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@SFUnified educator. Writer. Trainer. #HealthEd Advocate. @mujschool alum. Co-creator of the acclaimed (& free!) #SexEd curriculum “Be Real. Be Ready.” He/Him.
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30 Jun 20
The questions around if, when, and how to welcome students back to school in person are a GIANT ethical/philosophical challenge. No matter what you do, some people will be seriously harmed.
The concerns about children voiced by @AmerAcadPeds here are real.…
As @DanaGoldstein notes in her coverage: "I am hearing from a lot of teachers. Many are, frankly, scared to go back to school before a vaccine is available. A few have told me that they feel that their health is treated as expendable."…
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7 May 19
I LOVE seeing different people around the world trying this Human Sexuality lesson from "Be Real. Be Ready."! Check this thread to see how it looks in different people's classes, and then try the lesson yourself:…
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21 Apr 19
THREAD, pt. 2 (Continuing from this thread about #healthed and #sexed:
Training on how to use “Be Real. Be Ready.” is available through the Adolescent Health Working Group. They can bring expert trainers to help get your teachers ready to teach these lessons. Please contact Adam Chang <at> to learn more about this.
BONUS: For Middle Schools:

“Be Real. Be Ready.” is designed for high schools, but we later created a middle school curriculum called “Healthy Me. Healthy Us.” which you can view at:…
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20 Apr 19
THREAD: I was thrilled to present at #SHAPETampa last week! @ShapeAmerica’s national convention is the largest gathering of #healthed and #physed teachers in the country. I know not everyone could make it, so here is a recap of my presentation.
My session was scheduled at 8 a.m. on the first day of the convention, so I didn’t know if anyone would make it. I wore my #SEXEDU shirt from @AskGoody in tribute to @THEKINGDMC, who was presenting (and doing some Run-DMC classics) with @HHPHorg later that day.
I was coming from the West Coast, so this 8 a.m. session felt like 5 a.m. to me.

Luckily, the room filled up early with lots of energetic folks. Shout out to @MelanieLynch52 for helping me navigate some projector connection trouble!
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