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Co-founder and CEO of More in Common, working to unite divided societies @moreincommon_ in the US and Europe.
Jun 20, 2022 5 tweets 3 min read
🇫🇷🧵5 takes from yesterday's historic #FrenchElections. 1) Severe blow for Macron. Key architects of campaign (Ferrand, Castaner) are beaten. Part of problem may be #EnMarche team is too technocratic/bland. Shockingly weak calls to block #LePen in 2nd round will leave a stain 1/5 2) Le Pen is the big winner of the night with far more MPs than predicted (they go from 8 to 89!). RN waged a stealth, quiet campaign and swept the field in rural areas. Hate to say it, but maybe this is a good thing: Parliament will now look more like French society. 2/5
Feb 11, 2022 8 tweets 3 min read
#Meta is threatening to shut down Facebook & Insta in Europe in a battle with regulators. Will the EU blink? Not if they’re listening to public opinion. New @MiC_Global polling across Europe suggests public back EU clamping down on social media. Here’s what they say…Thread 1/8 Far from taking Meta’s side the opposite is true - asked about government regulation of Facebook, TikTok and YouTube, almost one in two (46%) say the government is either “not doing enough” or “not doing nearly enough” 2/8