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‘When it’s one rule for your’s…

You have no right to be uptight
when we pull you up on you’ - (#SOC) Image
During his visit to #Rwanda, Johnson was asked by reporters whether Ukrainians will be sent to the East African nation if they enter the UK undocumented or by irregular routes: Image
“So I’m afraid the answer is I suppose, yes, in theory that could happen but I think it’s very unlikely.”…
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Jesus wept.
He's been 'ordained' into something called the 'Free Church of England'. There's very little information about it, but this came up. 😬
So, following a little bit of digging, I've found something interesting & revealing.

The 'Free Church of England' came to the public's attention in 2010 with the case of Shirley Chaplin - a Christian nurse who was moved to a desk job after refusing to remove her crucifix.
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It's hard to disagree with the introduction to this article, so I'll quote it in full:

"In the last three decades, we have witnessed a gradual but consistent return to prominence of extreme right, authoritarian & #fascist views, values & politics across the world."
"Whereas the #fascist authoritarian extreme right was a marginal political phenomenon in many democratic countries 30 years ago, it has in a relatively short period of time become a strong, powerful and emboldened segment of the mainstream right...
...with ideas and viewpoints once considered deviant and morally repugnant today confidently asserted as 'the new common sense' and increasingly shaping public policy."
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Why were #DRC leaders quick to accuse #Rwanda upon the first attack of #M23?

Upon accession to power, President Tshisekedi wanted to be seen as tackling the protracted armed conflict in Eastern #DRC. So he declared a "State of Emergency" in North Kivu and Ituri.

State of emergency means the region is run by the army, most civil rights are suspended.
State of emergency also means a hefty budget sent to Eastern DRC and managed by the army.

Problem: According to a parliament audit, of the $74M released from state coffers, only $23M (32%) can be accounted for, most of it (2/3) vanished in thin air.

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Kuna njia mbili za kuelewa,ya kwanza ni usome Uzi ufuatao.
Pili usikose show'Jmosi hii
History iliyorahisishwa na #SabulaMaarifa wa #MadiniDigital.
Iko hivi!! Kitambo hicho Rwanda iliwahi ku-operate chini ya mwamvuli wa KIFALME uliokuwa ukiongozwa na mwamba wa kuitwa KIGELI IV RWABUGIRI.
Rwabugiri alikuwa ni jamaa fulani hivi kutokea Kabila la walio wachache (TUTSI) kule Rwanda.
na aliingia kwenye vitabu vya kihistoria kama kiongozi pekee wa taifa hilo aliyeamua kufanya mashirikiano na Serikali za KIKOLONI. By the way kama tunavyojua kuwa RWANDA kuna Makabila makuu mawili, na la 3 ni nyongeza, kuna walio wengi ambao tunawatambua kama Wa-HUTU
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Umm. Hasn't anyone at @MoJGovUK told @DominicRaab that a "Bill of Rights Bill" won't enter the statute books as a #BillOfRights (if passed) but only as a Bill of Rights *Act*?

We still have to wait for the Bill to be published, of course - but the petty press release:…

makes it clear this isn't a #BillOfRights; it's not even a #BillOfGoods - it's a Bill of #Bads and #Wrongs that starts off poorly, and then gets even worse...
Even as it characterises #HumanRights claims as "trivial", the Government reveals its fatuity; the example it gives 👇 refers to a ruling that simply required the UK Courts to see through *their own process*!

Just how "trivial" does this Government consider #DueProcess to be?? Confirm that interim measures from the European Court of Hum
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🔴 The European Court of Human Rights block on sending asylum seekers to #Rwanda could be overturned by ministers under new proposals, as part of changes to the Human Rights Act.…
Law Society president Stephanie Boyce, who represents solicitors, said:"The bill will create an acceptable class of human-rights abuses in the United Kingdom. It is a lurch backwards for British justice. Authorities may begin to consider some rights violations as acceptable"
Sacha Deshmukh, @AmnestyUK's chief executive, said the legislation would represent "a giant leap backwards for the rights of ordinary people"
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As Commonwealth leaders meet in #Rwanda, at least 7 journalists remain jailed for their work in the country.

Is press freedom on the #CHOGM2022 agenda?

@commonwealthsec @CHOGM2022…
Ahead of the meeting, @pressfreedom and 23 other civil society organizations wrote to Commonwealth Heads of Government and expressed “grave concerns” about the human rights situation in #Rwanda.

@HRW @commonwealthsec @CHOGM2022…
Will leaders at #CHOGM22 raise the ongoing detention of journalist Aimable Karasira Uzaramba, who authorities in #Rwanda arrested on May 31, 2021?

Read his story:…

@commonwealthsec @CHOGM2022
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L'actuelle campagne de haine qui sévit dans l'Est du #Congo n'est visiblement pas tout à fait spontanée. En témoignent cette story sponsorisée qu'@instagram soumet à l'utilisateur localisé dans la région sans qu'il n'ait rien demandé ni fait de recherche particulière au préalable
Son enregistré en studio, clip en qualité HD, séquences filmées au drone.. Refrain : "Attrapez-le, congolais attrapez-le. Tue-le, FARDC tue-le" Publiée vendredi, la chanson désigne les Rwandais comme ennemis. Elle est loin de connaître un succès phénoménal à ce stade, mais...
Elle s'ajoute aux dizaines de vidéos qui circulent sur WhatsApp et Twitter, véhiculant des messages de haine et des menaces contre les Tutsi, désignant des cibles, voire montrant/justifiant des lynchages. À terme, cela peut engendrer un mécanisme que l'on appelle "chambre d'écho"
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In the past, the Tory Party tried to hide its racism. It's not bothering any more.

The #Rwanda scheme is the most brazenly racist policy of any UK government in my lifetime. It's purposefully designed to appeal to racists & xenophobes.

That's really its only point.
Andrew Marr is right about this. The sole purpose of the #Rwanda scheme is to stoke culture war & polarisation. It doesn't make sense in any other way. And it was very probably the brainchild of the Svengali of dog-whistle racist politics, Lynton Crosby.
Et voila - Lynton Crosby is attending Boris Johnson's morning meetings. The Rwanda scheme absolutely stinks of his cynical brand of racist wedge politics.

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IF Jesus came back & tried to get to Britain, he'd be framed the by right-wing media as a symptom of "The Great Replacement" & "a scrounging illegal migrant & potential terrorist rapist", & Govt Ministers would be braying for him to be sent to #Rwanda for "processing".
We now know that the UK has experienced more far-right terror attacks & plots than any state in Europe.

Around a third of all domestic terror threats now come from the far Right - often inspired by far-right #propaganda - according to the head of MI5.…
Government politicians adopt far-right tropes if it helps them create wedge issues to win votes.

The UK media platform the far-right - which now describes & brands itself as ‘anti-woke’ rather than ‘fascist’ - to stir controversy & drive hits.

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🚨NEW: This week's PMQs Fact Check with @Femi_Sorry.

#BorisJohnson spins the truth even on #Brexit, while #PritiPatel defends welcoming Ukrainian refugees while deporting all the others to #Rwanda

Are you ok, mates?
The government remains committed to sending asylum seekers from the UK to Rwanda and plans for future flights have begun, #PritiPatel has told MPs.

"We will not be deterred from doing the right thing," the home secretary said.…
Despite what Boris Johnson keeps saying in his alternative reality, the Uk economic situation is dire and worsening…
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1/ Astute analysis by the @NewStatesman's @harrytlambert (doesn't mean he's on our side), which identifies that the #Rwanda flight as a key play in the Tory culture war, designed to draw election battle lines. There is an obvious strategy for dealing this: take it head on. Image
2/ If many UK citizens don't like the reality that people are being smuggled to our shores, an astute left wing politician would simply draw their eyes to the root cause: western wars started to expand markets for goods, services and weaponry to be traded in the US dollar.
3/ A good portion of the 70million refugees in the world today (many of whom are internally displaced) have been forced to leave by the destruction of their nations by the Anglo Saxon Empire: Yemen, Libya, Afghanistan, Iraq and more. This is not a conversation the Tories want.
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We are now sliding into fascism.

How? A thread.

#Brexit #Rwanda #ToryCorruption

Authoritarian leaders can't just flick a switch and turn a democratic, free country into a fascist state. It takes time.

Two major things needed to happen.

1) They needed to remove the control of external forces

2) They needed to soften and weaken the population

EU legislation protected our population on key issues such as workers' rights, human rights and right to protest.

They needed us out of the EU and so paid their pet tabloids to slowly drip feed negative messaging about the EU to the population over years.

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1/4.🧵ON THE #ECtHR.
Thanks to the European Court of Human Rights, the first flight will no longer take off for #Rwanda tonight carrying people seeking refuge in the #UK. Ahead of any government backlash, here’s some explanation of what the ECtHR is and does, c/o @EachOtherUK
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🔴 Yesterday, the Court of Appeal refused to block the Home Office’s deportation of asylum seekers to #Rwanda.

The first flight is scheduled to leave tonight, at 9:30pm, as human rights lawyers battle to stop the removals.
It was also reported that two last-ditch attempts to halt the flight had been rejected, with the Home Office admitting that there is a risk the flight could be cancelled anyway, after legal challenges meant that fewer than 10 people are expected to board…
A source told Playbook that, due to individual case challenges brought against the government, “just seven” people were due to board, and that an ongoing “legal merry go-round” could well mean the “removal of every single last person” from the flight.…
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Given the non-dom billionaire-owned Daily Mail's support for the neofascist #Rwanda plan, here's a thread about Left-hating Harold Harmsworth - 1st Lord Rothermere, owner of the Mail - specifically his vocal support for both Hitler, & Mosley's British Union of #Fascists.
Devised in 1896 by Alfred Harmsworth (Viscount Northcliffe) & his brother Harold (Lord Rothermere), the Mail has campaigned against Unions & the Left, & against all women & most working-class men being given the vote.

By 1930, they owned 14 national daily & Sunday newspapers.
Harold Harmsworth (Lord Rothermere) was a great supporter of Adolf Hitler.

According to James Pool, author of 'Who Financed Hitler': "Shortly after the Nazis' sweeping victory in the election of September 14, 1930, Rothermere went to Munich to have a long talk with Hitler."
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Deportation flights to #Rwanda are another example of 'appalling and inhumane" policies the Uk government is implementing.

You can make a difference.

Donate to our #BillWatch

Foreign Secretary #LizTruss considers deportations to Rwanda 'completely moral".

How would you reply?
The opposition is fighting the #Rwanda policy.

Labour Mp #YvetteCooper has called it "completely unworkable, deeply unethical, extortionately expensive, profoundly un-British".

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I cannot tell you that the Boeing 767 aircraft EC-L20 which is planning to take asylum seekers to Rwanda is owned by Prestige Style Airlines and that their president's email address is

#Rwanda #RwandaNotInMyName #RwandaMigrationPlan
Nor can I suggest that you do anything with that information.
*Privilege Style, not Prestige Style.
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Outside the Home Office for @novaramedia, live tweeting today’s demo against the #Rwanda deportations which are set to begin tomorrow. Protesters are starting to gather in earnest, as police struggle to usher traffic down Marsham Street.
.@bencsmoke is leading speakers today; he starts by noting the presence of @HackneyCopWatch and Legal Observers to support in response to police presence.
It appears there are two concurrent protests happening outside the Hone Office; one organised by a coalition of rights organisations and the other, reportedly, by Stand Up To Racism.
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Judgment being given in #Rwanda appeal now.
Singh LJ points out that because of urgency there is no approved transcript of the Swift J's judgment.
Merits of the underlying plicy are not for the courts, says Singh. Only job of the courts is to decide if the scheme is lawful.
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If you're going to discuss the UK government's #Rwanda plan, it's important to understand the difference between people-smuggling and human trafficking:
People-smuggling means finding a way to get someone to where they want to go, bypassing any obstacles that might be in the way.
The more difficult or dangerous you make it to enter a country, the more a smuggler can charge and the greater the incentive for smuggling. The #Rwanda plan, far from stamping on people-smuggling, will be an absolute boon to it.
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A great & timely read: 'Spin Dictators: The Changing Face of Tyranny in the 21st Century', by Sergei Guriev & Daniel Treisman.

How a new breed of dictators hold power by manipulating information & faking democracy.

Does Britain have a #SpinDictator?…

Over the past 40 years or so, the face of dictatorship has changed a great deal. Could Britain's increasingly antidemocratic & authoritarian Government mean Britain could be joining the likes of Hungary, Turkey & Rwanda in becoming an autocracy?…
The most notorious tyrants of the 20th century, including Hitler, Stalin, Mao Zedong & Idi Amin, ruled by means of mass violence, cults of personality, rigid ideological conformity, all-encompassing censorship & the exclusion of unwelcome foreign influences from their countries.
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