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23 May
Your personality defines the strengths and weaknesses of your trading style

I've often compared trading to casino play

Over the years I've developed specific strategies and preferred casino game play based on my personality strengths

Read this thread to categorize yourself šŸ‘‡
Roulette - High stakes, fast paced game. Intuition and game flow are your most valuable tools. High risk-high reward. Hours of play can be erased in one spin. Emotions of greed, revenge or fighting against the table trend can be catastrophic. Must stay calm and composed (scalper)
Roulette (cont.) - I tend to scout out the tables with the best vibe or hottest table trend. If red is super hot, I can come in and bet red after one or two blacks shows up or I can blindly bet red knowing that 70% of the recent spins have been red. I rarely bet against the table
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26 Feb
I spent a lot of time looking over old tweets to find useful information and #TaTip that new investors/traders may find helpful.

Please retweet this main tweet to share all the helpful info in this long thread.

We'll start with this one. I think it's relatable for any beginner:
Here's one way to combat those emotions you may experience.
We'll start off with a series of tweets relating to controlling these emotions.
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4 Apr 19

Thread pt 2

Highly unlikely for two seperate cycles to react the exact same way.

While a lot of comparisons could be made to the first green dot from my previous thread..

I had suggested that, cycle wise, the green dot could be moved further along.
As you can see, the circumstances have changed.

We have skipped the possible dip and look to be
at our next junction:

Upper half of the accumulation range.

Different path, same spot.
One thing I had noticed but hadn't suggested, was this:

Can we move the green dot over once more.

At the time the similarities in PA were too much to move it forward.

But circumstances have changed.
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26 Mar 19

My indicator is based on identifying trends

Check this out:

Red X signal was given Feb 2014. We then got bull div for the first time end of March 2014

Red X signal was given March 2018(4 yrs later) and we now have bull div for the first time end of March 2019
What a coincidence, right?

Let's take a step back and see how the end of the bull market looked for each.

Notice anything about these dates almost exactly 4 years apart?

They mark the last push after parabola break right before the bear market went into full force.
These bear cycles started roughly the same day. 4 years apart.

Okay so let's jump ahead a few months.

Notice anything?

Both made approx 60% corrections at the 100 day mark.
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29 Dec 18

Top Goon X typically gives a buy approaching signal.

After this signal we expect price to pull back and look for possible entry in the golden pocket.
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25 Dec 18 will be teaming with @tradingroomapp to give out some memberships. We'll also be giving out a free cold wallet this week

Special thanks @CredibleCrypto
and @friendscallmeap for helping in our group

trading/education/risk mngmnt

1% live scalp just nowšŸ‘‡
@Rnb010 @BitcoinTAPlus @SatoshiiHeavy and myself.

Happy holidays everyone!
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20 Dec 18

Looks ready to go.

Volume picking up on low time frames.

OBV early break out.
Hopefully not a fakeout. I just got in with a 1% stop loss.

Out. Nice quick scalp there šŸ˜ƒ
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10 Dec 18
If in fact Ethereum/BTC ratio has bottomed. It would explain why BTC has been following ETH as of late. So, if ETH is the first to bottom.. I expect it to hold up a bit better compared to BTC when BTC bottoms. Which could lead some sort of rally with ETH breaking up first.
Why could this be a possible scenario?
ETH/BTC may be in accumulation. BTC drops, ETH drops too but holds up better than BTC. Then ETH goes to SOS and jumps the creek while BTC is in some accumulation and then BTC follows ETH after it breaks up out of accumulation zone.
This is conspiracy theory of course. But if ETH/BTC pair is in fact in accumulation range and breaks up out of it, that would be sign of new uptrend for ETH/BTC which would likely lead other majors to follow. Or maybe even just jump start an alt season while BTC accumulates.
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8 Dec 18
TRX is the first coin I've bought in a long time and haven't used a stop loss. It just looked too perfect earlier today.
10% of my sell orders left unfilled. Guess I'm a new HODLer to the Tron community. šŸ˜‚
Didn't panic sell and it's back above entry price now.
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27 Nov 18

Top Goon X signals are stronger on the second or third warning.

Divergences in the bottom zone and divergences in the top zone are likely to signify a trend change.

Currently shows BCHSV in a downtrend.

Remember we had a TREND CHANGE signal at the top.

I hope no one bought into this after seeing my earlier post.

We were in an uptrend, trend change means we're now in a downtrend.

Don't buy in a downtrend.


Dead cat bounce?
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26 Nov 18

Not much history for 'Top Goon X' to work off of on this chart.

Still shows two really good buy ins once the indicator picks up.

Close to topping out but it may have a bit of push left in it.

Too risky to buy in now imo

Up 2000 sats from earlier post.

Still likely has some push left.

Needs to close above this level on the 2H otherwise we will have a sell signal.

Top Goon X gives us our first warning of a sell on the 1H. Not confirmation yet. But worth being cautious at these levels.
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25 Nov 18

This is how I like to scalp.

Identify zones. Buy break/retest of zone.

Sell at next zone up.

Quick in and out.

Updated scalp levels

Still playing inside the range.
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2 Nov 18

R:R thread.
Profitable traders are PATIENT.
If I'm watching a trade I'm almost always expecting it to dip a small bit further from my desired entry.
Only 1 person catches the exact bottom. It's never going to be you.
Find an entry where your R:R is satisfactory to increase your success.
Before I enter a trade am I thinking:

"I Don't want to miss out on 15% in profits."

Or are am I thinking:

"I don't want to lose 15% of my capital."

Am I comfortable losing 15% of my capital on a trade?

Can I be patient and wait for a set up to only risk 3-5% of my capital?
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14 Sep 18


Still stuck in this range.

Tried to break out but rejected right at the top.

The longer it's stuck in this zone the more likely it will test the bottom.

Standard S/R flip.
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