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8 Apr
A story: When I was a very young adult woman, just starting to dabble in sex work, I met an older dominatrix who had worked in a big domme house in New York in the 50’s and 60’s. BDSM was WAY more taboo then, so most of the guys had - some inner conflict, about their desires. 1
She said, “Right above the bench we used for strap-on scenes, there was a hidden shelf, with a baseball bat. Because sometimes, if a guy got fucked up the ass and came really hard? Then after, he gets mad at you, because you just made him gay, and so he may get violent with you.”
Now, I’ve never had anyone get violent because I pegged them. But especially when I was new, I sessioned with guys who literally got up from the bench and ran out of the room, and left the dungeon, like *immediately immediately* after they came, because they felt so ashamed. 3
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7 Apr
I wish this did not have to be said but: being pegged does not mean that you are gay, gentleman. Being pegged just means that you like your ass to be stimulated. And as long as you’re not a conservative politician who’s being a hypocrite, there’s nothing wrong with that. 🌟
Omg Republicans do NOT know how to have secret affairs anymore
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5 Feb
I mean, aside from anything else: tying someone up and then *leaving them alone* as part of the scene, as way to induce fear? That’s so stale, so FAKE. If a domme doesn’t have the talent to really SCARE someone she’s there in the room with? She’s probably in the wrong business.
I’m not judging nobody I’m just saying, from my own point of view
Once I had a submissive who had A Thing That He Hated to have to do, and that was: he hated to pull the cotton wads out of bottles of medicines. He just couldn’t STAND the way it felt on his fingers, he could hardly bear it. He knew this about himself and he talked to me about it
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20 Sep 20
Or - here is a radical idea - you could stop fucking trying to codify patriarchal control over women’s bodies into the legal system 🤡
“A whole separate supreme court just to decide on when women are allowed to have a medical procedure on their own body” GREAT IDEA wow so progressive and forward-thinking 🙄🙄🙄
That’s like something out of fucking Gilead. I don’t know why these other people - FUNNY HOW THEY ALL SEEM TO BE THE SAME GENDER - don’t seem to see that.
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7 Jan 20
@heroinebook So, correct me if I'm wrong, but I think you wrote this? washingtonpost.com/health/nonprof…
And we need to talk about it. Because it is just made of NOPE. #sexwork
@heroinebook First of all, I'm surprised to see someone happily extolling the practice of taking people's DNA nonconsensually, and then giving it to police (! ! !) so they can covertly track potentially vulnerable women without their knowledge. Medically! That is not ever a good thing. No.
@heroinebook And, if you had just checked the archives of WaPo, you would have learned a lot about these vague, scary, but essentially fact-free talking points of anti-sexworkers. A few links on the subject: washingtonpost.com/news/fact-chec…

Or washingtonpost.com/news/fact-chec…

Or washingtonpost.com/news/fact-chec…
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