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Ryan Call, ex head of Colorado GOP.
Accused of stealing $280,000 from Rebuilding America Now PAC.
Now disbarred.
Hey @TheRepLawyer is Ryan Call still a member in good standing?
Don’t worry, the internet is forever.…
Relevant article from June 2021.…
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Otaiba and Kushner were introduced to one another by none other than…#FuckingTomBarrack
Are you seeing things in a new light yet?

Sept 2020:

Ambassador Yousef Al Otaiba, the man behind the UAE-Israel deal…
Wait but is it like all…..
or something?
(Friendly reminder that BROIDY was all up in that 1MDB shit.)…
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In other news, shame on all the “finance journalists” who gave Tom Barrack free air time well after it was clear he was being investigated for felonies.
Shame on you
@ErikSchatzker for giving this prick free publicity nearly a year after @RepCummings made clear #FuckingTomBarrack was doing shady nuclear deals in the Middle East. #ReadTheCummingsReport
Shame on you
@LamoneyTom for giving #FuckingTomBarrack free publicity well after his shadiness was revealed by @RepCummings. Did you not #ReadTheCummingsReport?
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Gross. Ron Burkle bought gross Neverland ranch from gross Tom Barrack.
Michael Jackson's Neverland Ranch sold for knockdown price… via @Yahoo
I wonder if trump will pardon Tom Barrack for the inauguration fund laundering/theft shenanigans.
Whoopsie doodles.
Three weeks ago.
P.S. listen to @MollyJongFast’s interview of Stephanie Winston Wolkoff on @NewAbnormalPod, some nice lil snippets about the inauguration fund in the interview.
P.P.S. That’s Winston as in, yes, Harry Winston.…
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wait but why does tRUmp hate @RepCummings so much?
It's not because @RepCummings is African American, or because he reps Baltimore.
It's because @RepCummings is both of those things AND because @RepCummings is laying tRUmp's corruption bare.…
@RepCummings Apollo. Blackstone.
vultures, all of them.
Brookfield? connects to the Bronfman family. As in, the NXIVM sex slave cult-connected Bronfman family.
@RepCummings "no. way."
yes way
article from 2017…
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Current False Narrative: "Robert Mueller wuz a fail-yur."
Reality: a shit-ton of cases not mentioned in Mueller report were likely spun out of the Special Counsel's office because they weren't within OSC's narrow mandate.
Here's a lil listy-list. Tom Barrack is #8 in my list.
Note how George Nader got immunity from OSC for the conspiracy of treason he was involved in, when he cooperated with the OSC, but he is in jail as we speak, because he's a fucking pedophile and the immunity deal did not extend to BEING A PEDOPHILE, evidence of which was
... uncovered when he was being investigated because of his involvement in said treason conspiracy.
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This weekend, LOT of people who did not register under the Foreign Agents Registration Act are gonna be preparing their "A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The FARA" excuses to bring to DoJ.
Shall we poke some of them with unicorn horns?
People who filed lobbying disclosures for SBERBANK but did not file FARA. SBERBANK is 1/2 owned by the RUSSIAN MAFIA STATE.
Enjoy your weekends,
Madison Group, @PodestaGroup, @VenableLLP, & S.G.R. LLC.
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In honor of @SenJohnMcCain, today I'm going to write about the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) and its ties to the MOB.
wait wut?
John McCain was a champion FOR boxers.…
As a champion of boxers, not just the sport of boxing, McCain fought for financial transparency from promoters- this was TO PROTECT BOXERS.…
In 2016, @RepMullin, a former MMA fighter, introduced a bill to expand the Muhammad Ali Boxing Reform Act from 2000 to Mixed Martial Arts.
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Tom Barrack has been friends with Paul Manafort for 30+ years.
Tom Barrack loves him some Donald Trump.
Tom Barrack's plane took an interesting trip around the RNC.
Tom Barrack sold a Costa Smeralda resort to an emir of Qatar.
Tom Barrack got out of the property market in 2005-then bought a SWATH of properties after the housing market crisis.
Tom Barrack ran the inauguration fund.
Tom Barrack was being investigated for $190M tax fraud in Italy.
Tom Barrack is BFF's with Robe Lowe.
Tom Barrack bought Miramax (Weinstein).
Tom Barrack loves yachts.
Tom Barrack read Twilight "alone" on a yacht in Turkey-then raved about it-I can't help but wonder-was it a rape yacht run by Mashkevich and Tefvik Arif?
Tom Barrack loves him some CHYNA…
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I know a Bible that will be very happy to learn Tom Barrack’s Barrel has finally been brought forth!
Cc: @LincolnsBible
I do have to thank Tom Barrack for one thing: it is because of his MOBBED up ass that I met my hero: @LincolnsBible
Here’s our #meetcute story:
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