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We decided to show the seriousness of our marketplace and to publish our code of conduct. This is our manifest.

We are Marketo. For the safety of the data.

#Cybersecurity #leaked #Marketo #databreach #infosec
1. Marketo do not work with lockers or ransomwares

2. Marketo never disrupt supply chains, work of any country, government, state, city and private companies by locking, encrypting or by any other mean

3. Marketo always notifies about data leak
4. Marketo always prioritizes negotiations with data owner

5. Marketo targets and prioritize achieving agreement between us and the company

6. Marketo do not disclose the vulnerability that helped us get the data to the third parties, except the company itself
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Made a massive repository for the preparation of OSCP. Take complete advantage of it and share it with others and your pentesting partners.
#OSCP #cybersecurity #infosec #github #repository
Inspirations: @three_cube @offsectraining @theXSSrat @hakluke… check it out for a huge list of tools for pentesting [100+(tools and courses)]>>
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Raksha Mantri @rajnathsingh to address Defence Institute of Advanced Technology fraternity shortly


Honorable Raksha Mantri has expressed his heartfelt
feeling for DIAT

He wants DIAT to become a national institute

Defence Institute of Advanced Technology should be recognised as an institute of national importance

this institute has huge potential

I am confident that we can together realise the dream of PM @narendramodi to make an #AatmanirbharBharat

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🧵The latest Threat Landscape Update from @RelativityHQ’s Calder7 security team details a particularly concerning new trend in #ransomware, which combines Ransomware-as-a-Service (RAAS) with employee-led Insider Threats. #cybersecurity #infosec #hackers #SundayReads (1/7)
RAAS has been around since early 2020 and has quickly become the leading vector for deploying #ransomware. The newest iteration of it is enticing employees to intentionally deploy #ransomware w/i their own org. A particularly nasty case of insider threat (2/7)
Reported by @briankrebs, threat actors trying this technique are using the #Demonware strain and are targeting networks of interest in the U.S., Canada, Australia, U.K., and for RDP, VPN, - corporate email access specifically (3/7)
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A Big Curated List Of Resources For OSCP Prepration

A thread 🚨 👇

#infosec #cybersecurity
#bugbounty #oscp @offsectraining
Offensive Security Certified Professional is an ethical hacking certification offered by Offensive Security that teaches penetration testing methodologies and the use of the tools included with the Kali Linux distribution.

All about OSCP :

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Are you a CTO, a CISO or an AppSec lead in charge of securing a Software as a Service? 🦄

Here are 12 macro-projects to enable an application security program. ☂️

#appsec #bugbounty #cloudsecurity #cybersecurity #devsecops

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🏀 Manage vulnerabilities and security weaknesses

Centralize every potential vulnerability in a @Jira-like issue tracker. A vulnerability remediation workflow is a typical bug fixing flow but with more status for the #appsec team to triage alerts and verify fixes.
👾 Run crowd-sourced security programs

Starting with a Vulnerability Disclosure Policy (VDP). Publish a @securitytxt note to show bug hunters the reliable process to reach the #appsec team and report vulnerabilities and security weaknesses in your assets.
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#Learn 📚 #Linux🐧:

A thread

Some useful Linux terminal keyboard shortcuts you should know to increase productivity. 👇

#CodeNewbie #coder #computer #code #java #100DaysOfCode #golang #privacy #css #javascript #html #linuxfan #linuxwindows #linuxmint #linuxubuntu #linuxtips
1) Working With Processes📈
Use the following shortcuts⌨️ to manage running🏃 processes.
#linuxfan #linuxwindows #linuxmint #linuxubuntu #linuxtips #linux #programming #hacking #coding #python #cybersecurity #hacker #kalilinux #programmer #technology #coder #100DaysOfCode
2) Controlling the Screen💻
The following shortcuts⌨️ allow you to control what appears on the screen.

#linuxfan #linuxwindows #linuxmint #linuxubuntu #linuxtips #programming #hacking #coding #python #cybersecurity #hacker #kalilinux #programmer #technology #100DaysOfCode
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The @zseano's recommended basic toolkit for bug hunting!

* Burp Suite
* Amass
* httprobe
* anew
* dnsgen
* aquatone
* FFuF
* Wordlists
- SecLists
- CommonSpeak
* WaybackMachine scanner
* ParamScanner
- InputScanner
- LinkFinder
- parameth
* AnyChanges

@zseano Burp Suite @Burp_Suite

Burp Suite allows you to intercept, modify & repeat requests on the fly and you can install custom plugins to make your life easier.

#BugBountyTips #BugBounty #Cybersecurity
@zseano @Burp_Suite Amass @owaspamass by @HazanaSec

The most thorough for discovering subdomains, as it uses the most sources for discovery with a mixture of passive, active and will even do alterations of discovered subdomains

#BugBountyTips #BugBounty #Cybersecurity
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The names, Social Security numbers and information from driver's licenses or other identification of just over 40 million former and prospective customers that applied for T-Mobile credit were exposed in a recent data breach, the company said Wednesday.…
We have been working around the clock to investigate claims being made that T-Mobile data may have been illegally accessed. We take the protection of our customers very seriously and we are conducting an extensive analysis alongside digital forensic experts to understand the...
...validity of these claims, and we are coordinating with law enforcement.

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The #UncleRat's FREE Courses & Labs Lists by @theXSSrat | Get Access For Free, & Mention Your Friends | LIKE RETWEET For Others 🔥🔥🔥

#BugBounty #BugBountyTips #Hacking #Cybersecurity

Read This Thread 👇
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At least five popular Chinese apps have suspended new user registrations in compliance with regulatory demands

This is part of China's latest #BigTech Crackdown (read more about that here...)
Ride-hailing behemoth #DiDi Chuxing has over 90% marketshare in China and stopped new user registrations after an investigation into the company's #cybersecurity practices

#ChinaTech #BigTech Image
However, the impact of suspending new registrations is limited for big firms like #WeChat because they are already so widely implemented
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🧵1/ This thread is about a trend advocating for preventing Omar al-Bashir, wanted for crimes against humanity, from being sent to the ICC. It's a fantastic example of how artificially amplified and manipulated trends pretend to be grassroots sentiment #Disinformation #Sudan
2/ firstly, this shouldn't be taken lightly. The warrants against al-Bashir include the worst charges, from extermination, torture, and intentional targeting of civilians. Up to 500,000 are thought to have been killed as a result of the Darfur genocide (although figures vary).
3/ The trend translates as 'Surrending al-Bashir is an insult to Sudan'. It started trending on the evening of the 11th August. Then, @sabqorg an Arabic newspaper, ran a story about the trend saying it reflected 'popular (Gulf) outrage' about al-Bashir's plight #disinformation
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🧵1/ Good morning! I gathered more data over night on the hashtag 'Qatar Revolts', which is exaggerating the scale of protests in Qatar. Approx 1040 of 10500 accounts in the sample are probably fake. There is also at least one other hacked verified account #disinformation
2/ The network graph shows a fairly independent community in the top right quadrant. If you zoom in you'll see a lot of the accounts boosting the hashtag are retweets of the account @JesseCsincsak .... #cybersecurity #disinformation
3/ Now at first glance @JesseCsincsak is a company called JCK - even the name seems to kind of match the handle. Clever. But that's a ruse, the account actually promotes almalka_store. The account is hacked, and belongs to Jesse Csinscak a pro snowboarder &ABC Bachorlette winner!
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[Thread] 1/ Here is another #manipulation thread (I'll try make it shorter, but it's got some juicy nuggets). This is an analysis of the hashtag "Qatar Revolts". We've seen such hashtags on Lebanon, Iraq, Tunisia etc. It's a common hashtag during *widespread* demonstrations.
2/ For context again There were/are some protests in Qatar, mostly by some members of the Al Marra tribe who have been excluded from the upcoming Shura Elections. For more background on statelessness in Qatar, see this AI report for example:…
3/ As this graph shows, the two circled communities are worth further examination. Both represent accounts being retweeted heavily by accounts using an identical application (in this case, Twitter Web App). Who are they retweeting? See next > #disinformation #Qatar
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So what's it like to be a #CISO? I was Acting CISO of a billion-dollar crypto company for three months during the spring bull run, and am currently Deputy CISO. I'm still feeling the burnout. What mistakes did I make? What are my lessons learned? A 🧵 1/x
#infosec #cybersecurity
As a #CISO, the stakes are high. This is not a drill. Your decisions affect the success or failure of the enterprise. Totes no pressure. 2/x
You make a *lot* of decisions as a #CISO. Mission-critical decisions based on too little information. And you make them *fast*. You're not sure what's going on, and you have to make a decision *now*. Got it? Good. 3/x
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Overview some emerging tech sectors, niches which become major trends in next 5-10 year with growing thousands startups unicorn and great companies.
Check the thread 👇

#startups #tech #innovations #investors #fintech #financial #cybersecurity #ecommerce
Autonomous shipping
Autonomous trucking
Blockchain real estate
Cannabis breathalyzers
Commercial space launch
Digital freight brokerage
Election tech
Food service robots and machines
Ghost kitchens
Indoor mapping
Short overview each niche 👇…
Industrial workplace safety
Low-Power Wide-Area Networks (LPWAN)
Smart packaging
Sports tech
Supersonic travel
Warehouse management tech
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Mini-thread on how hybrid phishing, phone-hooking, malware infecting campaigns look these days: 👇
#infosec #fraud #phishing #CyberSecurity 1/12
A few weeks ago we notice a pattern of new domain signups coming onto the system (we notice this because we manually inspect every single #bitcoin transaction that comes into the system):
They're all for new domains, different accounts, with the pattern XXsupportcare[dot]com, where XX is anything: 1 char, 2 chars, a word ("geek"), etc.
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[Thread] - 1) Good evening sports fans! Ready for the ultimate hacked verified Twitter accounts thread? Over the past two years, I have kept tabs on around 70 verified accounts that were hacked by Arabic language operators for various reasons. The victims #disinformation
2 / range from 30 international athletes, to other public figures such as deceased US Senator Debbie Smith. The accounts have been used for various purposes, from scams to state propaganda. Some of the accounts are still active, while many have been suspended - read on for more!
3/ First up, Senator Debbie Smith. Smith, who served as a member of the Nevada Senate, sadly passed away in 2016 after battling with a brain tumour. Her Twitter account was hacked by an Arabic-speaking account, which changed it's handle to
@0YY0k - and was eventually suspended
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