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A fiercely passionate believer in the public good of nations, serving before leading. Validated by God and my Dad who taught me to never dignify nonsense.
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29 May
@funmioyatogun My dear Funmi, your tweet wrenched my heart because I do follow your exceptional hardworking trail on this Street.
1. Would you like to learn more about a non-partisan initiative @fixpoliticsnig for structural change of our Political Culture and its perennial dismal outcomes?
@funmioyatogun @fixpoliticsnig A minimum threshold of effective Public Governance that enables Citizens and Business is central to all prosperous societies. We’ve lacked that. The root is “a political culture that subordinates Collective Interest to Private Gain”. We must #FixPolitics for Good Governance.
@funmioyatogun @fixpoliticsnig The initiative @fixpoliticsnig came out of my research as a Richard von Weizacker Fellow @BoschAcademy .
Here are snippets of a conference held in Lagos on the interim findings.
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17 May
And herein do I exercise myself, to have always a conscience void of offence toward God, and toward men. Acts24v16

I have an amazing life.😁

Two consecutive administrations and their numerous allies ever finding a common ground against one woman because she demands Public Accountability from those that govern.

Couldn’t wish for a more Purposeful Life!

Will never stop praising God for this!
There shall come a time in this Land, when many more Citizens will rise up and stare down at those that poorly govern our country.

When that time comes, all we bear today would be so well-worth it, because no society can have Good Governance without “paying a price for Liberty”.
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17 May
Oh Lord, my God, Jesus
I'll speak of Your Glory,
I’ll show forth Your beauty
If I dance it won't be enough,
And If I shout it won't be enough
I'll speak of Your Glory,
I’ll show forth Your beauty
If I dance it won't be enough,
And If I shout it won't be enough.
For you are the great and mighty King
You rule in every nation
Oh praise this Holy God,
You are worthy to be praised
You are Alpha and Omega, I worship you today
In you I put my trust, Your name I will extol.

Heaven speaks of your glory
And the earth of your beauty
Your love is new every morning
And your faithfulness is ever sure
I say Heaven speaks of your glory
And the earth of your beauty
Your love is new every morning
And your faithfulness is ever sure.
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16 May
The fastest route to the destruction of the social fabric of Nigeria is the Culture of Impunity.

What is Impunity?
It is the “exemption from punishment or freedom from the injurious consequences of an action.”

Imagine then how horrible it is for such thing to become a Culture.
Anything that attains the height of a Culture for any society of people never happens overnight. It takes a gradual condoning of a word, thought, mindset, behavior and such like, by first a few who with the leverage of influence pull in others to their side and Culture happens.
Name every crime or misdemeanor that has become the Norm and gained “wide acceptance” in Nigeria and we can tell for a Fact that it did not just suddenly attain that status. It happened initially once, was ignored, a few others joined and did it, ignored and many others repeated.
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12 May
It is crucial to know your area of comparative advantage. Many think this basic economics concept is passé but that not true at all.
It is at the heart of the differences in competitiveness and productivity of countries.
Imagine me collecting a form for Miss World Competition!
As our world will gradually ease into a Post-CoronaVirus phase when countries reposition their economies, the African countries that will take-off faster and create new opportunities are the ones whose Political Leaders and Policymakers understand Comparative Advantage. /2
As it is with countries, so it is at the individual level. Learn to play to your area of strength, young ones. That’s was comparative advantage helps you do.
Know for a fact that I will never pick a form for any Beauty Contest but there are areas of comparative strength for me./3
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10 May
Power in the hands of persons without self-discipline in the absence of social accountability creates monsters in any society.

Lord Acton will forever be right.
Absolute power corrupts absolutely.
I have seen enough flagrant abuse of power among our political class to know that both they and citizens are still enamored of the unaccountable governance style of the inglorious military era.

Such arrogance of power against citizens because of delegated temporary ‘title’.
Democratic ethos, values, principles and nuances totally forbid the kind of action Governor Wike of Rivers took in demolishing a hotel no matter whatever “Executive Order” he travels signed.
His action breeds anarchy in society and is condemnable.
There is the morning after.
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10 Apr
I came on @Twitter eleven years ago in April of 2009.

In all its Good, Bad and Ugly moments, one thing stands out for me: I love that many more citizens use their Voice.

If you are one of the 1 Million people that follow this handle, I hope we continue learning together.🙏🏾
Thanks @ChineEzeks for making me join @Twitter to be able to engage my passion of teaching Public Policy . You gave me the insight on hashtags and helped birth #PublicPolicy101.

The vision stays alive.

Daaalu! 🤴🏿❤️🤗🙏🏾
In my 11 years on here @Twitter , I have watched a good number of you grow into amazing leaders in civic society, business and government. I have watched you excel get married and become parents. Watched you innovate solutions to advance humanity.

Today, I celebrate you folks.
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20 Mar
Fellow Citizens,

Nigeria is at War but the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, @NGRPresident @MBuhari is Missing In Action.

Nigeria is at War against a rapidly escalating Pandemic #CoronaVirus and a rapidly distressed and declining Economy .

Where is President Buhari??
It is grossly irresponsible of @NGRPresident @MBuhari to hide away from addressing his Citizens at a time like this.

It is grossly incompetent of the President that he moves around “Majoring in the Minors” while his Citizens are panicked about severe Health and Economic Crises.
As a Citizen of this country, I demand the National Assembly @nassnigeria @NGRSenate and @HouseNGR to immediately invite the Nigerian @NGRPresident @MBuhari to render account and plans of his stewardship on the Pandemic and Economic Wars the country is thrown into.
Do this NOW.
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13 Mar
The choice of a spouse is one of Life’s toughest decisions.

Who you choose to marry can either make or mar your future.

Don’t take it lightly.
As a mom of three sons, I not only pray for them to make the right choices of partners, but also earnestly praying for my would-be Daughters-in-Love to choose wisely.

When a couple choose each other well, they will love, cherish and build a purposeful future together.
No matter how much a couple love themselves, there will be times of turbulence on their Journey of Life.

It is a given. The odds will sometimes be stacked against everything you both imagined.

Guess what keeps you holding together?

The knowledge that you chose wisely.
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9 Mar
I am quite surprised to see the reaction around here to the slump in oil price.

It was inevitable from the moment China — the world’s 2nd largest economy & 2nd largest consumer of oil in the world at more than 14%— was bugged down by #Covid19.

I am surprised @ our Surprise.
Last week, after reading the news of a #COVID19nigeria Break by the @nassnigeria , I wondered if before thinking of themselves, our lawmakers in the @NGRSenate & @HouseNGR asked the Executive @NigeriaGov to present them with economic impact of the global health crisis. Well...
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3 Mar
We are 2 decades into the 21st Century of disruptive technologies.
Countries are seriously harnessing the best minds to position well for the 4th & 5th Industrial Revolutions.

Cross River State overlooks an eminently competent woman as Chief Justice, because?
The irony in the Justice Ikpeme matter is that the Governor of Cross River State is a man with the title of Professor to his name.

Imagine how those fellows in the State’s House of Assembly failed to connect-the-dots in their gender-bias against an eminently qualified woman.
We the citizens are not yet ready.
When we are, we would stop these crass politicians who are determined to always drop public institutions to the lowest common denominator because of silly considerations.

Justice Ikpeme is a winner.
Cross River State lost. Yes, it lost big.
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3 Mar
Mcheeew. How convenient, @NGRSenate & @HouseNGR .
Funny bunch of selfish political class never thinking of the electorate but always only about themselves with their wasteful N128Billion Budget.
Have you even asked the Executive to present the economic impact of #COVID19 ?
The perennial rascality of our political class will never stop until the citizens in countries across our continent stop enabling these entitled bunch of low productivity leaders.
None in that @nassnigeria @NGRSenate @HouseNGR could raise a storm on this decision? None? Silly.
Leaders are the genre of human beings who think less of preserving themselves when crises erupt.

These very annoying bunch @nassnigeria do not fit that definition because it is always their own good life that trumps any wise judgement for collective good of country. Nonsense.
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28 Feb
1. #CoronaVirusUpdates . The tendency is to panic but please don’t. Calm
Take all the preventative measures and educate your families, churches, mosques and workplaces if not already done.
The head of @WHO maintains that the fight can be won “if we do the right things”. 🙏🏾
Follow @NCDCgov which is our own NIGERIA Center for Diseases Control to get verified information.
The Head, Dr @Chikwe_I and his team have a strong record of being very effective.
Please don’t spread unverified information and broadcasts that create panic. It worsens things.
#CoronerVirusUpdates 3. Observe these measures and educate people around you to do same.
Follow @NCDCgov @Fmohnigeria @WHO for updates on Nigeria’s verified information. Please don’t panic. Just do best to observe the right measures .

Our Health System must fully activate.
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27 Jan
The dizzying spate of “Anti-Poor Policies” by Government of Lagos @followlasg is quite worrying.

What’s going on?

You don’t tackle poverty by hiding away your Poor.

You confront Poverty by targeting your Poor with Policies and Investments that raise their Productivity. Stop!
Displacing the poor in the violent manner seen in #OtodoGbame and lately #TarkwaBay is blatantly terrible Policy.

What Lagos needs is Slum Upgrade, not Gentrification in which the poor gets evicted for the benefit of the wealthy.
This wrong Policy tool is becoming too rampant.
Even if the economics of land use in Urban Development argues in favor of high-end occupiers, the fact that your low-income citizens already occupy it means you need a very deliberative process for moving them with packages of incentives. Key one is to produce Affordable Housing.
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6 Dec 19
President @MBuhari , the whole world is watching the video of officials of the State Security Service which you directly supervise, brutally violate the constitutional rights of a citizen @YeleSowore inside a court and desecrated our Judiciary- an independent arm of government.
Let it also be known by @MBuhari that the cruel, unreasonable, or arbitrary use of the power he wields today as @NGRPresident is alien to our Nigerian Constitution and International Law.

I advise the President to cease this descent to fascism immediately and #RespectCourtOrder.
It is in the interest of @MBuhari that @YeleSowore comes to no form of bodily, mental or emotional harm.

As the supervisor of the State Security Service, I demand that the President instructs the DG to immediately comply with the court order . Release Sowore immediately.
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20 Oct 19
In Christ alone my hope is found;
He is my light, my strength, my song;
This cornerstone, this solid ground,
Firm through the fiercest drought and storm.

What heights of love, what depths of peace,
When fears are stilled, when strivings cease!
My comforter, my all in all—
Here in the love of Christ I stand.

In Christ alone, Who took on flesh,
Fullness of God in helpless babe!
This gift of love and righteousness,
Scorned by the ones He came to save
Till on that cross as Jesus died,
The wrath of God was satisfied;
For ev’ry sin on Him was laid—
Here in the death of Christ I live.
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17 Oct 19
Times you construct a tweet and then take a close look at the Quality of Thought of the fellow that’s about to draw a response from you & you sensibly say, “Naaa. Not today. Not ever”.
That some also have a Twitter handle must not entitle them to a place in your space. Ignore.
I started off here mostly engaging to enlighten or disciple those whose habit was to revel in Ignorance, Falsehood, Slander and Malicious assault.
Not worth it at all.
Take it in as part of the Cost of Owning and Using your Voice for the things that matter to you. So, ignore.
Never allow anyone no matter the quantum of Bile they spread, ever assume the power to determine what you choose to do with your Voice.

I am in awe of all the young woman on this Street who do their Best to Add Value to our society by using their Voice.

Don’t ever stop. Don’t.
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17 Oct 19
There’s no escaping the consequences of #PoorGovernance no matter what any of us as Citizens choose to do.
My heart has been grieving the utterly preventable tragedy of the #OnitshaFire and how families have lost lives and livelihood just because the Basics were not available.
How can an old City like Onitsha with a history of fire outbreaks not have a Basic Emergency and Disaster Response System?
How woeful it is that episodes like this occur over and over again and all we do is feel sad for a few days and move on leaving the Victims to their fate.
How was it that the government of @Gov_Obiano who himself had to cut short a visit to Abuja to return to Anambra after one of such incidents just some two years ago, did not invest in a well-equipped and highly professional State Fire Service?
Why was no lesson learned then?
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16 Oct 19
I read news report that the Chief Justice of Nigeria had a few days ago, once again said: “ There will be grave consequences for disobedience of court orders "

It the CJN award of the way that Justice T. Taiwo‘ Court Order for @YeleSowore was subverted by his Judiciary & FG?
That a citizen, @YeleSowore has been unconstitutionally detained by the @NGRPresident -supervised DSS since August 3 just for seeking to mobilize his fellow citizens against Bad Governance is a sad commentary on @MBuhari .
Worse however, is the complicity of the Judiciary. Tragic
Let me again thank @YeleSowore ‘s lawyers, led by #FemiFalana for continuing to find ways around securing Freedom for the activist citizen whose call for #RevolutionNow was his expression of Right to Demand for Good Governance.
You will succeed. Yele will get his Freedom. ✍🏾✍🏾
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16 Oct 19
From the very beginning of @BBOG_Nigeria , one Key Demand we made of @NigeriaGov was the decisive apprehension and conclusive prosecution of ANYONE involved in abduction of Nigerians. We wanted this for Deterrent effect.
Well, our Demand fell on deaf ears of our leaders.
The failure of successive Administrations to heed Citizens’ Demand for effective and predictable Punishment or Penalty for Bad Behavior is what created a thriving markets of Illegalities in our country.
That our Children are victims of this Governance Failure breaks the heart.
In the same way our Governmental systems and leaders failed our #ChibokGirls #DapchGirls #LeahSharibu so also this latest case of the 9 children kidnapped in Kano &taken to Anambra.
These ARE CRIMES. Crimes against our weak & vulnerable.
@NigeriaGov should stop failing them.
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13 Oct 19
You are here
Moving in our midst
I worship You
I worship You
You are here
Working in this place
I worship You
I worship You
You are here
Moving in our midst
I worship You
I worship You
You are here
Working in this place
I worship You
I worship You

Way Maker
Miracle Worker
Promise Keeper
My God
That is who You are
Way Maker
Miracle Worker
Promise Keeper
Light in the Darkness
My God
That is who You are.

You are here
Touching every heart
I worship You
I worship You
You are here
Healing every heart
I worship You
I worship You
You are here
Turning lives around
I worship You
I worship You
You are here
Mending every heart
I worship You
I worship You

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