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12 Mar
Five days ago Trump said he was getting his information on coronavirus from Fox News
Since then he's been told that it's just another impeachment attempt…
That the concern is being faked to hurt his reelection chances…
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19 Nov 19
Laura Ingrahams sports expert is a guy who wrote a book telling guys to go to hospitals looking to pick up rape victims while they're vulnerable
Here he's just getting all sorts of creepy about high school cheerleaders among other things
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5 Nov 19
Alright, I guess because it's driving me nuts I'm going to try and lay out, as best as I understand it, exactly what the president of the United States and Fox News thinks happened with Ukraine and the DNC email hack in '16
So, in 2016 it wasn't Russia that hacked the DNC emails and sent them to Wikileaks, it was actually Ukraine. And the DNC. The DNC hacked themselves
They did this to help Hillary Clinton. Ukraine helped the DNC hack themselves and and then strategically release the emails at times that would most benefit Donald Trump. This was done to help Hillary Clinton
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4 Oct 19
This is literally the exact opposite of what Tuckers been saying on his Fox News show every single night since this story broke
Tucker in the op-ed: No way to spin this

Tucker on TV: Imma spin this by mocking anyone who's even a little concerned

Tucker in the op-ed: No way to spin this

Tucker on TV: Imma spin this by saying the dang Dems have been out to get Trump from the beginning
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4 Aug 19
A frustrating and depressing fact is knowing that it's only a matter of time before

-Fox News fearmongers about another non-existent "caravan"

-Tucker Carlson warns his viewers that "they" are coming to replace "you"

-Laura Ingraham warns her viewers about an "invasion"
Here's Tucker about 2 weeks ago warning that "billions" of migrants are coming to break laws and take benefits

Here's Tuckers infamous Ilhan Omar rant from a month ago that set Trump off. Tucker says she's a "living fire alarm" and says she is "living proof that the way we practice immigration has become dangerous to this country"

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29 Mar 19
Conservative media has been particularly vile today. Gonna do a short thread on what's been going on just since 4PM today
Laura Ingraham regurgitates the "invasion" rhetoric that has been used as justification for mass shootings recently
Laura Ingraham guest says African-Americans haven't assimilated in America
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15 Mar 19
Let's take a look at how Fox News primetime (8-11) talked about race, minorities and diversity JUST LAST NIGHT

First up, Tucker Carlson who brought on the author of "The Diversity Delusion" to talk about the college admission scandal
She promptly made the point that the admissions scandal is "really not about white privilege ... legacy preferences are minute compared to racial preferences"

She went on to say that "applying to Harvard being black gets you four times greater chance of being admitted than anybody else"

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12 Oct 18
Fox News talks about other channels a lot
Like, all the time
They really really really spend a lot of time talking about other TV shows
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22 Jun 18
I don't normally do threads, but this week was a vile disgusting display on Fox News. If you only watch Fox News, here's what you saw this week (1/many)
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9 Feb 18

But remember a week ago when Assange tried to DM Hannity with dirt on Mark Warner

Guess where "leaked texts" from Mark Warner just showed up
Fox News is working with Julian Assange to disrupt the 2018 election and I dunno how else you can explain this
"There are brand new text messages obtained exclusively by Fox News..."

Yea, I wonder how these texts were obtained
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