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Mar 19, 2021 10 tweets 2 min read
Further thoughts on the #DreamAndPromise 🧵:

It's important to highlight that the criminalization bars and exclusions in the bill were placed there by Democrats, not Republicans.

Again, this was Democratic leadership that added further criminalization. One take away for me is that we still have much work to do with our communities to make the connections between criminalization and the deportation pipeline.
Mar 18, 2021 5 tweets 4 min read
Thread on #DreamAndPromise Act and #Criminalization🧵:

Despite efforts to improve the bill and eliminate the harmful criminalization bars that will exclude thousands of Black and brown youth, the bill remains the same. 48 Representatives supported an amendment to eliminate some of the criminalization bars. But it wasn’t enough. #NoMoreExclusions
Mar 5, 2021 13 tweets 3 min read
🧵On Dream and Promise Act:

This week HR6 was reintroduced in the House. If passed, the bill would provide a pathway to citizenship for DACA, TPS, and DED holders.

BUT the legislation also includes harsh "criminal bars" that would exclude many. The bill continues the framework of criminalization by using peoples juvenile record against them. This is the same bill of 2019. 

Here's an article from the Marshall Project: