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23 Jun
As the government welcomes the reopening of museums and galleries, every organisation must protect its staff of colour from the disproportionate effects of COVID-19 upon them. Those from BAME communities are twice as likely as their white counterparts to die from COVID-19. 1/13
The government is trying to suppress this information so it is incredibly important that the sector does not try to do so at the same time. Employees need to be aware of the risks they face. 2/13…
Once acknowledged, organisations need an equitable work environment. While equality means treating all staff the same, equity requires adjustments for staff of colour, recognising they are differently affected. This levels the playing field. 3/13
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3 Jun
Some of you may feel tired and saturated but we ain’t done yet... so here’s a thread on how not to be a performative ally. This is both for organisations and those working in the sector. 1/16
An ally who is performative is someone or an organisation that is making statements, in this case about #BlackLivesMatter, but is not taking any action. It’s great to see a number of organisations stand in solidarity. Now we need you all to act. 2/16
Please share resources with your staff and your audiences. Donate. Sign petitions. Support Black owned businesses. Speak.
Tell us what steps your organisation is taking to help Black employees and to diversify your workforce. What plans do you have in place? 3/16
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2 Jun
If you are an ally and feel frustrated because your employer is not taking action, do not underestimate your own voice. Museums, galleries and the like are institutions that believe in process and formula. Change cannot come through due process. It comes through anarchy. 1/6
If you believe in the movement and can see that minorities are not treated fairly in your organisation - say something. If there’s a meeting to talk about #BlackLivesMatter (or anything else) and no Black people are present ensure that they were invited before you continue. 2/6
You have a voice to say that you are uncomfortable. Black people have been uncomfortable in these settings for an age. Allies can group together and stand up and say no. You have a duty to disrupt, because you are protected by privilege. 3/6
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