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About 3-4 years ago, Kenya had a chance to be on the cutting edge of setting up drone logistics. We blew it. Spectacularly. Years on, Aviation regulators still clung to "security" objections, and then introduced extraordinarily draconian UAV operation rules.

Never mind that #Rwanda was way ahead of the curve in this respect. Vide: , from 3 years ago.

Last November, KCAA was reminding the citizens that the use of UAVs here is, in their view, 100% illegal. Vide:…

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The #ClimateCrisis, buried in aggregate economic indicators:

A spike in inflation in #India "caused by food prices...a sharp rise in the price of vegetables... pulses... attributed to supply shocks caused largely by extreme weather events"

Food prices nearly double in Kenya

"economist Ken Gichinga attributes the rise to erratic weather conditions that hit various parts of the country late 2019"

Where is the media?

The doom is here. We don't need prophets.

#ClimateCrisis #foodsecurity
☝️...Anyone see a pattern?

In Sri Lanka:

"It is well-known that vegetable prices wrere going up rapidly in the last few months...The main reason for this is the climate anomalies...some crops were completely destroyed"

#ClimateCrisis #food #SriLanka
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Thought I'd hold my peace but I get a sense that silence in the face of reckless, divisive & highly inflammatory posts that put our reputation & values, as a people and country, in disrepute is not an option. #Rwanda #RwOT 1/12
Someone has literally been shaming women who experienced sexual harassment or even rape, or whose loved ones have been victims, or for simply for denouncing rapists. He went as far as questioning the integrity of our justice system suggesting it is easily swayed by tweets! 2/12
Social media is an equaliser. You don’t need to be a lawyer or anybody for that matter to have a say on these streets. It’s an open space with a cocktail of different emotions, opinions & allegations, some fake. And not all must necessarily align with our biases or beliefs. 3/12
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Well, Madam, that's quite a rant, it wd b rude not to respond since you bothered. U congratulate yourself for being able to "read beyond the headlines" yet your entire threat is predicated on those headlines.
You title yourself a PanAfricanist&yet direct your vitriol at the one African leader who more than anyone else is putting PanaAfrican ideas into action. You r absolutely right to reserve the right to comment on any African nation, or any nation for that matter, what a shame
you fail to use that right for anything worthwhile. U dismiss #Rwanda's gender equality achievements as "posturing", Rwandan women as "gatekeepers for patriarchy" so much for support for the sisterhood. Of course far from posturing, gender equality policies in Rwanda begun in law
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@ContactIbuka En cadeau de Noël, un magazine français ouvre ses pages à 2 négationnistes du génocide des Tutsi au Rwanda. Avant-dernier thread pour démonter les ressorts de l’article de Judi Rever.

Partie5⃣: #Kagamé maître du monde
Si après tous les efforts de Judi Rever, vous croyez encore que le #génocide des Tutsi a été mis en œuvre par le gouvernement intérimaire hutu power, c’est pour une seule et unique raison : Paul Kagamé vous contrôle, à votre insu… ou pas.

Comment ?
➡️#Kagamé Superstar

C’est entendu: le monde vénère M.Kagamé tel ces idoles intouchables (MLK-Gandhi-Jésus) consacrées (postmortem) par les élites occidentales.
Rever le dit: "Kagamé est bien vu du monde entier parce qu’il a fait croire qu’une majorité de Hutus a tué les Tutsis."
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Here is UN noon briefing Inner City Press is banned from for 532nd day in a row by UNSG @AntonioGuterres - @UN_Spokesperson @StephDujarric still hasn't started as of 12:13 pm and has not answered any Inner City Press Qs, including on UN sex abuse, #LKA - thread
@antonioguterres @UN_Spokesperson @StephDujarric @MatthewLeeICP @FUNCA_info @silas_atefor @AdamShawNY @SaraCarterDC @kristina_wong @allimadi @Roseandfalcon Banned Inner City Press has asked @AntonioGuterres @UN_Spokesperson @StephDujarric On fraud, what is the UN's involvement with, incl DSG @AminaJMohammed photos with,"Principality Monte Agrella," as reported exclusively by Inner City Press?…
@antonioguterres @UN_Spokesperson @StephDujarric @MatthewLeeICP @FUNCA_info @silas_atefor @AdamShawNY @SaraCarterDC @kristina_wong @allimadi @Roseandfalcon @AminaJMohammed @anticorruption @GuardianNigeria Banned Inner City Press asked "climate dangers," what are the comments and actions if any of SG Guterres on that #Rwanda is demolishing homes in Kigali they say are threatened by "climate dangers". Residents complain that they have received no compensation so far.
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Day 2 #Gambia v #Myanmar #ICJ begins, w/#ASSK up first. She declares #genocide is a crime, applied by #ICTR to #Rwanda but not to #Kosovo or #Croatia by #ICTY or #ICJ, because of a lack of dolus specialis.
Gambia has put fwd 'Incomplete & misleading factual picture'. Situation in #Rahkine is 'complex & not easy to fathom'. (same rhetoric as we have heard for years)
Complexities go back for yrs. Claims conflict btwn Arakan Army w/5000 fighters & the #Myanmar Army, w/Arakan Army seeking independence. The conflict has led to displacement & security measures such as curfew & checkpoints, applied to all regardless of background.
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Here we go. Commencement of provisional measures hearings at the #ICJ: first up, the appointment of the two #judges #adhoc - biographies of Navanethem Pillay & Claus Kress - chosen by #TheGambia & #Myanmar respectively. Art. 31, ICJ #Statute.
Priority of request of indication of provisional measures prioritized over all other cases, balanced with opportunity for parties to be represented. 3 hours per party Tuesday & Wednesday, after which reply on Thursday for each. ICJ Procedure.
No entering into merits of case, stick to requirements for provisional measures.
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This tweet series is for #Hindus and other humane people trying to understand the anti Brahmin, anti Hindu rhetoric and violence being spewed by the christian controlled media in India and christendom.
The aim is to do a #Rwanda.
christian white colonialists set themselves up in #Rwanda. They were Belgians but that isn't important at all. Its the religion that regulates the behavior.
The colonialists created a division in Rwandan called Tutsi and Hutu. Nothing of the sort had ever existed.
The Tutsis were supposed to have different ear sizes or whatever. Colonial administrators classified each and every individual as Tutsi or Hutu. Then they created a Hamitic Invasion Theory whereby the Tutsis were supposed to have invaded and subjugated the Hutus.
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Recently, there was an FDRL attack in @MusanzeDistrict which left some innocent #Rwanda-ns killed and others injured. Among the rebel group, was a young man, who, before joining FDRL, was doing his masters in Kampala, after graduating on a govt scholarship at @Uni_Rwanda!
To young people:

The govt gives you a scholarship, you study, you graduate, you continue for masters, you are intellectual, then suddenly someone comes and offers you a so-called well paying job, you agree without even thinking twice, you go, you join the rebel groups...
you finally attack your country, wait, all this is insane!

Think critically before making any decision about such things. The person offering you that job is not your relative, not your friend, he has no pity for you. Ask yourself the way he loves you, what made him choose you?
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Music really IS the food of the soul.

The best period of my life (I think this applies for most people) was between ages 18 and 24 as a free-spirited student with no real responsibilities.

I have songs from that period playing right now, and I'm so happy. So much nostalgia...
Dunno which of you kiddies ever heard this song, but in its day, it rocked the fooking planet.

Once upon a time, there were no female rappers. Enter MC Lyte. She didn't open doors for those that came after her, no, she smashed them down.
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#DistantJustice Africa book tour THREAD

2 to 24 May 2019

From Cape Town to Kigali....…
Foggy, blustery day in Cape Town. But it'll be clear & bluster-free when @tmurithi12 & I launch our books on international criminal justice in Africa @_IJR_ 5:30pm today.

Full house but I'm told some seats can be squeezed at the back if you RSVP here:…
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1. En cette période de commémoration, je voudrais parler de Rose, une grande dame pour laquelle je veux tenir nos mémoires en éveil. Sa vie a basculé entre le 22/04 et le 17/06/1994. Chaque jour jusqu'au 17/06, je vais vous parler de celle qu'elle fut #laVieDeRose #Rwanda #RwOT🇷🇼
2. Comme toute chronique, l’itinéraire de vie que je vais vous raconter est divisé en plusieurs périodes. L'histoire de Rose suit le calendrier de l'Histoire de son pays natal, le Rwanda : avant 1959, entre 1959 et 1994, entre avril et juillet 1994 et après 1994. #laVieDeRose
3. Elle s’appelait donc Rose, et elle était aussi belle que la reine des fleurs. Comme ne tarderait pas à le démontrer son parcours accidenté de jeune fille, de femme, de mère puis de veuve, Rose appartenait à la version la plus résistante de l’arbuste dont elle porte le nom.
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1/ It's fair to say @UNPeacekeeping🇺🇳 is currently in a financial crisis caused largely but not solely by the 🇺🇸 Trump administration. Here's a thread explaining the state of play
2/ First a caveat: the numbers fluctuate regularly so what follows are just snapshots. @UNPeacekeeping & its troop- & police-contributing countries (T/PCCs) are reimbursed after the fact. Here's an explainer of how it works via @ipinstGO…
3/ When UN Member States don't pay their @UNPeacekeeping dues in full and on-time it hurts 1) T/PCCs; 2) mission effectiveness in the field; and 3) the reputation of the UN's🇺🇳 general effective system for financing #PeaceOperations.
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When I was in #Rwanda in 2017 to commemorate the #GenocideAgainstTheTutsi, I struggled with how best to honour the survivors who so generously shared their stories.Was it in retelling of unimaginable horrors they were subjected to?Or in celebrating survival,resilience & strength?
I shared stories of survival and courage. And I also took home in my heart resilience and joy. Remembering #Kigali Independent University student survivors #Kwibuka25
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Today marks 25yrs since the genocide against the Tutsis in #Rwanda. The international community stood by as more than 800,000 people were slaughtered in 100 days.
In 2017, I was honoured to be in Rwanda for the commemoration. #RwandaGenocide
A thread I wrote in #Kigali in 2017 during the ceremonies to mark the anniversary of the genocide against the Tutsis. There are 250,000 Tutsi victims of the 1994 genocide buried at #Kigali Genocide Memorial #Rwanda #Kwibuka25
Kwibuka means Remembrance. It was an honour to join The Walk to Remember in #Kigali two years ago to remember the #GenocideAgainstTheTutsi. I send love and solidarity to friends in #Rwanda who are remembering today, the 25th anniversary. #Kwibuka25
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This weekend marks the 25th anniversary of the beginning of the #RwandaGenocide, which claimed the lives of hundreds of thousands of people and left many more homeless

Here's a look at how it all unfolded...

In 1990, rebels of the Tutsi-dominated Rwanda Patriotic Front (RPF) invaded northern Rwanda from neighbouring Uganda

The RPF’s success prompted President Juvenal Habyarimana, a Hutu, to speed up political reforms #RwandaGenocide #Rwanda
In August 1993, Rwanda and the RPF signed a deal to end years of civil war, allowing for power-sharing and the return of refugees

But President Habyarimana was slow in implementing it and a transitional government failed to take off #Rwanda #RwandaGenocide
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Remembering how British columnists use words like cockroaches and talk of using gunboats on refugees. That language paved the way for the slo-mo national suicide attempt now underway.
I have been thinking how we reach for the trajectory of hate filled rhetoric —> dehumanisation —> violence.

I have done threads about this too. They are meant to be warnings against our worst selves. But also warnings to those vulnerable and rallying, organising cries.
But what of those with diminishing power deploying hateful rhetoric?

Do fading empires dissolve in bitter self-hatred?

Thinking Brexit....yes, it’s far right, hateful, stupid thuggery. But the greatest harm is to UK itself.
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Re-upping this thread since today the *President of the United States of America said that asylum seekers from brown countries were "not humans" but "animals."

#Rwanda #Holocaust #Genocide
I apologize for mistaking the quote above ("not human").

He actually said they were not people.
"What no one seemed to notice...was the ever widening gap, after 1933, between the government and the people."

"They Thought They Were Free: The Germans, 1933-1945" by Milton Mayer…
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On Dec 12 there were 505 #Ebola cases reported in #DRCongo -- 2 dys later it's 521, w/>30 cases in the large city of Butembo. "Control" seems elusive.
Here are some reasons for rising concern (see my thread):
National elections are days away (Dec 23) & violence is rising. 2 dys ago someone set fire to the election warehouse, destroying 1000s of voting machines in Kinshasa.
One of the est'ed 60 militias operating in the #Ebola area of No Kivu is the Democratic Forces for the Liberation of Rwanda (FDLR). Shots were fired X-border in #Rwanda, killing 2 Rwandan soldiers on Dec 9. Escalated border tension, Hutu v Tutsi. MORE…
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This retraction by @AlJazeera actually raises more questions than answers, and to my mind at least, brings to the fore, the fact that our Federal Republic of Anyhowness, has gone global...
Yesterday, asides @AlJazeera_World, other news outlets, including the Twitter only news outlet, @spectatorindex said that #Nigeria's ambassador had attended the opening of the American Embassy in #Jerusalem.
Isreali outlets such at @TimesofIsrael and @HamodiaIL also ran with the news. @haaretzcom actually went so far as to publish an infograph that included #Nigeria's name as one of the country's "celebrating with them" on the grand new opening...
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No surprise,
Posing at, attending #Burundi radicals opposition meetings, @RFI's @rutwesdras confirms (again) relentless anti-ruling party bias that has been noticed throughout @RFI's coverage of #Burundi

Dear @rutwesdras @AFP @AFPAfrica, @RFIAfrique @RFI and others,
will you update your article on #Burundi refugees who recently came from #Rwanda with comments of said refugees ?
or are you planning a full article on this matter ?
Video testimonies of refugees COMING BACK to #Burundi were completely ignored by the same medium
🤔but today, -written- refugees testimonies suddenly matter again to @RFI @AFPAfrica @rutwesdras

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: "while the Nkurunziza government has accused regional actors (aka #Rwanda) of meddling to fuel conflict in the country, these allegations have remained largely false."

It is now (very) safe to ignore @issafrica from credible knowledge sources on #Burundi
Let's recall this:
#Burundi has showed 35 pieces of evidence to the @_icglr accusing #Rwanda of fueling #BurundiCrisis,
The @_icglr is the same organ which investigated on #Rwanda's accusations against #Burundi, of hosting Interhamwe (No proof found)
However, #Rwanda conveniently refused to allow @_icglr to investigate #Burundi's claims (which, again, are already backed by 35 pieces of evidences.)
Apparently, this is enough for @priyal_singh & @issafrica to conclude that the claims are false.
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