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सब का साथ सब का विकास... अश्वं नैव गजं नैव व्याघ्रं नैव च | अजापुत्रं बलिं दधातु देवो दुर्बलघातक: || Be powerful to be respected💐
Apr 29, 2022 26 tweets 5 min read
Just a memory from the past. I know all of you are aware of this. Still in case you forget this is account of Direct Action Day we MUST never forget as Hindus. Be alwys ready and never get caught unawares.. Thanks to writer received on whatsapp I came across this interesting piece of modern history! Sharing for knowledge only.

Direct Action Day (Part 2)
Revenge of Hindus

This thread is the sequel of Direct Action Day. Those who have not read this thread. Pl read this thread first
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कायम हिरवीच राहणार्‍या एक अजून जखमेची Anniversary येते आहे. देशाचे नशीब थोर की सरकार बदलले नाहीतर आतापर्यंत पाकिस्तान ने काय काय केले असते भारतात मला कल्पना सुद्धा करवत नाही. पण 26/11 च्या हल्ल्याचे वैशिष्ट्य म्हणजे पाकिस्तान ने भारतीय लोकांची म्हणजे साक्षात सरकारची मदत/ घेऊन भारतावर हल्ला केला.. हो हा केवळ आतंकवादी हल्ला नाही तर भारतावर पुकारलेले युद्धच होते ज्याचा प्रतिकार करायची तेव्हाच्या सरकारची इच्छा नव्हती. हे सगळे कशासाठी केवळ आरएसएस आणि हिंदूंना बदनाम करण्यासाठी त्यांना आतंकवादी ठरण्यासाठी. इतका द्वेष, इतका राग का? केवळ एक बाई ला /
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Agree totally.. Stop this Anndata trash.. Make it and treat it like a business. Stop all subsidies make them pay for all kind of pollution they are doing. Why govt be forced to purchase grains which they don't need and which gets rotten and find their way to politicians' / Distilleries only. Due to this guaranteed MSP our traditional crops are dying as there are no takers. This is directly affecting soil quality as well as our health. All of us are NOT wheat eating population traditionally but are forced to eat now. This concept of MSP was ok/
Aug 4, 2021 14 tweets 3 min read
This is news in today's Midday.. I almost fell down from chair as I read this.. This news is just a symptom of the rot in our society in the name of privacy, freedom and parenting failure to say the least. Many points came to mind. Sharing in next tweets.. Let's discuss these🙏+ The girl is living WITH her parents.
The girl is only 16 year old not adult as yet..
Has boyfriend of 25 years..
Is sexually active enough to get pregnant.
She actually managed to HIDE her pregnancy from her mother for 9 months and got herself delivered in a second floor flat+
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महाराष्ट्रातील पुराचा सगळ्या विध्वंसाचा विचार मनातून जातच नाहिये. याच्या कारणांचा आणि long term solutions चा विचार व्हायलाच हवा. काय कारण आहे की इतकी मोठी नदी पंचगंगा, कृष्णा यांच्या पात्राची खोली 40 45 फूट आहे केवळ? खूप वर्षा पासुन यांची सफाई गाळ उपसणे बंद आहे का? / अवैध वाळू उपसा आणि हे पूर यांचा काही संबंध असेल का? कारण अवैध वाळू उपसा ही समस्या राज्यातील almost सगळ्याच नद्यांना भेडसावत आहे. हा वाळू माफिया राजकारण्यांच्या आशीर्वादानेच इतकी हिम्मत करतो की कुणी कारवाई करायला आले तर त्यावर सरळ jcb चढवली जाते. या अशा अनिर्बंध वाळू /
Feb 14, 2021 8 tweets 2 min read
Omg now please please don't blame me if I call these Canadian punjabis having their brains in their knees..
Farmers protest is climate change protest😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Please give me a brea
These pampered Punjab farmers
1. Take paddy crop when the climate and rain cycle doesn't allow 2. Use so much fertiliser and pesticides for their crops that it makes their literally poisonous for consumption. They themselves also don't consume the produce they grow. They have spoiled soil quality very badly, difficult to retrieve.
3. They are spoiled for free electricity
Jan 19, 2021 11 tweets 6 min read
So many years since 19th January 1990 but that black night still haunts us all. It is matter collective shame to us all Indian Hindus that fellow Hindus are forcibly evicted from their homes only due to their religion without any fault and we just stayed silent. We Didn't outrage, didn't take out enough morcha and forced govt at centre to take action against the Muslim radicals who raped our threatened kashmiri Hindus to leave back their properties, businesses and women and leave the valley permanently.
Dec 15, 2020 13 tweets 3 min read
This is something I am always worried about. Some points to be discussed upon is essential. Please do share your thoughts also on this. These are my opinions, you can always differ🙏
Major reason of C section are late marriages of girls. In pursuit of careers when ages surpasses/ Girls remain either unmarried or delay motherhood. This results in pelvic muscles getting hardened and not expand naturally during delivery, ultimately leading to doctors forced to do C sections.
Many girls are overweight before marriage it compounds the problems further /
Dec 3, 2020 4 tweets 1 min read
Every democratic right to protest is acceptable. But
*Mass gatherings in times of corona where max ppl are without masks.
If it was reason when Hindus were banned going to mandirs during festivals then why this is allowed today? *They are causing discomfort to common people by blocking roads.
For same reason शोभायात्रा देवी procession गणपती procession all was banned giving public health reason only. Now also we are having deadly third corona wave in Dehli.
Dec 3, 2020 5 tweets 1 min read
Got this on Facebook.. Very valid points to ponder upon
साधे गणित
सर्वात जास्त गहु कुठे पिकतो - पंजाब
सर्वात जास्त गहु कोण खरेदी करते - FCI
कोणाकडून - अर्थात मोठ्या अडत्या कडून
सर्वात मोठा अडती कोण -सुखविंदर एग्रो सुखविंदर एग्रो कोणाची- हरप्रीत बादल यांची.
सगळ्यात जास्त गहु कुठे सडतो- FCI गोडवून मधे.
सडलेला गहु कोठे कामाला येतो - दारू बनविण्यासाठी.
सडलेला गहु कोण विक्री करतो आणि तेही अत्यंत कमी क़ीमतीत- FCI
सर्वात जास्त दारू कुठे खपते-पंजाब
अन्न प्रक्रिया खाते नेहमी कोण घेते -हरप्रीत बादल
Dec 3, 2020 5 tweets 2 min read
I don't know whether she is dancing before marriage or after. As guruji and Pooja material is visible most probably before marriage. Isn't muhurat going awry by such acts? I am not against enjoying dancing in marriages at all hut timing has to be followed. We have also started / Having संगीत ceremony with mehndi like north India in marathi weddings. Nothing wrong in that. But we have our own serious rituals during marriage which have roots since vedic times. So better we follow them properly first and then do all the naach gana you wish to have. /
Dec 2, 2020 7 tweets 2 min read
We see Flex boards in every size all around us. Do we know how hazardous they are to environment? They are totally non ecofriendly material to be used around. So why none utters a word against banning them? Is it because it is convenient for pol parties to settle scores? / The ink used to print these is so dangerous for the people who are printing it. Its fumes can cause even cancer with continuous exposure.
The material used to print is not at all biodegradable. It remains like that for years to come. So these flex after their work become roofs /
Dec 2, 2020 6 tweets 2 min read
सगळ्यात हास्यास्पद वाक्य कोणते असेल तर ते हे.. Bollywood उत्तर प्रदेश मध्ये घेऊन जाणार 😂😂अरे ती काय पेटी आहे का उचलून न्यायाला? मूर्ख लोकांचे डोके तितकेच and तिथेच चालणार. असो..

सर्व राज्यांचे मुख्यमंत्री Corona मुळे झालेले नुकसान भरून काढायला आणि आपले राज्य भारतात no. 1/ कसे होईल या ध्यासाने झपाटून कामाला लागलेत. याचाच भाग म्हणुन योगीजी मुंबई ला येऊन चर्चा करत आहेत. एकदा आधी online चर्चा करून सुद्धा ते पुन्हा भेटायला आलेत यात त्याचं गांभीर्य दिसते आपले राज्य प्रगत करण्याचे, रोजगार सृजन करण्याचे. आता सुद्धा 80% हिन्दी चित्रपट मुंबई /
Sep 8, 2020 15 tweets 9 min read
प्रिय राघव जी @yapragun की प्रेरणा से कुछ विचार रखने की चेष्टा कर रही हूं. मैं पहले ही ये स्पष्ट कर दूँ कि मैं आधुनिकता के विरुद्ध बिल्कुल नहीं हूं. लेकिन मेरा ये मानना है कि जो अपनी जड़ों से दूर हो जाता है उसकी हालत डोर से कटी हुई पतंग की तरह हो जाती है . हाँ जो गलत है काल संगत नहीं है उन चीजों को बदलना जरूरी है.
मशहूर साहित्यकार #शिवानी की बेटी ईरा पांडे बताती हैं, " मेरे नाना के बगल का घर डेनियल पंत का था। जो की एक #ईसाई थे।
गलत ये नहीं उनका ईसाई होना, संस्कृति का फर्क़ है.
Sep 2, 2020 8 tweets 2 min read
We have this BigBasket warehouse near our house. They usually seem to be working on morning deliveries of the app.

Minimum 25 30 men between age group of 20 to 25 seem to be working there. Unloading the groceries from truck, then sorting them, pack according to order/n And loading that to autos or respective bikes, seggregating empty cartons and load them to separate truck which take them away.

Everything is done is a systematic way every day irrespective of rains, winds or other conditions.

They start at around 3.30 in morning/n
Sep 15, 2019 41 tweets 6 min read
पितृपक्षांच्या निमित्ताने एक थ्रेड! व्हाट्सएप वरून साभार प्राप्त! कुणी पितृपक्षांच्या परंपरेवर काही टोकले तर त्याच्या तोंडावर ही माहिती मारायला पुढे मागे बघू नका😄
श्राद्ध, पितृपक्ष ,पुनर्जन्म .. नेहेमीचे प्रश्न, FAQ आणि उत्तरे !! खास माहिती आणि विविध विषय असल्याने कृपया पूर्ण लेख वाचावा )
हिंदू धर्मातील विशेष करून ३ सणांबद्दल, समाज माध्यमांवर सर्वाधिक कुचेष्टापूर्ण मजकूर पाहायला मिळतो. वटपौर्णिमा, दिव्यांची अमावस्या ( गटारी म्हणून ) आणि पितृपक्ष !
Aug 15, 2019 4 tweets 2 min read
#MissionMangal watched Movie today..good one but some things wish to ask to @diR_Balki @akshaykumar as far as I remember there was no muslim member in mission mangalyan why did u deliberately put a muslim character n showed she is denied home in bengaluru just coz of her relig?/n Why are you trying to show majority hindus in poor light by mocking their poojas, their jyotish however subtle way it is done. Why u need to do this? What do you wish to prove? This is an insult to bengaluru citizens.
Second how much truth is there in the story that son of /3
Mar 6, 2019 5 tweets 1 min read
व्हाट्सअप्प से प्राप्त
भाजपा वाले किसी भी लड़ाई का सबूत नहीं दे पाते।
जबकि कांग्रेस हर लड़ाई का अमिट सबूत छोड़ती है।

1 - चीन से लड़ाई का सबूत ये है कि भारत का 50 हजार किलोमीटर हिस्सा चीन के पास है और हमें मानसरोबर, कैलाश पर्वत भी चीन से वीजा लेकर जाना /२ पड़ता है।

2 - पाकिस्तान से पहली लड़ाई का सबूत ये है कि आधा कश्मीर आज भी पाकिस्तान के पास है।

3 - पाकिस्तान से दूसरी लड़ाई में सेना ने तो लाहौर तक जीत लिया था लेकिन सत्ताधारियों ने समझौते की टेबिल पर लौटा दिया।

4 - पाकिस्तान से तीसरी लड़ाई का सबूत ये है कि भारतीय सेना /३
Jan 24, 2019 5 tweets 2 min read
So well said.. India's such large workforce is forced to stay at home because of family responsibilites including kids. It is not always money for which a woman should work. Her talent has to be utulized for betterment of society. Govt must ensure the healthy ecosystem for it /2 So what do we women of India need so that we look after families as well work to give justice to our talents?
1. Flexi hours of working
2. Facility of well developed technically sound creche in all working places so that mothers can feed their toddlers conveniently. /3
Aug 6, 2018 7 tweets 2 min read
Today is birthday of West Bengal!

Abnormal it may sound, but the fact remains that on this day of 1947, after much hardship Dr Shyama Prasad Mukherjee was able to influence the Bengal Legislature to include the Hindu part of Bengal within India!

Md Ali Jinnah very clearly /2 he will not settle for Bengal, if Calcutta is not given to Pakistan!

The entire Bengal & Assam were in the initial plan of demand for Pakistan! While our Communists found the demand for Pakistan very much justified, the Congress too was almost ready to gift West part of Bengal