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Jan 28, 2021 22 tweets 18 min read
@realmemobiles was the fastest-growing (+65% YoY) smartphone brand globally in 2020 and the one to watch out for.

India & Europe bright spots for Realme.

The rise of @realme and @oneplus indirectly help OPPO with global R&D scale & corporate growth!… Image The world's second-largest smartphone market India crossed 150 million shipments in 2020.

✓ Xiaomi recaptured the top spot in Q420 (+13% YoY)
✓ Samsung slipped to 2nd spot but grew +30% YoY
✓ vivo was the top offline player in 2020 & 3rd largest brand… Image
May 19, 2020 29 tweets 24 min read
Hello e-Shenzhen!

This Huawei Analyst Summit is going to be interesting.

On one end @Huawei will be educating the world on its latest/greatest tech for 2020 and beyond and

on the other end US looks to disrupt the party and destroy the company in 2020 and beyond.

#HAS2020 Image @Huawei had solid 2019 for its smartphone business despite sanctions, thanks to growing domestic support and sales activity.

However, a small typo in the slide - The CBG Revenue climbed to US$467.3 Billion

//Should be CNY not US$ // Image
Aug 9, 2019 10 tweets 23 min read
@Huawei at #HDC2019 announced its foray into its own OS platform built ground-up called Harmony OS (HongMeng in Chinese)

1/ Harmony OS is microkernel based and cross-device which makes it promising and similar to what Google is trying with Fuchsia OS. @Huawei @james_a3 @CounterPointTR @Tarunpathak @mobilekang @MobilePeter @HuaweiMobile @HuaweiMobileUK @HuaweiIndia @HiHonorIndia 2/ The initial OS framework runs on Linus/Unix kernel underneath but will replace it with its own microkernel

Huawei has its own compiler - Huawei Ark supports C/C++/Java/JS/Kotlin and other languages making it scalable
Jan 3, 2019 11 tweets 3 min read
Not surprising re: Apple slowdown:

1/ China smartphone market slowed down Oct-Dec, but this is small part of issue. New iPhone Xs series from design standpoint is commonplace vs competition & super expensive with base iPhone Xs 64GB starts at ~US$1250… 2/ China smartphone market demand is expected to decline `9-11% but Apple iPhones is poised to decline 15-17% YoY in 2018, hence its market share will slip in 2018.

This highlights bigger problem for Apple as China is the second largest iPhone market for Apple.
Nov 9, 2018 86 tweets 81 min read
@Qualcomm sent across the best & clever invite ever for upcoming #SnapdragonSummit in Maui.

A XR video invite in @oculus Go Standalone VR obviously powered by Snapdragon 821.

Some indication on some powerful XR features coming to Snapdragon? 🧐

Look forward to the launch!! Hello Maui!

Look forward to the 2nd Edition of #SnapdragonSummit
Sep 12, 2018 33 tweets 19 min read
@tim_cook on stage at #AppleEvent

500 million visitors come to Apple stores every year.
Nearing 2 Billion iOS Devices shipment milestone Apple Watch is "intelligent guardian for your health"