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1. Llevo ya muchos hilos en estos años en tuiter. Es un buen de chamba que se pierde en el frenesí de esta red social. Por eso decidí hacer este hilo de hilos.
[Foto: yo mero caminando en la calle Émile Durkheim de París hace un buen de años].
#Sociología Image
2. Hilo con algunas reflexiones de Simmel, Durkheim y Bourdieu sobre el espacio.
3. A propósito de la #MetGala, un hilo con reflexiones del texto “La moda” de Georg Simmel.
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Urge y aunque no son enchiladas ya llegó el hilo más esperado de TW. Pásele, pásele, porque comeeenzaaaamos. Compartan y etiqueten a sus amixes que buscan chamba, amistad es amigo. <3
Este hilo es traído a ustedes gracias a nuestros compitas de @crema_latam la plataforma de pagos hecha 100% para freelancers 👀 échense una vuelta por allá.
Ahora sí, tercera llamada, C O M E N Z A M O S 🎭
En este hilo hasta para fifas hay chambing ⚽️ en el área creativa como community manager. Con un sueldo meh 8-10K pero juran que tiene un ambiente relajado, ¡vemos!
Lo que sí, tienen prestaciones de ley. 👀 Pueden escribir a:
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Lila Moss usó su bomba de insulina y su medidor continuo de glucosa en la alfombra roja de #MetGala.

🧵 ImageImage
#LilaMoss es la hija de 19 años de la modela #KateMoss, además Lila también es una modelo en ascenso.

Sin ser la diabetes tipo 1 un obstáculo para desarrollar su profesión. Image
🚨La diabetes tipo 1 es más frecuente en niños y jóvenes.

✅ Estos pacientes requieren insulina desde el momento del diagnóstico.

🔺Esto debido a que el propio sistema inmune destruye las células beta del páncreas, las cuales son las responsables de la producción de insulina. Image
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Ahora que todo el mundo habla de la #MetGala estoy por adelantaros un pequeño episodio del próximo vídeo. Hablemos del Met, sus donantes, y la cuestionable procedencia de muchas de sus colecciones
Esta es la crátera de Eufronio, vendida al Met en 1972. Una preciosa crátera ática de figuras rojas, del siglo VI a.C.
Tan bonita que parece que van a salir las musas de Hércules a cantar en el fondo, vaya. Pero este tipo de cerámicas aparecen sobre todo en Italia, donde llegaban a través del comercio durante la Antigüedad
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I've been deep in conversation on FB and IG about this, so I'm sharing my opinion here, too, just so I'm crystal clear on my position.

When I posted the appearance of #MarilynMonroe's dress at the #MetGala, I did not share any of my feelings about it. But I will now. #TCM 1/7
This never should have happened. This is a dress that's culturally significant to both the film and fashion communities and a tremendous amount of work has gone into its preservation since 1962. For those of us who wear vintage, we know how fragile these garments can be. #TCM 2/7
#JeanLouis' gown is beyond fragile, especially because of the delicate fabric. But even the thread ages - as I've discovered in my own vintage - so the littlest bit of movement can cause strain on the garment and you run the risk of damage. #TCM #MetGala #MarilynMonroe 3/7
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Kim Kardashian's decision to wear Marilyn Monroe's iconic "Happy Birthday, Mr. President" gown to the #MetGala has conservators, curators and fashion historians baffled and worried that the incident sets a dangerous precedent.

Here's why.
Conservators and curators are appalled that Kardashian wore the gown.

“It sets back what is considered professional treatment for historic costume,” says the Cleveland Museum of Arts’ chief conservator and former head of the Met's Costume Institute. Image
“My worry is that colleagues in historic costume collections are now going to be pressured by important people to let them wear garments,” says Scaturro.
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#AAPIHeritageMonth Survivor Amanda Nguyen drafted the Sexual Assault Survivor's Bill of Rights in 2016 - it was signed into law by President Obama less than a year later as only the 21st bill in modern US history unanimously passed. Her organization @RiseNowUS has passed 40+ laws
helping to protect sexual assault survivors, including ensuring rape kits will not be destroyed before statute of limitations expirations. @RiseNowUS & @nguyen_amanda are working on a United Nations General Assembly resolution focused on sexual violence survivors' rights.
In 2018 Amanda Nguyen was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize in recognition of her work with Rise to pass the Sexual Assault Survivor's Bill of Rights - one of only 16 women to ever been nominated in the 117-year history of the prize.
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Met Gala looks as Tzedakah boxes: A Thread 🧵

#MetGala Denée Benton in Atelier Pra...Yair Emanuel Anodized Alumi...
Anderson .Paak in GucciPurple Tzedakah Box - Jeweled
Caroline TrentiniYair Emanuel Tzedakah Box -...
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At the 2022 #MetGala, many of the attendees wore recycled fabrics and vintage dresses in a nod to sustainable fashion.
Singers Billie Eilish and Camila Cabello wore dresses made of recycled and sustainable fabrics, while celebrities including HoYeon Jung, Emily Ratajkowski, and Adut Akech Bior wore dresses from past seasons.
Emma Stone wore one of the dresses she wore in her wedding, and climate activist Xiye Bastida was in attendance to bring awareness to climate justice.
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The 2022 #MetGala looks as medical specialties. Don’t ask me who these people are bc I don’t know most of them
Starting easy, plastic surgery—literally dripping with gold and girl, they’ve got money Image
Orthopedic surgery: its the combination of cast padding and the backwards hat Image
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better late than never… a guide into gilded age fashion history (1870-1900) - a thread #MetGala
disclaimer, i am not an expert! just a fashion and history enthusiast, i try to be as accurate as possible, but please correct me if i am wrong about something. my knowledge comes from a basis in art and european focused studies as well as research from smithsonian.
for context, during this time period america was experiencing exponential economic growth and beginning to become one of the world’s major superpowers. there was a stark contrast between the select few who became wealthy from industrialization in comparison (1/10)
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1. A propósito de la #MetGala de ayer, va un hilo con reflexiones del texto “La moda” de Georg Simmel.
Ilustraré el hilo con algunas imágenes destacadas de ayer.
#Sociología ImageImage
2. Como suele pasar con las y los clásicos, no todas las ideas de S enviejecieron bien. Con todo, vale la pena revisarlas porque pueden servir para formar hipótesis o para tomarlas como dato del cambio histórico. Image
3.“La historia entera de la sociedad podría reconstruirse a partir de la lucha, el compromiso, las conciliaciones lentamente conseguidas y rápidamente desbaratadas que surgen entre la tendencia a fundirnos con nuestro grupo social y a destacar fuera de él nuestra individualidad”. Image
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The 2022 #MetGala was giving #GreatGatsby with all the feathered gowns. ✨
This year's #MetGala theme celebrated the Gilded Age of fashion, specifically the elaborate white tie formalwear the late 1800s was famous for. Sure, that might mean corsetry, diamonds, and bustles to some, but to others, it meant covering themselves in luxurious feathers. Image
Both #EizaGonzales and #HaileyBieber wore stunning white dresses with dramatic feathered flair to the #MetGala.
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Last night at the Met Gala, Sarah Jessica Parker wore a dress designed in homage to Elizabeth Hobbs Keckley. Keckley was the first Black female fashion designer to work in the White House. She was First Lady Mary Todd Lincoln's dressmaker. Here is a thread about her life. Image
Keckley was born an enslaved woman in Dinwiddie County, Virginia in February of 1818. As a child she worked with her mother as a house servant for Colonel Armistead Burwell and took care of his infant child. Burwell was also Keckley's biological father. Image
Keckley was routinely subject to severe physical punishment under the orders of Burwell's wife. Keckley remembered the first time she was whipped and wrote, "The blows were not administered with a light hand, I assure you, and doubtless the severity of the lashing has made..." Image
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Kardashian-Jenner #MetGala red carpet count: 1.

Hey, @KrisJenner. 👋 We are INTO this flip, mama.

📸: AP
Kardashian-Jenner #MetGala red carpet count: 2.

This is the photo in the fashion dictionary next to the word "train." Miss Kendall Jenner (@KendallJenner), thank you for setting the example.

📸: Getty Images
Kardashian-Jenner #MetGala red carpet count: 3.

Kylie Jenner, hello.👋 Is this a sneak peek into the dress we can expect from big sis, Kourtney? 👰‍♀️

📸: Getty Images
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Allow me to introduce you to myself.

I am on here all day, every day, most days of the year.

I comfort the afflicted and I afflicted the comfortable. I mock goons and I raise money for causes. I sit here hour after hour, trying to keep up spirits.
I have one day a year where I look at fashion - a subject I am surprisingly not-stupid about - before I go back to work and by "Work" I mean "I have literally warped bones in my body because of all the typing I have done."

I have worn out keyboards.

At the start of every #MetGala day I warn people that it's about to get very shallow around here for a while and if that's annoying to them to either mute me or stop following me.

Some do.

Some don't.

Some people who care nothing about fashion just like seeing me nerd out.
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Stars are arriving at this year's #MetGala in New York, where the theme is "In America: An Anthology of Fashion," and the dress code is "gilded glamour, white tie" ImageImage
Blake Lively, a co-chair of this year's #MetGala with husband Ryan Reynolds, unveils a costume change while ascending the stairs ImageImage
New York City Mayor Eric Adams arrives at the #MetGala wearing a jacket that says "End Gun Violence" ImageImage
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Jared Leto.............. #metgala
It's giving Morbius
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💎All eyes are on the #MetGala as designers push the envelope on fashion.

But people also are watching a historically exclusive fashion industry that's proven itself hesitant to push toward inclusion.…
An invitation to the Met Gala, often selected by @vogue editor-in-chief Anna Wintour, is typically reserved for Hollywood and fashion's most elite. But changes have been made after the industry was hit with accusations of being too exclusive. A quote on a black background from Dawnn Karen, a fashion ps
To reach inclusivity, high fashion needs a diverse team of people calling the shots, experts argue. Because of the industry's interest in selling an aspirational fantasy, it may not change until standards steer away from thin and white or until new diverse talent is embraced.
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Tonight's #MetGala2022 theme is Gilded Glamour, lets check some of the looks so far starting with the dress code setter, party host Anna Wintour.😍👗

📸: Getty Images
Vanessa Hudgens, who is one of the live stream's co-hosts, gave an early #MetGala2022 arrival with this Victorian-meets-sheer gown. The accessory? A lip purse for the cameras @VanessaHudgens

📸: Getty Images
La La in La (Quan Smith). Our jaw, it's on the floor. The shoe and hat details are IT. Thank you for this #MetGala2022 look, @lala Anthony.

📸: Getty Images
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Gilded Glamour: A #MetGala analysis:
"The gilded age"- 1870-1900
The term “gilded age” was actually coined by Mark Twain and Charles Dudley Warner in 1873. The phrase alludes to the fact that though things may be glittery and shiny on the exterior, Corruption lies beneath..
This is the era that brought innovation, railroads and the new age tycoons but filled with a dog-eat-dog mentality. The richer wanted to monopolize everything, while the poor remained very poor. The Gilded age was a time for building, but a time of inequality
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Maybe you knew, maybe you didn't but the #MetGala2022 is May 2! To prepare ourselves let's take a look back at some of the event's most ✨over-the-top✨ looks in history, OK?
Let's kick this off with a flashback to 2006 when @SJP arrived at the Met steps with Alexander McQueen with plaid sashes.

📸: AP
Theme: "Anglomania: Tradition and Transgression in British Fashion" Image
In 2015 @solangeknowles wore a Giles Deacon mini dress to the #MetGala.

📸: Filmmagic
Theme: "China: Through The Looking Glass" Image
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The Met Gala but make it Shadow and Bone : a thread
Alina Starkov ImageImageImage
Nikolai Lantsov ImageImageImageImage
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۱/Met gala ؛ مراسم ویژه انجمن های مخفی برای نخبگان فراماسونری؛ ایلومیناتی قیمتهای تعیین شده برای این رویداد (۳۵۰۰۰ دلار برای بلیط ۲۰۰۰۰۰دلار+ برای یک میز) !! هیچ فردی از طبقات پایین (برده)
نمی تواندوارداین مراسم شود!
مگر اینکه برای خدمت به مهمانان استخدام شده باشند. ImageImage
۲/درحالی که اکثر افراد حاضر،در ماههای گذشته با ارسال پست هایی که از مردم می خواستنداز ماسک استفاده کنند، تقریبا هیچ یک از آنها ماسک نپوشیدند!!فقط خدمتکاران و کارکنان موظف بودنداز ماسک استفاده کنند! ImageImage
۳/این تضاد بصری بین فراماسونها و ایلومیناتی ها و غیرنخبگان چشمگیر بودودرعین حال نمایانگرطرزفکر واقعی آنها بود!! ImageImage
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