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Hello guys, small Sex-Ed thread on Oral Sex!  

A lot of people seem to think it's only enough to use protection when having penetrative sex and don't use protection during oral sex. Well, it's NOT safe! 

#SexEd #PatientEd #medtwitter #lka

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Try to avoid having oral sex with strangers or new partners without protection because you don't know what diseases they're carrying that could be transmitted through oral sex

#SexEd #PatientEd
Diseases that can be transmitted through oral sex: 

¤ HIV 

¤ Chlamydia

¤ Gonorrhea

¤ Syphilis

¤ Herpes

¤ HPV (human papillomavirus)

¤ Trichomoniasis

More the frequency, greater the chance of contacting these diseases.
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Hello! Here's another very important  Sex-Ed thread on all available contraceptive methods in Sri Lanka!  

Ad = Advantages 
S/E = Side Effects 

#PatientEd #Tweetorial #SexEd #Contraceptives #SriLanka
¤ Condoms - Efficacy 98% 

Ad - ONLY method to offer protection from sexually transmitted diseases and also provide contraception 

S/E - None
¤ COCP/POP - Combined Oral Contraceptive Pill, Progesterone Only Pill - Efficacy 99%

S/E - Increased risk of breast and cervical cancer,  Acne, Risk of blood clot formation leading to strokes, Heart disease
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Alright @sophielui - let’s break down #TikTok - the generational divide isn’t real here. Facebook mom’s have caught up to the Snapchat party, social media got predictable, Twitter kinda sucks, and everyone has run over to TikTok looking for all of the fun.
Canadian #TikTok content is diverse, multilingual, active, cultural, and honestly a lot of fun. Let’s start with food, (a big chunk of Instagram was taking pictures of food), and this kid makes videos about Canadian 🇨🇦food stereotypes.
This hockey kid @alwayshockeyy has over 50k followers who watch his sick dangles - he’s the Crosby of TikTok & I want to believe that scouts factor his social media klout into their recruiting - he has double the subscribers on #TikTok than he does on YouTube. 🇨🇦
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I saw the movie #Hustlers for a third time.

My thoughts center the character Destiny, #fostercare #kinship and #sexwork

This is a thread
In the movie #Hustlers we see that Destiny was raised by her grandmother who was on a fixed income and not in the best health.

#fostercare #kinship #sexwork
Destiny became an adult and worked as a #stripper a legal form of #sexwork

I really identified with her character as our stories and experiences of aging out mirrored eachothers.

#fostercare #kinship #sexwork #socialwork
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A thread: As Men’s Health Urologists we focus on making libidos higher, erections harder, straighter and last long enough for satisfaction. But if we as a #sexmed society TRULY care about #goodsex and #pleasure then we must provide REAL #sexed for our men all ages. @somedocs
for those patients that have or want to have sex with women:

1) Ask them if their partner can have an orgasm. Then ask them how.

2) TEACH them that <17% of women can even HAVE orgasm with penetration.

They often look at you shock.
3) Don’t assume they know where the clitoris is. Show them a diagram. Same anatomy as a 🍆

4) Normalize #vibrators. >50% of women have them. They work. Encourage their use during intimate time.

(Remember: it doesn’t matter who is holding the joystick as long as there is joy)
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1. Vaginal discharge is normal.

2. Wearing panty liners 24/7 is not necessary.

3. Vaginas are acidic enough to BLEACH fabric, hence the discoloration of underwear.

4. Longer labias are more common than smaller ones (but both are fine).
5. A mans sperm CAN throw off your pH balance and also change the smell of your vagina

6. It is not safe for vaginas to smell like sunshine and flowers so quit expecting it to.

7. STOP douching and washing your vagina with bath&body works, and Victoria secret. Its not healthy
for the vagina.

8. The vagina cleans itself.

9. Having sex has no correlation of how "tight" your vagina is.

10. Yeast infections are COMMON!!!

11. The best thing you can do for your vagina is to leave it alone.😴

12. If your vagina stinks (fish, garbage, sour milk)
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[Day4: Strengths & Limits of #SciComm forms, media, & spaces]
It's theory vs practice day!

There are loads of resources out there for #BestPractices. Today, let's discuss the strengths & limitations YOU've found in trying #STEM #storytelling, #comedy, #SciArt, #digital, & more!
I'll start w/ my favorite resources: @edbeltane & @OliverEscobar's "Public Dialogue & Delibration" & #WendyFaulkner's "Dialogue in #PublicEngagement" handbooks.

How do participant #communication styles impede/help your purpose, eg. #dialogue vs #debate?…
These have been crucial in my understanding of #experiencedesign when creating events or experiences for diverse #scicomm audiences & participants.

There's a purpose for panels and debates. But also a reason why they fail in "changing minds" or creating power-balanced convos.
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I LOVE seeing different people around the world trying this Human Sexuality lesson from "Be Real. Be Ready."! Check this thread to see how it looks in different people's classes, and then try the lesson yourself:…
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THREAD, pt. 2 (Continuing from this thread about #healthed and #sexed:
Training on how to use “Be Real. Be Ready.” is available through the Adolescent Health Working Group. They can bring expert trainers to help get your teachers ready to teach these lessons. Please contact Adam Chang <at> to learn more about this.
BONUS: For Middle Schools:

“Be Real. Be Ready.” is designed for high schools, but we later created a middle school curriculum called “Healthy Me. Healthy Us.” which you can view at:…
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THREAD: I was thrilled to present at #SHAPETampa last week! @ShapeAmerica’s national convention is the largest gathering of #healthed and #physed teachers in the country. I know not everyone could make it, so here is a recap of my presentation.
My session was scheduled at 8 a.m. on the first day of the convention, so I didn’t know if anyone would make it. I wore my #SEXEDU shirt from @AskGoody in tribute to @THEKINGDMC, who was presenting (and doing some Run-DMC classics) with @HHPHorg later that day.
I was coming from the West Coast, so this 8 a.m. session felt like 5 a.m. to me.

Luckily, the room filled up early with lots of energetic folks. Shout out to @MelanieLynch52 for helping me navigate some projector connection trouble!
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Tomorrow, the Worcester School Committee plans to vote on an abstinence-based sex ed program known as the “Michigan Model.” The curriculum does not include lessons about affirmative consent, how to prevent pregnancy, and LGBTQ youth. (1/5) #SexEd
Our children need programs at school that offer the tools and information that will help them make smart decisions about their health and relationships, especially at a time when Worcester is going through an increase in STD/STI and birth rates. (2/5) #SexEd
In Worcester County, the total number and rates of chlamydia, gonorrhea, and syphilis has climbed steadily since 2015. In 2017, there were 2,733 reported cases of chlamydia, 720 reported cases of gonorrhea, and 82 reported cases of syphilis. (3/5) #SexEd
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Anyone who can look back at their 16 year old self and be like “yup, I totally had the reasoning abilities of an adult” does not currently have adult reasoning abilities. 16 year olds are not adults. That’s not what age of consent means.
Addition: even if we accept the premise that a 16 y/o can reason like an adult. No one can make reasonable decisions w/out adequate information. MANY American teens do not get quality comprehensive #sexed in order to make educated sexual choices.
We can’t claim teens “can make their own choices” when we limit their knowledge of their options, including info on communicating & listening to boundaries. This means quality sex ed for all genders & sexualities. Until we have better sex ed, no teen can make adult sexual choices
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This is a thread on the repealed #Ontario health & education curriculum. Let’s start with the most important point. IT IS NOT SEX ED. The curriculum is HEALTH & PHYSICAL EDUCATION. @fordnation uses hot button terms like #SexEd to fire up religious extremists
Before you make any comments regarding the content of the it: ……
Since so many critics of the updated curriculum are aghast at the disgusting content to be taught to our innocent lil munchkins starting at the tender age of 5, this thread focuses only on gr 1-3
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When my daughter came out as trans, her 2 brothers - 7 & 16 - handled it beautifully. When my wife transitioned the following year, they once again embraced it.

4 years later, they're still cisgender guys who aren't at all confused about who they are. The kids are alright.
When young kids learn about trans people in school, 1 of 2 things happens:

1. If they’re trans, they find language to describe themselves & see their reality normalized.

2. If they’re not trans, they learn how to support those who are.

No confusion, just inclusion.
Kids almost always have questions when they learn something new. That isn’t the same as confusion.

You can’t make a cis child trans. You can’t make a trans child cis. But we CAN teach them about each other so we create a more understanding environment.
#SexEd #onpoli
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Couple of things, @sullydish...
Firstly, nice try but women will not be silent anymore, & you don’t get to tell us to shut up. Secondly, I believe @Lollardfish has already addressed this:

#TimesUp #MeToo #GTFO
Seriously, the fucking audacity of some ppl is astonishing. They never stop trying to silence survivors.

It’s incredible. The number of men accused is small compared to their victims. The number of men accused is small compared to how many men there are in Hollywood & DC.
I’m so done with this shit. Allow me to show y’all some shocking -yet not at all shocking to many of us- information.

*Trigger Warning*
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