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In the audience at @nordicmodelnow event #PowerPlay listening to the amazing Heli St Luce explain how #sexwork became a euphemism for exploitation
The youngest girl rescued from the red light trafficking district in Amsterdam in 2020 was two years old
The rise of neoliberalism and unrestrained capitalism has given rise to the expansion of the sex trade and a lack of material analysis in academia props it up.
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Every femicide in the sex trade warrants action and no country is doing enough to stop men using lethal violence against women in #prostitution. But the radio silence on the recent case of a woman murdered in a German apartment brothel, compared to the Irish case is deafening.
I don't think anyone can prove their case on what policy is better based on homicide data alone because as far as I'm aware no country is tracking murders of women in prostitution specifically. The cases and survivor reports we do have indicate lethal violence is a concern always
In any country, call it "legalization", "liberalization" or "decrim" women in #prostitution are given advice on how to not get robbed, raped, and murdered on the job from organizations that speak of #sexwork. Clearly, it remains a significant concern under all models of law.
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Reading about legal experts and sexologists who work with child rapists repeatedly going "oh, if they'd just pay someone 18+ for it, it's totally fine!" and the totally fine thing is cutting someone's skin or keeping someone in a basement for a dozen men a day. I'm furious.
Women in prostitution are not sponges for rape and abuse. Not only are men very capable of raping both their stepdaughter and the barely 18-year-old woman at the brothel, a disproportionately large number of women in the sex trade are themselves child sexual abuse survivors.
Some women in the sex trade have reported that men tell them "I chose you because you look like my niece/daughter/granddaughter/student". How does that make her feel esp. considering the significant chance she is a survivor of incest/child abuse? Why are "experts" endorsing this?
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"Anti-prostitution campaigners position anyone they can hear from as by definition someone who no longer needs to be listened to.
This is, of course, not a logic that anti-prostitution campaigners apply their own voices."


#sexarbeit #sexwork
Ich finde dieses Zitat so interessant, weil es meines Erachtens deutlich macht, wer sprechen "darf", wenn es um Sexarbeit geht. In den Augen von Abolitionist*innen.
Sexarbeiter*innen, die öffentlich sprechen, sind "zu privilegiert". Mit der Branche haben sie angeblich "kaum etwas zu tun".
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Ich sage Nein zur BILD.

Hallo ihr Knuffis,

heute bekam ich eine Anfrage der besonderen Art, die ich euch nicht vorenthalten möchte. Die #Bild wollte mich für eine Reportage bei BILD TV.

Hier nochmal die Anfrage und meine Antwort im Wortlaut: 1/x


#keinmillimeternachrechts Ich sitze im Garten vor ein...
“Hey Chris 😊

wow was soll ich sagen! Du bist eine sehr interessante und vor allem sehr inspirierende Person. Schon länger verfolge ich deinen Block und teilst wirklich sehr viel und nimmst kein Blatt vor den Mund. 2/x
Gerade das Thema Sexualität mit Behinderung finde ich unglaublich spannend. Aber vor allem auch: WICHTIG! Wichtig, dass solche Themen viel offener in der Gesellschaft besprochen werden und als normal angesehen werden! 3/x
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#Prostitution #Sexwork

Ist Zeit gegen Geld und NICHT Sex gegen Geld.


Wenn ich für 60 min ne Massage buche, werde ich 60 min massiert.
Sexwork Dates gehen öfters über 2-4 Std zT auch über die Nacht.
Das schafft ihr nicht mal mit Viagra.
Ihr bezahlt die Zeit der/ des ~
Sexworkers|*in. Wäre sonst lustig, man 3 Std Date hat, da 4x Sex hat u jedes Mal Sex extra bezahlen müsste. Das wäre Sex gegen Geld. Ist es nicht. Ihr habt 1 Betrag, egal ob ihr 0, 1 oder 5x Sex habt.

Es gibt aber auch Dates in denen es keinen Geschlechtsverkehr gibt. ZB im ~
BDSM / Kink Bereich. Eine Domina bietet KEINEN Geschlechtsverkehr an, wenn Sexwork Sex gegen Geld ist, wäre sie keine Sexworkerin.

Im Bondage / BDSM / Kink Bereich kann man auch Workshops bei Dominas buchen um zB eine Session zu sichern, weil einem das Wissen / Erfahrung fehlt~
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Indian Supreme Court rules that women in #prostitution should not be criminalized, harassed, discriminated or have their children removed. Good! But still need to make exit programs available and work on decreasing demand which is the cause of exploitation…
From this article it appears that sex trafficking victims in India are forced into what sounds like re-education homes which they cannot leave for years. This practice needs to end. And reliably differenting exploited persons from voluntary sex sellers remains a pipe dream.
It appears the Indian Supreme Court plans to cast prostitution as a job (though brothel keeping is currently still illegal) which will decrease (though not eliminate) police violence but is inadequate to combat john and pimp violence where victim testimony remains hard to come by
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This is not how supply and demand economic theory WORKS people?!?!? #EndDemand initiatives for #SexWork does NOT enable #trafficking. Think about it. Let’s kick this #EndDemand can all the way down the road, shall we?
#Trafficking is a crime. Pimping is a crime. #DMST is a crime And they STAY crimes under #FullDecrim. Full stop. BUT we STOP arresting adult consensual #SexWorkers AND we don’t entrap their clients in stings. The BONUS is we ALSO stop arresting A LOT of victims of #SexTrafficking
Supporting #EndDemand initiatives is a knee jerk reaction to a complicated problem. But NOT ARRESTING grown adults for adult consensual behavior (that is perfectly legal if they do it for free) is not such a crazy idea. It actually makes a LOT of sense if you step back a bit
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Coercive interventions like #EndDemand and #NordicModel are knee jerk reaction policies that are not sound economic or social policies and continue to perpetuate stigma, discrimination and increase exploitation and violence. #ListenToSexWorkers and include them in MEANINGFUL ways
Meaningful involvement is not performative. It is not an afterthought. It means including us before you start, while you develop and as you implement programs that affect our lives. And INSIST on having #SexWorkers evaluate the success in an ongoing plan.
Our community is packed with a variety of lived experiences & we will share these experiences to help you reduce exploitation and violence. Come with an open heart and a willingness to listen and learn the logical way to meet needs of the people who need good policies the mostly
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Where to even start with this?
A thread:
This tweet overlooks the role the gardaí play in state violence against sex workers in terms of evictions, jailing and deportation.
This overlooks the role gardaí play brothel-keeping law enforcement. Work together for safety? Go to prison, have your earnings seized and given to a religious NGO. Have a partner or husband? They may go to jail for “living off earnings” of a SW. & you’re getting evicted.
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"In just one phone call, Otto had protected Lundstrom from Luther in a way the police couldn’t, even after ten 911 calls and a restraining order." "Otto routinely dispatched Lundstrom to Williston, where she’d work until she met her quota of $1,000 per day." #students #rape
"now perhaps the most common sex trafficking recruitment vehicle: social media. Experts say victims are groomed by pimps who play the numbers game with extreme patience. “[Predators] could say ‘you’re beautiful’ to 100 girls just to get one” #grooming…
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Australian sex buyers are having a normal one, casually discussing the mass sexual exploitation of Asian women and poor foreign students, as well as how to get away with raping children. All on legal websites. But hey, "customers" like any other - right?…
Also, sex buyers looooove what the #sexwork movement is doing. If they're loving you, you're not in the business of putting power into the hands of the seller. You can bet on that. Deregulation which is the current trend down under mostly benefits buyers & pimps and they know it.
Amazing that being pro #prostitution is cast as the anti-racist position when sex buyers are out there talking like this 👇 Women are not cuisines. And, duh, sex buyers know the women wouldn't touch them if they didn't desperately need money. Sex buying is classist violence too.
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Der Psychokrieg | Rubikon - Magazin für die kritische Masse…

muss abbrechen... ist aber erschütternd :-( ob noch über #PMT und #Covid19gesetz gesprochen wird?

Uns wird China als die Zukunft verkauft - @GunnarKaiser im gespräch mit @aya_velazquez via @YouTube

China und der "Great Reset" - Aya Velázquez im Gespräch via @YouTube
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cw: suicide, reactionary bs

One thing that really pissies me off are those facist reactionary "#ProLife" bigots.

And I'll explain in detail, WHY they are bigoted.

So strap in and hold tight...
Regardless if those advocate for the [very facist] idea of de-facto criminalizing #suicide or #abortions, "#ProLife" advocates aka. bigots are not willing to provide even a halfass alternative substitute as a figleaf to pseudo-legitimize their ideas.
I mean, regardless whether or not one person should be allowed to have a say into the health, life and well-beijng of another person is something agrees with [I think #ProChoice is the only non - reactionary-facist answer!]...
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Yesterday's online Exeter Uni debate about #sexwork was yet another reminder that the prohibitionist people are utterly irrational, driven by some kind of primal rage rather than knowledge of the realities...
They must have to regularly sit in debate situations against opponents who destroy every shred in their arguments, yet they come back and do it all again
Time after time, they rely on second hand anecdotes or arguments like "the presence of money removes consent". Weird
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A thread for those who may not be aware.

@airbnb uses AI to detect whether a user is a sex worker, mentally ill, or otherwise "un-desirable".

Based on this algorithm, #airbnb bans these folks, even if they were *not* looking to use the property for e.g., #sexwork.
Multiple sex workers we interviewed in Europe (Germany/Switzerland) reported this problem extensively, even though sex work is not illegal behavior.

This is a classic case, as many workers discussed, of Americanized-tech damagingly applying our "ethics" to the rest of the world
Our interview data further confirms the prevalence of this practice internationally, which denies legal sex workers, among other groups determined undesirable by AI, from participating in a large and fast growing part of the gig economy, when they are gig workers themselves!
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I just need to say - every 2 weeks is a reminder that Twitter/private companies are arms of policing. I write about #sexwork policy for an advertising site - I think it's important to organize/inform about work WHERE PEOPLE WORK. Same as any other kind of #labororganizing... (1/
Bc it's the sex industry, every two weeks they post the article, tag me & Twitter ALWAYS deletes the notification. When I tag the company, that tweet gets flagged. It's literally informing ppl on laws affecting their #health & #safety but because it's sex work, it's blocked (2/
The conversation isn't just about what gets sent to the cops/police - companies like Twitter/FB have become important tools of organizing, we have relied on them just like other utilities, and many people have largely forgotten that they are private entities who are bound by (3/
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It's happening! Eyala's Season Two is launching with an interview @drtlaleng, a South African medical doctor, reproductive justice advocate and fierce #feminist. Why did Dr. T. choose activism over the comfort of a privileged career as a doctor? Find out!
What makes @drtlaleng's voice so unique? She never apologizes for who she is - instead, she makes sure her Blackness "shows up in full force" when necessary. A queen.
Read part 2 of our conversation here.

#eyala #feminist #Afrifem #Africa
Here's my favorite part. @drtlaleng expands on several bold statements she makes in her book. She talks #sexwork, a #pleasure-centered approach to medecine, and why she thinks "the hymen is a useless piece of anatomy." Food for #feminist thought!
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#SexWorkers remind us sex work is about work. Like all workers they #deserve #rights and #protection against violence at workplace, stigma and discrimination in society.

#EndGBV #accesstoredress #16days #AwarenessToAccountability #dignityatwork…
Current criminalisation (in majority of African countries) of sex work means #sexworkers are on the front-line of #GBV in that the perpetrator knows they are unlikely to report it, and that they are vulnerable and unprotected.

#EndGBV #accesstoredress #16days #dignityatwork
In the context of #MeToo: sex workers face judgement, stigma, blatant systematic discrimination. In media, they’re punished 4 their nonconforming sexuality by being criminalized/slut-shamed.

#EndGBV #accesstoredress #16days #dignityatwork #sexworkiswork…
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#TransMarchBerlin #Review

The second speech at the starting point was from Trans*sexworks, which is a peer to peer support structure and a network for and made up of Trans*sex workers. Image
Trans*sex workers in Germany, and in many other countries are often excluded from support and counseling structures because of a lack of services that fit their needs: they have various trans* specific issues which are often not on the radar.
These things affect sex workers of all classes, whether you work indoors or outdoors, with or without Internet, if you are trans*male or a transwoman or whatever self definition fits you.
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Good morning! Will be tweeting as long as I can last at the #DecrimDC hearing! It’s gonna be a long day and if you want to join in spirit & watch the livestream, link here! #sexwork #rightsnotrescue #housingnothandcuffs
No matter what happens, today is HISTORIC and the work of @DecrimNowDC made this happen. @HIPSDC @NJNP_DC @SafeSpacesDC and many other groups are immeasurable. It’s truly a win. This moment is a win.
@councilofdc opens w @charlesallen setting an ask for respect and the necessity of this debate. @JackEvansWard2 gives some history on the issue in DC & approaches to prostitution - all rely on policing, inc “creative solutions” which were considered unconstitutionally harsh
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Recently, I've been seeing people saying that Nevada is the state w the highest rates of trafficking (5.6/100K) & wanted to figure out where that came from. Surprise! The stat is absolutely bullshit - here's why it (and the @Polaris_Project stat behind it) is trash.
@Polaris_Project So the number comes from the work of this rando Boston law firm that decided to run some basic stats from the Polaris report, put out a "report" & grift as knowing anything about #trafficking, while spouting anti-#sexwork rhetoric (2/)…
@Polaris_Project But the numbers they're replicating (along with some god awful imagery), are from the @Polaris_Project hotline - which gets a multi-year congressional budget line higher than the budgets of most service providers who... ya know... provide services. (3/)…
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Today, I will try my hand at live tweeting insights from "A #Home of One's Own", a two-day #researchworkshop on socially & economically #marginalised women's experiences of and negotiations with #genderinequalities in #informalurbanhousing in India.
This workshop has been organised by #JadavpurUniversity (School of Women's Studies), #RabindraBharathiUniversity (Centre for Women's Studies) and #Parichiti, a women's organisation. All three are research partners on a #GCRF project funded by @GoldsmithsUoL.
Since Oct 2018, I have collaborated with Dr. Henrike Donner, who is leading it, to develop #researchcollaborations with #educational and #development organisations in India to implement a pilot study on #genderurbanhousing. This workshop marks the end of the first phase.
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@Joshua4Congress Then, maybe borrowing from "Women's houses" in Rojava working out intersectional #feminist issues as reformative justice. Not mass incarceration but local policing and real discussion.

Jailing those that threaten violence as political terrorism.
@Joshua4Congress Legalizing freedom and protecting the people first. #Reparations #SexWork #EndingProhibition
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