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May 4, 2019 19 tweets 7 min read
Threat Hunting In #CyberSecurity : Waiting for an alert can be too dangerous. Threat hunting means to proactively search for malware or attackers that are hiding in your network — and may have been there for some time.
May 1, 2019 23 tweets 7 min read
Endpoint Detection & Response (EDR): The New Way To Go Antivirus was once the main way to protect endpoints (laptops, servers, workstations). They are designed to detect malicious programs, block them and offer an easy way of removing them.
May 1, 2019 18 tweets 6 min read
In the celebration of #WorkersDay2019, We are going to be learning how to convert our non smart TV to smart TV. For most home now have access to the Internet and they can decide to go smart with all their wide screen non smart TV.

A. Non Smart TV
B. Smart TV What is a smart TV?
A smart TV is a traditional set with integrated Internet and interactive "Web 2.0". It uses your home network to provide streaming videos and services on your TV, and smart TVs use wired Ethernet and built in Wi-Fi to stay connected.