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[LIVE] with #LOONA Haseul: Good night with Joaha-D
@loonatheworld Hello~ how's my thumbnail? Once people start entering I'll tell you about it.
@loonatheworld People thought I wouldn't be able to turn it on, but I made sure... I even covered the camera just in case.
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Young Go Won was particularly introverted...
@loonatheworld With the thumbnail, I saw the other members use baby photos. So I also joined in on this trend.
@loonatheworld So I used this baby picture. The person who made this thumbnail wasss... Ha Sooyoung unnie!
I asked her "could you make a thumbnail for me just once? And she made it."

What's the sound still? I turned off the A/C already. Okay then I'll move. Why's it like that?
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[LIVE] #LOONA Vivi: "Orbit TTTTTT"

"Daebak it finally turned on..!"
@loonatheworld You were waiting right? You can hear me right? Emotional tears... You're all coming in right? Sorry for being late!

Actually I was waiting this time with the title and image set, and waiting on vlive. And at :59... I pressed start, but it didn't work!
@loonatheworld So I was wondering why it didn't work, tried logging out, logging in, changed devices.. It didn't work! But the staff helped me figure out how to turn it on. What a relief.
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[LIVE] #LOONA VLIVE with Olivia Hye

"Orbit you can't sleep"
@loonatheworld Olivia Hye: How long have you been listening to vlives now?
Tiring huh?
@loonatheworld You're happy? You like it? that's a relief.
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[LIVE] w/ #LOONA Yves:
"v Yveslive v"

"For two minutes I tried so many times but it kept failing! It would go 3, 2, 1, but it wouldn't count down!"
@loonatheworld I wondered if it was slow to count. I thought I'd get in trouble from the fanmanger or something. So I restarted vlive real quick. Maybe it's because it's my first time doing this.

I've been waiting since 6:40 for this. How's the audio? Is it too quiet? I'll raise the volume.
@loonatheworld She remembers greets orbits:
I'm Yves, I'm 25, and I'm in quarantine. So I'm here on a voice-only vlive today. What are you doing right now Orbits?
(She lowers the music volume)
Oh you're having chuucken maru? I have to try that soon.
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[LIVE] #LOONA (w/ Hyunjin): "Nightfall radio๐ŸŒš" ImageImage
@loonatheworld She's currently lightly singing Fairy Tale (acoustic instrumental)

Yes, everyone, are you coming in? Today, yes, I'm the DJ for today, Hyunjin. Nice to meet you!
@loonatheworld I intentionally had a soft song on earlier. I debated a while on the title. I looked out the window and the sky as night was falling was so pretty! That's how I set the title. Have you been doing well?
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[LIVE] Chuu: Let's do what Orbits want ๐Ÿฅฐ
#LOONA #์ด๋‹ฌ์˜์†Œ๋…€ ImageImage
@loonatheworld Chuu doesn't have her stuff where she is, so she's just been eating and sleeping and stuff
@loonatheworld Chuu prepared a playlist for this until 3-4am, then several hours today too

currently trying to figure out what some sound in the background was
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[VLIVE] ๐ŸฐBunnyjinie Tokkiing About๐Ÿฅ•
w/ #LOONA Heejin

BGM: Heejin - ViviD (acoustic ver)
(But getting signal loss) ImageImage
@loonatheworld Heejin: Still struggling with this. Hello everyone!
@loonatheworld Oh vlive is lagging?

In my room the signal for both data and wifi aren't that stable, but please understand if I lose signal...

Oh it's still disconnecting? Oh no!r

Oh I think I can leave it here. Are you doing alright?

Even if I move it, the spot here isn't great for signal.
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[LIVE] "Come here if you wanna chat with me๐Ÿงก๐Ÿฅ๐Ÿ‘‹๐Ÿป" with #LOONA Yeojin

Yeojin: I wasn't sure what to set for my thumbnail, I thought about a selfie but wasn't sure. I like this pic though. I think I'm going to tear up...! ImageImage
@loonatheworld BGM: rain51db

Yeojin was nervous about doing this for the first time and practiced on a call with Go Won earlier, saying things like "orbits what did you do today?"
@loonatheworld 30 minutes ago: she woke up (4:30PM, she said she got up late today) and ate

She hasn't been sleeping too well, went to bed at 7 or 8 (this morning I assume)

She's been watching dramas too, including Penthouse
She saw The Notebook (the film)
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[VLIVE] #LOONA Kim Lip: Hi๐Ÿ’‹ ImageImageImage
@loonatheworld Can you hear me alright Orbit?
@loonatheworld I've been doing well. What the? Hyeju's here?

Chat: "Ending Friday with OEC"
Lip: that's right.

chat: we miss you
Lip misses Orbits too

Lip says she's been doing well. Eating well, resting well, reading lots, listening to lots of music
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[VLIVE] #LOONA - "Choerry's here!" ImageImage
@loonatheworld - That's right, I'm here!
- I missed you too! Orbit you're doing well right?
@loonatheworld We're all healthy and doing well Orbit. Don't worry. We're totally healthy. Worrying nonono!

What're we doing? It's boring for all of us. We're talking over video calls, but we're OK.
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#LOONA on 1theK Gap Crush with #LOONA_PTT (Paint the Town)

What they have written down:
Lip: "Check out PTT"
Yves: "PTT Presentation"
Chuu: "Give me a raise"
On this bag that they use multiple times: "It's hard going to and leaving from work isn't it..? Stay strong... The hellish subway..."
Yeojin: "Letter of resignation"
Go Won: "I'm quitting my job"
Vivi's post-its: "Jo Haseul's return, check it out", "Love you, LOONA"
Lip: "CEO-nim"
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@loonatheworld Starting off with a school bell - the LOONA members are pretending like they're in class at school

and Yeojin is the teacher lol
(Can't see Haseul yet)
Yeojin says that someone they really want to see, she's back from studying abroad
@loonatheworld **Yeojin says literally: "our phoenix, Haseul!" to introduce Haseul**
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Premiering in 1 minute: "#LOONA Special Clip"

Related to #PTT Japanese Version, which will be released on 6.28 6PM KST/JST, which is the same time as the "&" release everywhere else

Kind of like an intro to LOONA for JP in general; after an intro, they perform faVOriTe in a set that looks like this - based on Choerry's purple hair, I'd assume this was filmed when they were in Japan when they visited a bunch of companies including SpotifyJP ImageImage
Now performing Butterfly

They credit in the video description:
MORI Building, DIGITAL ART MUSEUM EPSON teamLab Borderless Image
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[EN] [tl;dr] Press release
3 reasons to look forward to #LOONA's comeback
1. Return of Haseul, full group comeback as 12
- Featuring the most intense music and performance yet
- It's about everyone becoming one - "LOONA, you, me, us" (From the slogan, "and all LOOฮ ฮ”s are one")
2. Expanded LOONAverse, bringing it to unprecedented scale
- The moon that was presented with the previous albums ++ XX # and 12:00 has melted, (T/N: see the end of the New Moon teaser), hinting at the new LOONAverse/lore to come
Introducing new representative objects (concept photos), LOONA plans to show an expanded LOONAverse in which solos, units, and the full group are combined.
From the colorful intro logo motion to the teasers that covers each member's lore/world, fan expectations are high.
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[EN] Press Release after [Trailer] #LOONA (#์ด๋‹ฌ์˜์†Œ๋…€)- &3

@loonatheworld has revealed the visual teaser video for their upcoming release, "&".
The video begins with Olivia Hye in a burning temple, beating a drum with all her strength. This marks the prelude to the story of becoming one with the expanded LOONAverse
Next, Kim Lip, Jinsoul, and Choerry boast blinding visuals below the lights in their representative colors, and Vivi, Yeojin, Go Won, and Olivia Hye raise expectations with objets (T/N: i.e. works of art) that also make one think of their representative animals
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[ENG] Press Release, #LOONA releases full-group, 12-member '&' concept photo, teases new lore

In the released image, the LOONA members gaze at the camera with the flowers used in their solo secret concept photosโ€ฆ
In a mysterious garden, #LOONA shows off their beauty in a way that reminds one of flower goddesses.
The secret concept photos featured flowers as a new representative object for each member, raising curiosity about the release while hinting at a new and expanded [LOONAverse]
With this, #LOONA has revealed concept photos for all four versions of their upcoming album '&'. This album is drawing attention and gaining popularity, even before its release, for the variety of different concepts shown with all the versions
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[EN] Press release for [Trailer] &2
"LOONA, coming back with all members, opens a prelude to their unified [LOONAverse]"
With the reveal of a teaser video for their upcoming mini-album &, #LOONA teased the story of their worlds connecting as one.
The video starts with Kim Lip walking towards into a huge temple, overlapping with scenes from her solo MV Eclipse, bringing forth a fresh shock.
Then, in an intense red light, a drum is beat, hinting at the start of a prelude to the huge [LOONAverse]. Kim Lip, in her red school uniform that connects to her solo and unit storyline, climbs onto the altar at the center. Then the video ends, leaving a lasting impression.
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[ENG] Press release highlights: #LOONA Yeojin's and Kim Lip's secret concept photos revealed
In the revealed image, Yeojin boasts a sentimental vibe with a flower. The appearance of a daisy that matches Yeojin's image as the one in charge of cuteness and cheerfulness, as #LOONA's maknae, drew further attention.
Revealed at the same time, Kim Lip drew attention with a red rose that goes with her representative color (red) and even showed off a chic charm while giving off an innocent feel with soft and natural makeup.
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#LOONA on Twitter Space: "This is fun๐Ÿ˜"
Using hashtag #๋‹ฌํŽ˜์ด์Šคโ€ฆ
Yeojin was on twitter and saw people talking about the space, and wondered what it was and didn't know that the others did it until the fanmanager told her about it
Choerry, Haseul, Yeojin here

They're looking for people with profile pictures of themselves
Yeojin (not understanding what they're doing): "the username is "yeojin profile picture?"

Haseul talks about the blonde Choerry edit shared last space, said it didn't look too bad.
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#LOONA just performed # + So What (it was a rock guitar(?) remix for both) at KCONTACT4U

*Paid stream

* It was the opening performance, they'll be back later - another group (P1Harmony) is going through their set now
I suppose incorporating "that gesture they keep doing" in # + So What is cool because they had a one-handed gesture that was like that in So What already ๐Ÿค” ImageImageImageImage
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[EN] Press release for #LOONA Heejin / Olivia Hye's concept photos

The release describes the flowers present as:

Heejin: ์‚ฌ๋ž‘์ดˆ / Love plant
("I won't leave/abandon you")

Olivia Hye: Lobelia
(Distrust; resentment; malevolence; beginning of a crisis)โ€ฆ
Floriography source (the meanings of the flowers are not provided in the article):โ€ฆ
3 prior MV cuts

& this from the [Teaser] New Moon press release:
"Heejin and Olivia Hye's cross-appearance and unreleased source content that connect the two drew interpretations involving stories about 'relations' and 'connections' in the [LOONAverse]"
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