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14 Jan
A statement from Met leadership on the Capitol desecration:

"The attack on the United States Capitol was an act of domestic terrorism that violated our nation’s highest values." 1/12
"The actions of these treasonous rioters underscore the threat to democracy in a society where misinformation, racism, and other hateful ideologies are allowed to run rampant." 2/12
"Bringing to justice those responsible for these criminal actions is an essential first step towards healing and reconciliation for a deeply divided nation." 3/12
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11 Sep 20
"Among the rain⁣⁣
and lights⁣⁣
I saw the figure 5⁣⁣
in gold⁣⁣
on a red⁣⁣
to gong clangs⁣⁣
siren howls⁣⁣
and wheels rumbling⁣⁣
through the dark city"⁣⁣

— William Carlos Williams Three golden number 5's seem to expand from the center of an
Written in 1920, this poem and its imagery of a New York City fire engine rushing down the street inspired this 1928 painting by artist #CharlesDemuth, who considered it an abstract portrait of #WilliamCarlosWilliams, a close friend.
Today on the 19th anniversary of #September11, Demuth's painting and Williams' poem provide an unexpected moment of reflection and an acknowledgment of the modern members of Ladder Company 5, who were among the first responders to the tragic events of the day.⁣⁣
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6 Jan 20
A statement from Met President and CEO Daniel H. Weiss and Met Director Max Hollein in response to recent comments about Iran:
1) “The targeting of sites of global cultural heritage is abhorrent to the collective values of our society. Our world knows precisely what is gained from protecting cultural sites, and, tragically, what is lost when destruction and chaos prevail.
2) “At this challenging time, we must remind ourselves of the global importance of protecting cultural sites—the objects and places by which individuals, communities, and nations connect to their history and heritage.
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11 Dec 19
How exactly do you produce an #etching? 🤔 Enjoy this jolly fun thread to see the process unfold.

Step 1: Ready your materials! ✍️ Etching is a process in which lines or areas are incised using acid into a metal plate (made of iron, copper, or zinc) in order to hold the ink.
Step 2: Prepare the plate! 🖌️

To start, printmakers polish the plate to remove all scratches and imperfections from the surface.

When the surface is totally smooth, it's covered evenly with a layer of acid-resistant varnish or wax, which is called the ground.

Step 3: Let's get creative! 👩‍🎨👨‍🎨

Using a blunt stylus called an #etching needle, the printmaker gently scratches away parts of the ground to create a design, exposing the metal beneath.
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6 May 19
Camp has arrived! 🎉 Join us today for a sneak peek at the highly anticipated 2019 Costume Institute exhibition, “Camp: Notes on Fashion.” #MetCamp
“Camp: Notes on Fashion” explores the origins of camp’s exuberant aesthetic and how the sensibility evolved from a place of marginality to become an important influence on mainstream culture. #MetCamp
Susan Sontag’s 1964 essay “Notes on ‘Camp’” provides the framework for the exhibition. #MetCamp
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7 May 18
We’re tweeting from the press preview for “Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination.” #MetHeavenlyBodies #MetGala2018
#MetHeavenlyBodies features a dialogue between fashion and masterworks of medieval art in The Met collection to examine fashion’s ongoing engagement with the devotional practices and traditions of Catholicism. #MetGala
This @McQueen piece is featured in the medieval galleries. #MetHeavenlyBodies #MetGala
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