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8 Aug
(@loonatheworld) LOONA Island concept zone

Items are only available for physical purchase/pickup at Lotte dept store young plaza between Aug 14 and 23

Event 1: For every 30000 KRW spent, get a random holo photocard (ex: 300000 KRW, 10 pcs)
Event 2: Prove you were there on SNS with the hashtags # 이달의소녀 # LOONA # LOONAISLAND # 소녀들이만난여름 and apply to get a signed hanging scroll poster (11 winners)
Event 3: Purchasing Orbit 2.0 members will be presented with 11 types of photostands
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16 Feb
Idol Radio playlist song recs from @loonatheworld (thread)

Go Won
Wonder Girls - This Fool

+ Her fav WG member at the time was Sunye.
@loonatheworld Hyunjin likes listening to groovy songs like this in the mornings
MAX - Acid Dreams
@loonatheworld You might find Choerry listening to this at 2AM, or on the way back home after a long day of practice.
Monogram - Dream Attic
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7 Feb
Press keeping up with @loonatheworld's latest iTunes achievements: yesterday (47) vs today (56)

[Thread] There's still more to do.
- Keep the Youtube streaming playlist open
- MCountdown: Vote for #LOONA
- Save Starplay votes
- Play #SoWhat on the Korean site Genie (even ifans)
Playlist for streaming #SoWhat and [#]:


It includes:
- Official MVs + M Countdown performance: these count for Korean music shows.
- Official [#] audio: these count towards Billboard.
#LOONA @loonatheworld included in <M Countdown> nominations, so send in your votes.

After voting, you can log in using other social media accounts.
10 votes/accounts per IP.
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7 Nov 19
[ENG] From the latest posts from Mufully, "Check in to Knock Knock Knock"
#Heejin #Hyunjin #Haseul #LOONA
[ENG] From the latest posts from Mufully, "Check in to Knock Knock Knock"
#Yeojin #Vivi #KimLip #LOONA
[ENG] From the latest posts from Mufully, "Check in to Knock Knock Knock"
#Jinsoul #Choerry #Yves #LOONA
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12 Jul 19
LOONA - Chatting with Orbits Event
9:20PM chat rooms thread
Hyeju has been having the same diet gimbap for the past 2 months,
She got new glasses
(lenses on stage, glasses at home)

Go Won has been trembling about this for the past 20 minutes, actually her hands are still shaking right now
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12 Jul 19
LOONA - Chatting with Orbits Event
8:40PM chat rooms thread
Orbit: Tell the director-nim to increase the font size TT
???: Yep
???: You're watching, right??
???: Director-nim ><
?: How have you been!!!:?!??!>!?!?

(Chuu and Yves are pretending to be each other I don't know who's who yet)
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12 Jul 19
LOONA - Chatting with Orbits Event
8PM chat rooms thread
If I missed anything for now, you can relax - we can go over all the chats later
There are full chat logs from today out there already
- This is Jinsoul
- I've been doing pilates and studying Japanese
Jinsoul: rather than completely black hair, she wants to try something appropriately dark
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12 Jul 19
LOONA - Chatting with Orbits
Haseul will help vivi in one chat room
Kim Lip is in the other one
Hyunjin: "i love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" (leaves chatroom)
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12 Jul 19
[THREAD] The first two members for the "Chatting with Orbits" event, is, of course, Heejin and Hyunjin
They are in separate chat rooms - two are going on at once.
Heejin: "This computer's so slow lolol"
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31 Mar 19
Brief "#" teaser observation recap 🔥🔍
Yeah, you can make a # with four plus signs
But you can do it with two as well
The two rotating x's collapse to form one #.

First this teaser didn't have the #LOONA moon intro, but it does say [Teaser] in the title
Butterflies: The 1st and 2nd butterfly drawings look about the same

The 3rd and 4th butterfly drawings look about the same to one another, but are different from the 1st and 2nd
++ over Go Won as she takes off her jacket
xx on Go Won afterwards
++ with a butterfly? Interesting - in a now-empty street from Butterfly where one of the LOONAs ran through (or was it before?)
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26 Mar 19
[1/🤪] #이혹세
How I spooked myself again while snooping around loonatheworld.com
(don't ask why :)

Yves/Chuu page titles changed:

ㅇㄷㅇㅅㄴ - Yves 👉 ㅇㄷㅇㅅㄴ - bxqjmuxpt
ㅇㄷㅇㅅㄴ - Chuu 👉 ㅇㄷㅇㅅㄴ - shiulkl

(Other pages look same, even post-favOriTe m6 "Judix")
- Not a repost: Virtually no hits on Google
- Wayback Machine: over 63 captures of Chuu's page, the archive hadn't captured title gibberish like this until 190125.

See for yourself:
vs web.archive.org/web/2019012517…
Okay, so the changes on Yves/Chuu's pages occurred between 1/16~1/25.
I wondered if anything relevant occurred between those dates.

What about [Teaser] XIIIX (feat 🐺)?
It came with the 2019 super blood moon / lunar eclipse, remember?

.. Alexa, define "apophenia"
um anyways...
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24 Feb 19
On BBC seeking to be more aggressive in 2019. They note 4 places that've shown interest in LOONA 👀 🇺🇸🇧🇷🇫🇷🇯🇵
> LOONA is in no shortage of love calls from abroad. BBC told StarNews, "USA, South America, Europe, Japan, and other regions have shown much interest in LOONA."
> Blockberry Creative said, "In terms of fandom, the U.S. is the largest, and one of LOONA's units, Odd Eye Circle, has received calls from Brazil." In addition,
> "France and other places have shown high interest in kpop and Korean culture, and the expressed interest in LOONA there hasn't been small either. In Japan, we are currently discussing details of contracts with officials for local activities."
src: m.entertain.naver.com/read?oid=108&a…
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17 Feb 19
10 minutes 'til #LOONAVERSE Day 2 #LOONA #X_X here's a stream mixlr.com/hagsooyoung/
Digipedi seen onsite
Jaden Jeong spotted back of C1 (he was seen yesterday too)
X X intro into Satellite again (we're 1/1!)- BTW I won't post much today if nothing is different, maybe only a little bit of talking in between if I find something particularly interesting.
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16 Feb 19
here's the audio only stream mixlr.com/bluehyejoo/ for #LOONAVERSE #LOONAVERSE_CONCERT #LOONA #X_X
starting in 10 minutes
I don't expect there to be much to translate, I'll mostly be freaking out just like everyone else, but if I catch something I'll tweet it in this thread
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5 Feb 19
src m.entertain.naver.com/read?oid=108&a…
LOONA debuted on 08/2018. Their debut album had good results, selling 50k+ and hitting #4 US Billboard World Charts.
However, in comparison to other debuts from GIDLE and IZONE's explosion, LOONA's debut didn't get as much recognition.
Hyunjin: We're still satisfied. We got #2 on a music show on our debut release, after all. Actually, I think we got more love than we expected. I was happy that we could receive better results than we expected, too.
In particular, with all the international recognition, I sometimes wonder "is this even real?"
It's fascinating, because we haven't shown that much yet, but everyone is recognizing us for our potential which makes me proud. It makes me want to practice harder to be on top.
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5 Feb 19
Song recs from #LOONA to kick off the lunar new year
src m.entertain.naver.com/read?oid=108&a…
#Jinsoul: Our bright title song Hi High is good, but want to suggest our B-side, Heat, to stay warm in the new year.
#GoWon: SNSD - PARTY to get excited, like on the drive to meet your family.
#Hyunjin: There's this song called Baby shark. Driving while tired is dangerous, so listening to a cute song like this isn't a bad idea.
#KimLip: BTOB - Beep Beep; the drive to your parents' place will probably have traffic, so please drive carefully.
#Chuu: Turtles - Bingo; the early mornings are dark and it's easy to get sick, so you need to feel better!
#Heejin: my solo song ViViD. It's an exciting song. And after that, how about listening to all 12 solos, and then all the songs on our full group's album?
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8 Jan 19
This is just the beginning!!
In the meantime, Orbits are asking BBC for an official statement because BBC makes it clear not to use LOONA for 3rd party promotions/products/sales/etc.
A loose, unorganized list of events re: this "restaurant", its owner, and LOONA
- I merely find all this to be very amusing and funny at points, nothing more
- I'm not anti-christian in the slightest (why I choose to disclaim this will become evident)
In this IG post the shop confirms that he graduated from the same high school as lip/chuu, before they did. Supporting! Fair play, nothing noteworthy. A tad cringy, but whatever.
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25 Nov 18
Haseul: Thanks for keeping your promise not to take pictures until phototime, guys. Let's have a phototime now!
LOONA: You know, what's a month from today?
(You know what that means right?)
"THE CAROL" !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! With everyone!?
(The Carol 1.0 )
sounds more like The Carol 2.0
Crowd: 1 more song! 1 more song!
Haseul: 1 more..?........... everyone, get in a huddle. lower your mics.
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25 Nov 18
Haseul: let's go over all the units and ask how their studios were.
Vivi: this concert type was so different, it was such a good time. I wish we could have more like these. [...]
Choerry: Been such a while since we did a concert as OEC! [...]
yyxy: so much scratching in audio i couldn't make out words
Haseul: yeojin didn't talk! Yeojin?
Yeojin: It was my first time doing something like this, so I didn't know what would make the fans most happy[...]
Reading fanletters now
First letter is read by "kittykat-Hyunjin!"
The contents are about "some" maknae member's extremely short height ;) "[...] why can't I grow taller?"
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25 Nov 18
Baton pass from @caskerbox's yyxy Hz thread threadreaderapp.com/thread/1066554…

<LOONA Studio - LOONA Hertz> starts in 5min! This is the thread, here's the audio stream: mixlr.com/babyuwulf/

P.S. Help a poor Orbit out and donate😄
BUT I only accept #MAMAVOTE's: mama.mwave.me/en/vote
Songs played as BGM while audience is getting seated: assortment of [++] tracks; Perfect Love, favOriTe, Hi High
The staff are reminding people that they will see all on-camera data deleted if they get caught recording / you will be kicked out... Scary!
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24 Nov 18
LOONA STUDIO Yeojin+SECRET Hertz starts in 1 minute
This is the ENG real-time update thread
Audio stream: mixlr.com/babyuwulf/
"...Did you guys dream of us?
...This is LOONA Studio with Choerry, Chuu, and Yeojin."

We kick things off with MY MELODY with the 3 of them

(This unit is such a shock, I know!! ;)
"No one could tell who they were since they were blurred!"
Yeojin: "If you just look at our outfits, they're like the ones from My Melody. I really wanted to show this to you guys live. It's a very precious song to me."
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