government.
A Progressive Alliance could be a 1997 style informal pact. But I think that a formal alliance built around a shared commitment to democratic reform could be presented as a new grown-up style of politics, built around compromise rather than schoolboy yah-boo tribal yelling.
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Citizens of #NorthShropshire. What can you do to deprive Tories of power?
1. Pressure oppo parties to co-operate. To make cross-party plan based on local voting behaviour & needs #ProgressiveAlliance.
2. Campaign for tactical voting. Ideally combined with 1.
Local people can come together to:
1. Encourage @NShropshire_CLP @DemsNorth @NShropsGreens to co-operate. (P.S. don't be put off by @UKLabour saying their party rules don't let them. Time for excuses is over).
2. Encourage people to vote tactically.
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Excellent from @Neal_Compass.
Trying to decipher why Labour rejects PR & #ProgressiveAlliance& whether it can change (answer: very unlikely)…
The scale of the electoral mountain Labour must climb is eye-watering. It would need the same sort of historic swing that achieved a landslide in 1945 or 1997 simply to eke out a bare majority of one (which would today require a gain of 124 seats).
With no sign of the SNP hold on Scotland weakening and the possibility of punishing boundary changes kicking in, outright victory would surely take an intellectual and organisational effort of a sort of which there is no sign around the Leadership.
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