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#NewProfilePic via @CBudoucnost, kterej si hrál s mou fotkou v midjourney. Děsně vajbim und love it. S tím jak se na tt množí humory o aktivaci článku 5, tak bodne i ten postapo vajb. Image
Celej set je naprostej banger ImageImageImageImage
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#NewProfilePic because I really shouldn’t have wine in my profile photo. My expression must be serious as the world burns.
It’s not a fucking ruff, ok?

You twats 😂
I’d like to thank you all for your creative and sustained roasting today, I’ve laughed out loud reading the replies but now I must return to my bedchamber and scribe my teachings by candlelight.

Yours sincerely,

Little Lord Fauntleroy
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just a heads up everybody, its apparently now against twitter rules of service to offer mr musk an enjoyable evening with a person who doesnt exist
lol I seriously cant believe i lost the appeal, its so goddam ridiculous
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A year in review of @cobie's #NewProfilePic-s

As one of CTs most astute, witty, and beloved characters - there is probably a hidden message that @cobie has been setting up via his Twitter #NewProfilePic tags in plain sight. Maybe it's his seed phrase or something else even more important 🤷‍♂️
First, Cobie's PFPs fall broadly into these categories:
(with the #NewProfilePic)
1. Cobie look alike (most)
2. British Media
3. @cobie & @ledgerstatus
4. Miscellaneous

PFP Updates by Month:
Feb - 8
Mar - 7
Apr - 3
May - 5
Sept - 7
Oct - 1
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نہ کر شکوہ ہماری بے سبب کی بد گمانی کا
محبت میں ترے سر کی قسم ایسا بھی ہوتا ہے
ہوا کرتا ہے سب کچھ اے اثرؔ اس کی خدائی میں
کریں دعویٰ خدائی کا صنم ایسا بھی ہوتا ہے
امداد امام اثر
جفائیں ہوتی ہیں گھٹتا ہے دم ایسا بھی ہوتا ہے
مگر ہم پر جو ہے تیرا ستم ایسا بھی ہوتا ہے

عدو کے آتے ہی رونق سدھاری تیری محفل کی
معاذ اللہ انساں کا قدم ایسا بھی ہوتا ہے

نہ ہو درد جدائی سے جو واقف اس کو کیا کہیے
ہمیں وہ دیکھ کر کہتے ہیں غم ایسا بھی ہوتا ہے

امداد امام اثر
ہمیں بزم عدو میں وہ بلاتے ہیں تمنا سے
کرم ایسا بھی ہوتا ہے ستم ایسا بھی ہوتا ہے

ہوا کرتا ہے سب کچھ اے اثرؔ اس کی خدائی میں
کریں دعویٰ خدائی کا صنم ایسا بھی ہوتا ہے

امداد امام اثر
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It's #WorldMentalHealthDay and #MenopauseAwarenessMonth.

One of the hardest impacts of #perimenopause for me has been anxiety. I've written about the ways it's kicked my fucking ass…
There have been mornings when I am overwhelmed with an impending sense of doom. And I wonder if my anxiety–brand new, I was never an anxious person–is my despair at that fuckery that once flummoxed younger me.… #WorldMentalHealthDay #MenopauseAwarenessMonth
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Μου φαίνεται ΕΞΩΠΡΑΓΜΑΤΙΚΟ το γεγονός ότι τότε δεν ήξερα ότι πουλούσαν σαβούρα.
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Some of you may have noticed we had a wee new starter in Pitlochry Greggs this week Image
Friendly locals offered their help to lure the Greggs Squirrel out
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1/ How to Invest in Bear Markets 📉💰

And why I just got a #NewProfilePic 🧵 Image
2/ Here’s the TL;DR:

- Blue chips become increasingly attractive

- Bear markets make people reassess their investment strategy

- Risk aversion increases

- The shift to fundamentals

📉📈 See tweet 9-12 for some interesting floor statistics
3/ Like most of us, I first discovered #NFTs in the «post-BAYC era».

And despite still being early in the grand scheme of things (August 2021), I remember feeling discouraged seeing blue-chip projects trading at, what was to me, unobtainable levels.
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صبح سے شب سے ملو
پیار سے ڈھب سے ملو
ناز سے چھب سے ملو
شوق سے سب سے ملو
سب سے مل آو تو اک بار میرے دل سے ملو

دل برباد نے کیا ٹوٹ کے چاہا ھے تمھیں
کس قدر پیار سے مرمر کے تراشا ھے تمھیں
جب سے دیکھا ھے اسی شوق سے دیکھا ھے تمھیں
سر جھکایا ھے، خدا مانا ھے پوجا ھے تمھیں

رنگ و نگہت سے ملو
عیش و عشرت سے ملو
شوق سے سب سے ملو
سب سے فرصت سے ملو
سب سے مل آؤ تو اک بار میرے دل سے ملو

تم میرے ہونٹوں پہ رہتی ھو دعاؤں کی طرح
کتنی مصوم ھو تم میری وفاؤں کی طرح
دور ھی دور ھو جنگل میں ھواؤں کی طرح
تم چلی آؤ بھرپور گھٹاؤں کی طرح


سب نظاروں سے ملو
نوبہاروں سے ملو
شوخ دھاروں سے ملو
تم ھزاروں سے ملو
سب سے مل آؤ تو اک بار میرے دل سے ملو

صبح سے شب سے ملو
پیار سے ڈھب سے ملو
ناز سے چھب سے ملو
شوق سے سب سے ملو
موج ساحل سے ملو
ماہ کامل سے ملو
سب سے مل آو تو اک بار میرے دل سے ملو
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It’s worth noting that the average transaction cost on the Ethereum platform is higher and far more varied than that of Bitcoin or Litecoin, typically ranging between $2 and $25 for basic operations. On the bright side, it is really fast and transactions #Cher #NewProfilePic… Bitcoin Cash, by the way, boasts some of the lowest fees, which are normally less than $0.01 per transaction. This cryptocurrency can be found on Coinbase, BinanceUS, FTX US, Kraken, and many more exchanges… many years, Western Union has been a convenient and reliable way to send and receive money. Indeed, it’s hard to find someone who hasn’t used this service at least once to transfer a few bucks to a friend down the street or send some cash to another
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Dijaga dan menjaga Pancasila...

Selamat Hari Lahir Pancasila
Pancasila bukan ideologi totaliter. Ia demokratis sesuai dgn nilai2 peradaban manusia yg berkembang maju.
Kenapa tak totaliter?
Ia tak melarangmu menyebut Minggu u/ hari tertentu, tak mengatur2 cara makanmu atau melarangmu bernyanyi & hal2 manusiawi lainnya
Pancasila bukan ideologi totaliter karena ia juga tak bermaksud mengatur2 isi pengajaran sains/ilmu pengetahuan. Tp sebagai ideologi ia cuma menuntun aspek etika pelaksanaan teknologi...
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முல்லை நிலம்!
Amsterdam ஏறு தழுவுதல்!:)

கோட்டினத்து ஆயர்மகன்
போர்புகல் ஏற்றுப்
பிணர் எருத்தில் தத்துபு
தார்போல் தழீஇ யவன்!

கொல் ஏற்றுக்
கோடு அஞ்சுவானை
புல்லாளே ஆய மகள்!

(சங்கத் தமிழ், கலித்தொகை) Image
Cheese= பாற்கட்டி
என்பதே தமிழ்ச் சொல்!

இன்று, பாலாடைக் கட்டி என்கிறார்கள்!
சங்கத் தமிழ்ச் சமூகத்தில்
முல்லைத் திணையில், பாற்கட்டி தான்!

சங்கத் தமிழ் போலவே
Dutch நாட்டிலும்
பல்வேறு வகையான Cheese!

*ஆட்டுக் குட்டி

பல விதமான பால் வகை, பாற்கட்டிகள்! Image
ஏதோ நூலகம், புத்தக வரிசை போலவே
வரிசையாக அடுக்கி வைக்கப்பட்டுள்ள
பாற்கட்டிகள்! ஒவ்வொரு சுவை! மணம்!

Wine போலவே
Cheese-க்கும் Age உண்டு!

பால் (கட்டி), பல நாள் கெடாமல்..
சுவையாக வைத்திருப்பது ஒரு கலை!😍 Image
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Pragmatic Play, a leading content provider to the iGaming industry, is back with a fiery modern take on a classic slot experience in #NewProfilePic release, Fire Strike… Accompanied by a high tempo techno soundtrack and crisp visuals, players will be engaged by the title’s easy-to-understand mechanics and fast pace, along with a smouldering theme that really cranks up the excitement.… Like its predecessor, Fire Strike 2™ features burning dice, playing cards, chips, banknotes and bells as the low paying symbols to match the fruity theme, while the Fire Strike symbol and different coloured lucky sevens make up the high values.
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In the middle of the night I cried out,
“Who lives in this love I have?”
You winked and gave me one end of a delicate thread.
“Pull it tight, but don’t break it.”❤️

@Twitter #NewProfilePic Image
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Mintei alguns PFPs da coleção @pfpsupplyco feita pelo @TimBalabuch pra sinalizar meu apoio a ele e a galera do @BanklessBR :)

A proposta da coleção é bem diferente das NFTs convencionais e tem um aspecto educacional

Dos que mintei, esse foi o que mais curti! Image
A coleção foi feita pra vídeo educativo que explica em formato de tutorial como criar uma coleção de NFTs generativos do zero, sem precisar saber programar. O resultado ficou tão legal que quase todo mundo do @BanklessBR aderiu hahah

O @TimBalabuch já deve tá cansado de me ouvir falar isso, mas admiro muito o trabalho dele. Conheci ele quando esbarrei num vídeo explicando Polkadot em 5 minutos. Achei excelente e fiz questão de entrar em contato e indicar pra uma gorjeta no tesouro!

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This is how to sit when praying sitting down for the one that is not able to pray standing

قالت عائشة : ( رأيت النبي صلى الله عليه وسلم يصلي متربعا )

This is the Sunnah way of sitting in prayer however, scholars said it is permissible to sit the normal way of sitting during Prayer.

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#ThisIs54 #NewProfilePic

I slept 7 hours straight last night and it’s a fucking miracle. #Perimenopause

📷 @rerutled Mona from the shoulders up,...
Talking of which: it’s a kick to see The Daniels, who wrote and directed #EverythingEverywhereAllAtOnce reference my essay on @A24’s @allatoncemovie… h/t @voixdemichele Text: DS: Yes. I read this ...
Now, whenever I want anyone to know how utterly wrenching–and also liberating– it is to go through perimenopause, I will say, nay YELL: EVERYTHING EVERYWHERE ALL AT ONCE.… #EverythingEverywhereAllAtOnce
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Ahmad Baiquni

Kata “Arab”, di Indonesia, dulu sering diasosiasikan dengan “habib” berikut sepaket penampilan, kegiatan dan profesi yang khas —jubah, salawatan, ratib al-haddad, simtud durar, ustaz, atau pedagang. Image
Namun, sejak Reformasi 1998 hingga kini, habib menemukan medan ekspresi publik yang baru di gelanggang politik—dengan efek kejut yang membahana.
Apa pasal? “Habib”—karena dipandang sebagai keturunan Nabi—selama ini dianggap memiliki otoritas religius dan kini memasuki kontestasi politik. Lalu, apakah suara politik mereka juga memiliki otoritas religius?
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காலை வணக்கம் உறவுகளே!
தமிழ் குடிகாப்போம், தமிழ் மூச்சி, மத்தவங்கெல்லாம் வந்தேறிகள் nu சொல்லும் என் "தம்பிகள்" தங்கைகள் இதை படிக்கவும். இதுவே தமிழ் தொண்டு. தமிழ் மேல் உள்ள காதல்.

#teakadaibench #letztalk #ParundhuSMM #ParundhuNews @iDharun7_0 #ShriTwitz

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