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Dana Farber has long been associated with politics 🤔 ImageImageImage
What's this now?


"Opening of cancer center in Rwanda is “privilege beyond words”"…

Inaugurating the center were Bill Clinton ; Dr. Agnes Binagwaho; Jeff Gordon; Paul Farmer, co-founder of Partners In Health; Lawrence Shulman [& Chelsea Clinton] ImageImage
"Jeff Gordon , NASCAR champion and founder of the Jeff Gordon Foundation, which has provided funding for the project" #Rwanda

🤔 ImageImageImage
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Commentng on the UK Govt's desire for #ECHR reforms, the President of the Council of Europe’s parliamentary assembly has said Britain could end up like Russia & face exclusion if it chooses to ignore obligations to abide by the Strasbourg-based court.
Sunak, who is in Iceland for the first Council of Europe Summit in 15 years, is to call for a reform of the #ECHR’s rule 39, which was used to issue last-minute injunctions to ground the flights of migrants to #Rwanda last year.
The Govt has said it is amending the draconian illegal immigration bill, currently going through parliament, to include a provision allowing the home secretary to ignore rule 39 injunctions.

The President of the Council of Europe’s parliamentary assembly lowered expectations.
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The #propaganda puked out daily by the ideologically extreme Mail, Telegraph, & Express is grotesque. The UK's 'small boats' & 'people smuggling' 'crises' have been manufactured by our cruel Govt, who have deliberately caused an unprecedented backlog in asylum cases. 🇬🇧 Image
When the cruel & illiberal @Conservatives came to power in 2010, the backlog of asylum claims was just 18,954.

By the end of 2022, they had deliberately manufactured a backlog of 132,182 cases - 160,919 if family members applying with them are included.

Our barbaric Govt knows that strong evidence shows that policies of deterrence against smuggling actually fuel smuggling, forcing routes to become more dangerous, smugglers more organised, & migrants less able to cross borders without their services. 🇬🇧…
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Just watched the #CNNTownhall with 2024 Presidential candidate and former President @realDonaldTrump , as well as the post-townhall panel discussion.

One thing is clear: #America is a broken country. It's split right down the middle.

Racial divisions and #massshootings are peaking, the economy is cratering, #poverty and #homelessness are rising.

And meanwhile, the US government is involved in, or threatening to get involved in, wars from #Ukraine to #Taiwan to #Syria to #Iran to #NorthKorea.

When they should be working on healing the divisions in their own nation. White vs non-White, Rural vs Urban, Rich vs Poor, drug addiction, broken homes - all these are tearing America apart.

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Today, as every year on April 30, I commemorate the liberation of the #Ravensbrück concentration camp—78 yrs ago.
On that day, my mother, who was there, was "celebrating" her 25th birthday.
I pay tribute to her today.
On that day, Hitler killed himself in his bunker.
1/13 ImageImage
Mom was a member of the #Resistance in Belgium. She was arrested by the Gestapo in 1943 after her network was denounced. She went from prison to prison as a Nacht und Nebel political prisoner.
Her false papers concealed her Jewish origins.
Her last stop was #Ravensbruck.
2/13 Image
When she was released, she was suffering from typhus and tuberculosis and weighed 30 kilos.
She was taken in by the Swedish Red Cross and gradually recovered in #Sweden.
Forever my gratitude to the wonderful persons who took care of her.
3/13 Image
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A day that shames Britain, as 289 cruel MPs back the barbaric illegal migration bill, after deliberately manufacturing a backlog of asylum claims.

Britain's populist Government has used 'performative politics' to join the ranks of the most illiberal regimes on earth. 🇬🇧 Image
The reason so many asylum seekers are housed in the UK is because rather reducing the backlog of claims, & treating fellow humans fairly & with compassion, the cruel & selfish @Conservatives have deliberately manufactured & then weaponised a crisis. 🤬

The @Conservatives are indistinguishable from the far-right.

The cowardly bastards who support the grotesque #Rwanda plan, & the barbaric bill, show not a shred of respect for those who died during WWII, nor for those who rebuilt Europe in its aftermath.…
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More than 830 UK health professionals & representatives from leading medical bodies have signed an open letter to Sunak expressing “grave concerns” that the Govt’s #Rwanda Plan will cause “catastrophic mental & physical harm” to people seeking safety.

"As health professionals, we, the undersigned, are writing to express our grave concerns about the health implications of ongoing plans to forcibly remove individuals seeking protection in the UK to Rwanda, as set out in the ‘Migration & Economic Development Partnership’." Image
"Using this approach to advance hostile border policies rooted in unevidenced deterrence & externalisation objectives, despite clear documentation of the medical harm caused, is unconscionable." Image
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1/ Being a survivor of the #Rwandan genocide that happened in 1994…

I cannot help but notice similarities between what the west is doing with #sudan and what they did with #Rwanda — which was “rescue their own white people, and abandon the local BLACK to doom and death” ImageImage
2/ So far both #USA and #UK have apparently prepared planes to removed “their citizens” from #Sudan — this is what happened in #Rwanda too

In rwanda - white people were told to leave their black friends behind, and those black people were butchered to death…

This is awful 😳
3/ My family had a dreadful experience of this white privilege… my family was a mixed family - French/Belgians married to #Rwandans

They allowed white people, their spouses and only mixed raced kids! Any black adopted kids/ cousins etc had to stay behind … and perish!

Awful😳 Image
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The barbaric UK Govt is set to deport people to #Rwanda, where the chances of developing severe, often fatal, malaria, is almost inevitable, & where immunity is developed through years of recurrent childhood infections, which many children do not survive.…
#Rwanda has holoendemic falciparum malaria - high malaria transmission of THE most deadly malaria variant, in all areas, in all seasons.

Rwandan adults have a reasonable level of immunity, although they can still get malaria & become seriously unwell. Image
The unethical & unnecessary UK Government's unlawful plan is to send asylum seekers to #Rwanda from a broad swathe of the globe, including north Africa, Albania, the Middle East, & Afghanistan, which have either no or low malaria transmission. Image
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1/ The tories are an absolute stain on decent politics

It really doesn’t matter which side of “#brexit” you fall on, or which side of “refugees should put in harms way by sending them to a dictatorship in #rwanda” you fall on

But surely everyone sees the obvious?
2/ The election of #BorisJohnson led way to worsening of political practice in this country… through a populist agenda (BREXIT… which was a dog whistle for f*ck foreigners) British people were seduced into electing tories!

This was aided by a strong smear campaign against JC😳
3/ Along came #BorisJohnson - with him came the promotion of politically ambitious (but lacking in experience and grace) people such as @pritipatel @KemiBadenoch etc- the Tories competed to out do each other on “who can attack foreigners the most” - to appease a white electorate
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Everyone knows of Harambe 🦍

But, did you know Mountain Gorillas are endangered & only about 1,000 are left in the wild?

They are only found in Africa.

A 🧵on them, & the Virunga Rainforest in #Rwanda 🇷🇼 Photo by ALVENSIA ANGELA on...
The Virunga-Bwindi-Volcanoes Landscape spans the borders of three African nations - the Democratic Republic of Congo, Uganda, & Rwanda.

Covering approx. 7800 sqkm, it houses a variety of endangered species, has been a significant source of income, & is a vital global carbon sink
But, the gorillas face an existential threat.

Poaching, logging, & mining - all illegal activities.

Why are they poached, though?

Bushmeat. Primarily supplied to meet demands in urban centres where the consumption of ape meat is considered prestigious amongst the wealthy.
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J'ai été très honorée de pouvoir participer à la 35ème Conférence internationale du @rpfinkotanyi et de voir pendant 2 jours le travail du FPR d'aujourd'hui, avec une forte présence de femmes et de jeunes.
Je ne connaissais, en effet, le FPR que de mes lectures : des témoignages des rescapés, des archives de la période 1990-94 et de mes premiers entretiens avec quelques Inkotanyi à Kigali qui datent de septembre 2022.
Deux jours inoubliables pour moi qui m'ont donc permis de croiser dans la vie réelle ceux et celles que je connaissais des pages d'histoire. (J'avoue que j'ai eu parfois du mal à maîtriser un enthousiasme d'adolescente qui se retrouve face à sa Rock Star préférée.🫣 🫣 🫣 )
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Avez-vous convaincu un de vos potes à écrire ces quelques lignes lamentables contre la secrétaire-générale de la @OIFrancophonie, @JudiRever ? Ça ne m'étonnerait pas après le documentaire bidon sur ''Nadège, l'espionne #Rwanda-ise''...🤭
Mais sérieusement, c'est honteux de se permettre d'évaluer tout le travail de L. Mushikiwabo sur la base de ces quelques lignes floues, peu précises, et de lui attribuer toute la responsabilité de problèmes dont certains existent probablement depuis le temps de ses prédécesseurs.
D'autres problèmes soulevés - le harcèlement et le mobbing - sont à la fois très sérieux et délicats à gérer. Mais il est impensable qu'une femme ayant la compétence de Mme Mushikiwabo y reste indifférente.
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Si j'ai bien compris, la présentation / nomination des candidats et l'élection n'ont pas été diffusées en direct sur Youtube. Et même si c'était le cas, vous ne disposez pas de la traduction simultanée en français, en anglais ou en portugais des débats. #Rwanda #Kagame #FPR35
Un excellent exemple de ce qu'on ne peut pas écrire sur le #Rwanda depuis sa salle de séjour confortable à Anvers... 🤭
En fait, avant l'élection du chairman du FPR, un membre du parti a la possibilité de poser sa candidature ou de proposer celle d'un autre membre. C'est la procédure ; ils PEUVENT se présenter. Mais s'ils ne VEULENT pas le faire, les étrangers devraient respecter leur choix.
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#Rwanda government annoounces it is commuting the terror sentence of Paul Rusesabagina of “Hotel Rwanda" fame and should free him Saturday.
Update: US officials say Paul Rusesabagina of ‘Hotel Rwanda’ fame has been released from custody and will leave #Rwanda soon, reports AP.
US welcomes the release of Paul Rusesabagina and “is grateful to the Rwandan Government for making this reunion possible. We also thank the Government of Qatar for their valuable assistance that will enable Paul’s return to the United States,” says Secretary of State Blinken. Image
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Breaking: The return #AFCON 2024 qualifier between the @AmavubiStars and #Benin’s Cheetahs, scheduled for Monday 27th March, hangs in the balance, over a venue dispute.
@RChipenda, @CAF_Online’s Development Director, told @FERWAFA that as a result of inadequate facilities at the venue chosen in Rwanda for the return leg, the Amavubi will have to play their return leg game in Cotonou on Monday.
But rather than wait in Cotonou to play the return leg, as @CAF_Online instructed, the @AmavubiStars returned to Kigali, after the 1-1 draw in the first game played.
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On 14th March, in #Kigali, #Rwanda, @MosengoOmba, the General Secretary of @CAF_Online, called me a “mercenaire” (mercenary) because of my journalism, which criticises, FACTUALLY, what is going wrong in CAF. I am going to ask him who the real mercenary in African football is.
For the first time in the history of @CAF_Online, we have a General Secretary that is NOT the LEGAL national of any African country. Yes, he is of #DRC descent. But he has no legal citizenship of any country in #Africa. I will explain…
Under the laws of the Democratic Republic of Congo, dual nationality is strictly forbidden by law. Once you take up the nationality of another country, you CANNOT be a national of DRC. @MosengoOmba is a citizen of #Switzerland, and lost his DRC nationality, as a result.
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Rwandan Economics- THREAD
Economy braved global economic constraints, climate shocks &inflationary pressure to grow at the 8.2% in FY 2022. Sectors that have driven the growth are Service representing 47% of the national GDP, agriculture-25% while Industry accounted for 21%
@TheGreatLakesE1 @Rwandan_Patriot @Rugusuki @RwandaFinance @RwandaOGS @jumuiya @r_rukaka @The_EastAfrican @guardian @business Rwanda’s GDP’s current market value is calculated at US$ 12,681,551,309 (Rwf13,716 billion) in 2022, having grown from up from US$ 10,121,462,424 (Rwf10,930 billion) in the FY2021.
Such metrics shows a remarkable growth in spite of the global economic difficulties owing to the Russia-Ukraine war and effects of the climate change.
#RwOT @RwandaFinance @statisticsRW
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#RwOT at Yuhi we have been testing the @SpaceX #Starlink in Rwanda so that you don't have to venture into it blindly and not knowing what to expect, and here are a couple of observations we have made for the last couple of weeks of using it... 🧵 ImageImage
1. It took about 12 days from the day it was shipped to be delivered to us. This was a door-to-door delivery, so there was no hustle with customs or getting licenses from RURA.
2. From the packaging it seemed like the dish wasn't new, it looked like it had been used (had dust)
3. The setup is straightforward - you just need to plug in the power cable to the router, then the ethernet cable from the router to the dish (For power and data).
4. They don't use the usual connectors, so make sure not to damage them cause it'll hard finding a replacement/spare
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The European Convention on Human Rights is one of humanities' greatest achievements: an international response from Allied nations to the Nazi Holocaust & other human rights violations during WWII, to ensure they never happened again.

And now the SICK @Conservatives want out. 🤬
The new UN human rights chief @volker_turk has urged the British government to reconsider its plans to deport asylum seekers to #Rwanda, warning that in the past similar “offshoring” schemes had led to “deeply inhuman” treatment of refugees.…
In his first public comments on the controversy since taking office last year, Volker Türk rejected PM Rishi Sunak’s description of the £140million deal as “common sense”, saying that as well as being legally & ethically problematic it was also “very costly” & unlikely to work.
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Highly inaccurate! Let's unpack the #Rwanda idea carefully, but without the unnecessary cinematic effect we see in this HO vid. I mean, we ARE talking about human lives here. Let's get serious! | 🧵
Colleague broadcaster Kenan Malik once wrote "Treating refugees like ‘waste people’ is abhorrent, wherever they end up".

It relevant now more than ever. And this thread is based on these findings.
Political opposition in Rwanda is not tolerated and arbitrary detention, torture and even killings are accepted methods of enforcing control too.
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Like the UK Govt's Rwanda Plan, the Nazi's Madagascar Plan aimed to forcibly relocate a minority population of Europe to East Africa. The plan was not viable due to a British naval blockade, but it functioned as an important psychological step toward the Final Solution.
#Rwanda is NOT a "safe" country.

The US State Dept '2021 Country Reports on Human Rights Practices' reveals Rwanda to be one of the most autocratic, authoritarian, & repressive regimes on earth, currently ranked 126th out of 167 countries for democracy.…
According to the US State Department, significant human rights issues in #Rwanda included credible reports of:

🚨unlawful or arbitrary killings by the Govt;

🚨forced disappearance by the Govt;

🚨torture or cruel, inhuman, or degrading treatment or punishment by the Govt;
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#CIVICUS is an international non-profit organisation, dedicated to strengthening citizen action & civil society around the world. It's focus is on regions where participatory democracy & freedom of association are at risk - now including Britain.…
The UK has joined Hungary, South Africa, & Poland, having been downgraded from ‘narrowed’ to ‘obstructed’, in a new report by the @CIVICUSMonitor, a global research collaboration that rates and tracks fundamental freedoms in 197 countries and territories.
According to the report, People Power Under Attack 2022, the government's introduction of a range of restrictive laws, particularly on protest, & the UK government's attempt to undermine human rights, led to the downgrade.…
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On @bbcquestiontime tonight, the Govt's Immigration Minister, Robert Jenrick, who - like his boss & UK PM, Rishi Sunak - in November distanced himself from Suella Braverman's disgusting "invasion" rhetoric.

Here's a #THREAD of important contextual factors about Jenrick.

The far-right attacked Robert Jenrick after he rejected Braverman's rhetoric, accusing him on the right-wing Traditional Britain Group Telegram channel of “treason”, & referring to his Jewish faith alongside the alt-right image of Pepe the Frog.

On #bbcqt in April 2022, Jenrick INSISTED that #Rwanda was "a safe country".


The truth is, Rwanda is one of the most autocratic, authoritarian, & repressive regimes ON EARTH, ranked 150th out of 179 countries on the Index of Liberal Democracy.

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