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Feb 28, 2022 9 tweets 3 min read
For almost 20 years, the world's most powerful militaries (also some of the biggest carbon polluters) have been pushing a narrative that climate change will need a security response. Today's #IPCCReport shows the opposite is needed 🧵 The US, UK, Australia, EU and others argue that climate change will lead to increased conflicts and migration and instability that require military readiness. Unfortunately many have bought into this rhetoric but the IPCC shows this is not confirmed by the evidence New York Times Headline: Climate Change poses a widening thr
Oct 12, 2021 11 tweets 7 min read
1) Why are politicians, businesses and even civil society groups talking about climate change as a security issue in the run up to #COP26? I wrote this primer after 10 years of collaborative research and identify five key concerns with #climatesecurity… 2) On one level, talking about climate security makes sense. We all want security, after all. The security of a job, a home, good health, safe streets and yes a safe climate too.
Jan 28, 2021 13 tweets 5 min read
Among the announcements on Biden's #ClimateDay is a prominent commitment to consider climate change "as a national security issue" as @SecDef below asserts. But is that a good thing? It's certainly not a surprise. It was a major focus for Obama too. In fact just before he finished office, he instructed every federal department to consider climate change through the lens of climate security. Trump ended this immediately.…