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9 Aug 19
@Huawei at #HDC2019 announced its foray into its own OS platform built ground-up called Harmony OS (HongMeng in Chinese)

1/ Harmony OS is microkernel based and cross-device which makes it promising and similar to what Google is trying with Fuchsia OS.
@Huawei @james_a3 @CounterPointTR @Tarunpathak @mobilekang @MobilePeter @HuaweiMobile @HuaweiMobileUK @HuaweiIndia @HiHonorIndia 2/ The initial OS framework runs on Linus/Unix kernel underneath but will replace it with its own microkernel

Huawei has its own compiler - Huawei Ark supports C/C++/Java/JS/Kotlin and other languages making it scalable
@Huawei @james_a3 @CounterPointTR @Tarunpathak @mobilekang @MobilePeter @HuaweiMobile @HuaweiMobileUK @HuaweiIndia @HiHonorIndia 3/ Huawei has its own IDE for developers to develop once & deploy across different devices - IoT, smartphones, Tablets, PCs, HUDs, AR/VR in future.

The distributed bus architecture makes this possible and compatibility with different apps - HTML5, Android, Linux and so forth
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3 Jan 19
Not surprising re: Apple slowdown:

1/ China smartphone market slowed down Oct-Dec, but this is small part of issue. New iPhone Xs series from design standpoint is commonplace vs competition & super expensive with base iPhone Xs 64GB starts at ~US$1250…
2/ China smartphone market demand is expected to decline `9-11% but Apple iPhones is poised to decline 15-17% YoY in 2018, hence its market share will slip in 2018.

This highlights bigger problem for Apple as China is the second largest iPhone market for Apple.
3/ Chinese brands are are out-competing/out-marketing Apple on design, mobile-first innovations & value prop which is being recognized by brand-conscious Chinese consumers.

The current iPhones are great for older gen iPhone users but not enuf to attract mature non-iPhone users.
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9 Nov 18
@Qualcomm sent across the best & clever invite ever for upcoming #SnapdragonSummit in Maui.

A XR video invite in @oculus Go Standalone VR obviously powered by Snapdragon 821.

Some indication on some powerful XR features coming to Snapdragon? 🧐

Look forward to the launch!!
Hello Maui!

Look forward to the 2nd Edition of #SnapdragonSummit
The peak arrival time for #SnapdragonSummit. Most Indian, Chinese and US media here waiting for ride to Wailea
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2 Oct 18
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12 Sep 18
@tim_cook on stage at #AppleEvent

500 million visitors come to Apple stores every year.
Nearing 2 Billion iOS Devices shipment milestone
Apple Watch is "intelligent guardian for your health"

Apple Watch Series 4

⌚️Stunningly beautiful
⌚️35% larger Display
⌚️Thus needs a complete UI redesign (Devs sigh!)
⌚️Great custom complications on watch face

Wont be surprised if Apple Watch will attract many Android users to actually adopt iPhones :)
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