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About me (@CamilleEsq): I am a cybersecurity attorney. I am the Head of Security Policy for @Google Play & @Android. I work at the intersection of tech, law, & society. #ShareTheMicInCyber Find out more about me & follow my work at
If you head over to LinkedIn today my @Google colleague & the VP of Security, Royal Hansen will be sharing about my and a few other throughout the day! #ShareTheMicInCyber is happening there too! - CS
I provide a cross-cutting perspective on complex technology, cyber, & #NatSec & #foreignpolicy issues. This has led me to roles across the federal and private setors for orgs like @dhsgov, Capitol Hill, @Google & @Deloitte. - @CamilleEsq
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From my last tweet I've concluded that you guys want to learn both General Cybersecurity and Web Security/Application.

In this thread, are some resources for learning #cybersecurity/web app security. Hope this helps! 😊
First, Cybersecurity. Cybersecurity is a very broad term/topic. In general, it is the protection of computer hardware, system, and network. There are many pathways you can go, from being a Security Analyst, to an Ethical Hacker, Crytographer, Digital Forensics, and much more.
Since cybersecurity is very broad. Picking a path would make it easier for you to focus your study. However, knowing the basics such as computer network, hardware, operating system, etc. is important. If you haven't learned any of these don't worry there are plenty of sources.
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@threadreaderapp @forex_crypt It wasn't me.

My account is still here even after you've falsified dozens of "Twitter of violations" per tweet.

You are warped.
@threadreaderapp @forex_crypt I've had two of your accounts @ken_williams012 and your fake #cybersec #CyberSecurity account @cybersgb taken down.

You've carried out harassment for 10 weeks non stop. Falsifying reports to all my providers/platforms multiple times.

You've made false reports to the police.
@threadreaderapp @forex_crypt @Ken_Williams012 @CyberSGB Every single thing you say is a lie.

All your followers are fake.

You are dozens of social media accounts if not hundreds.

You cannot intimidate me Michael Watkins theholistictrader…
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.@ForumEurope's #cybersecurity event - Executive VP Vestager: "We have avoided a cyber crisis" recalling EU's strength in e.g., cryptography. Need a "single market for cybersecurity" incl. through a solid EU cybersecurity certification framework. 1/
VP Vestager spells out the 4 EU priorities for digitalization: Invest in state-of-the-art connectivity; Stronger industrial presence in strategic parts of supply chain; Build real data a motor to innovation; Create a business environment that gives businesses... 2/
...a fair chance to compete & scale up. The "common" thread through this is "to guarantee the security of our systems. W/o this, we can’t ensure EU tech sovereignty. Sovereignty isn’t isolation" but is "about having the ability to decide on our own what kind... 3/ @ForumEurope
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الحصول على وظيفة أشبه بمحاولة بيع منتج ما وتتكون من:

٢-مكان لعرض المنتج
٣-طريقة عرض المنتج

الاهتمام بالجانب التقني فقط يعني منتج جيد(النقطة الأولى) ولكن بدون العوامل الأخرى تقل فرص الحصول على وظيفة
#أمن_المعلومات #cybersecurity
أولا المنتج / Product:
أنت المنتج الذي تحاول بيعه و أكثر الطرق فعالية لتقييم نفسك هي الطرق العملية والتي تمكنك من قياس مستواك بمرور الوقت.

مثال جيد: Bug Bounty - HackTheBox - Github Side Projects
مثال غير جيد: الاكتفاء بالحصول على certifications

ثانيا مكان عرض المنتج / Sales Channel:
عرض المنتج في المكان المناسب يساعد في عملية البيع. تخيل شخص يحاول بيع أدوات الغوص في مدينة غير ساحلية؟ المنتج جيد ولكن المكان غير مناسب

المكان الجيد هو الذي يتواجد به العملاء المدركون لماهية السلعة وفي احتياج لها-Security Professionals

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New National Security Strategy of #Poland is quite a solid and healthy document, with an adequate understanding of the current and near-future threats. it identifies the "neo-imperial policy" of #Russia as the most serious threat, "pursued also by means of military force". 1/13
2/13 It warns of an outbreak of a conflict "originating from a violent escalation as a result of an incident" due to the #Russia/n "below the threshold of war" activities that could provoke such a conflict, including an international one.
3/13 The document explicitly highlights the increase in internal tensions within the #EU/#NATO as well as actions undertaken by external entities as a "noticeable risk of undermining the coherence of the positions and actions of the member states of NATO and the EU".
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Things to think about before you share something on social media:

A few basic questions to ask before sharing anything you did not write yourself, especially something you found on social media:
(1) Who wrote this?

(2) When was it written? Is it still current?

(3) What do you know about the author (not the person who shared it, the *author*) that makes them a trustworthy source? What conflicts of interest do they have?
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A thread on the death of @peter_tonoli:
I’ve struggled greatly with whether or not to share this information because Peter was intensely private person. I have wanted to protect the privacy of Peter, myself, and *mostly importantly* my children.
That said I believe that if some good from Peter’s death, then maybe it will help the kids and I find solace.

Peter took his own life. His was the death of a confluence of circumstances. He was a victim of feeling helpless and worthless.
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[Thread] Certifications

A non-comprehensive, non-linear summary of Dr. Craig Wright’s professional certifications.

National Security Training Academy
Security Industry Course and Firearm Certificate of Achievement - Granted in 1992

Brisbane YMCA Youth Club
Best Military Tactics - Granted in 1988

International Systems Security Professional Certification Scheme - Granted in 2005

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#covid19 #customerservices During time of the pandemic crisis many companies are not fully or not staffed at all w their fraud and abuse people because those people rely on closed loop computer systems that often are not available to be accessed from home. How much more fraud bc?
Banks, financial services companies are literally impossible or so time consuming to reach by phone that almost no one can get help now. This presents major #fraud #abuse and #cybersecurity financial and reputational concerns. People and orgs not getting helped when needed.
Try it. Call your bank. See if you can get an actual person on phone. Then call paypal. They tell you upfront you can't talk to anyone. This is prisoners dilemma if someone has a fraud or abuse problem to resolve. It will result in significantly higher amount of fraud and abuse.
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#bebaskanravio mas ravio perlu menjelaskan detail device, apps installed, dan timeline bbrp hari terakhir, agar expert diluar sana bisa narrowing possible attack vectornya...

Phising are the easiest way to steal your 2FA keys, social engineering beforehand, MITM etc
Probably ada yang monitoring SMS mas ravio ini, SIM Card providernya apa ?, Android or IOS ?, "Have been registered to another phone", high chances itu sim card swap, according to the clue..…

cluenya: Mas ravio jelaskan ada panggilan telfon dari nomor2 yang tidak dikenal..

ada orang yg mengetahui data mas ravio, lantas si pelaku (dg SOCENG) menelfon provider untuk convince agar swap number ke sim card baru... its been done already di banyak tempat...
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This is terrible. Let me tell you why. THREAD #privacy #infosec #cybersecurity #COVID19…
First, health data has ALWAYS been considered protected and sensitive. Hence, the privacy requirements and oaths physicians abide by - courts have LONG recognized this privacy.
Here, we're going to have health data records tied to a person tied to a phone tied to a location. It's literally a real-time walking health report.
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#Corona benefits.

A thread (will be continually updated).
@pluralsight #FreeApril offer::
Build in-demand tech skills without leaving your house. Get free access to 7,000+ expert-led video courses and more all month long.…
@Codecademy #students offer::
Codecademy Pro for free to high school and college students across the world for the rest of the school year.…
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Let's visualize this fight through the lens of #cybersecurity. We'll say Cuomo is a senior #DFIRstResponder on-site at the worst hotspot while Kushner is a SrVP sitting on the top floor of the HQ bldg...
2/5 Computers are getting infected fast and it's pushing Tier 3 support staffers to their limits. Triage teams admit not all boxes can be cleansed, especially those w/ older OSes. Various subnets are quarantined; workers are getting paid to stay home for "digital snow days."
3/5 The CEO bitches about all the negative ROIs and, worse, his CISO outright contradicted him during a press call.

The SrVP is related to the CEO (aren't they all?) and the hasty Excel spreadsheet he built tells him that senior #DFIRstResponder is spouting hyperbole.
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@KsapaOrg @FBaddache#Tax evasion
✅ Ruled using #bilateral investment treaties
#Data collection, usage, sharing

the 3 key themes in @KsapaOrg's approach to #BizHumanRights being highlighted by @FBaddache

#webinar #HumanRights #duediligence #engagement #HRDD #BigData #cybersecurity #UNGPs
@KsapaOrg @FBaddache three areas directly impacting #business in respect to #humanrights:

1. comply w/ mandatory transparency & #HRDD - in operations, joint ventures & #supplychains

#webinar #BizHumanRights #engagement @UKAntiSlavery @ModSlaveryReg @pcarrier26 @InvestForRights @FinComSlavery
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my own ebook library contain hundreds (661) of hacking books and computer science books,i love reading and reading again and again.feel free to ask me about the best hacking books
#Hacking #Pentesting #redteam #bugbountytip #Malware #CyberSecurity
The Best Hacking Books in 2020 part )1(:
-Rootkits and Bootkits
-Gray Hat Hacking the Ethical Hacker's Handbook 5
-Black Hat Go
-Practical Binary Analysis
-Hacking Exposed Industrial Control Systems
-Windows Forensics
-Open Source Intelligence Techniques: Resources for Searching and Analyzing Online Information
-Hunting Cyber Criminals
-Guide to Computer Forensics and Investigations-Processing Digital Evidence
-Mobile Forensic Investigations: A Guide to Evidence Collection
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3 lessons in #resilience from the #Cybersecurity field apply in many crises we’re facing now: (1) know what your critical assets/services and their interdependencies — you can’t fix what you don’t know, so make sure you have reliable info @PwCUS
(2) know how much impact you can tolerate BEFORE the disruption hits you. In the midst of crisis is not the time to research that. Learn more from @PwCUS
(3) build #resilience by design: get to a point of real-time threat intel and action, and get on a cycle of continuous learning. To learn more about how to raise your #resilience quotient #RQ @PwCUS
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Significant threat actors, their recent histories, and any noteworthy changes in 2019 are chronicled here by @PwC_UK #threatintel @smoothimpact @pewpew_lazors @cyberoverdrive #CyberSecurity…
From the report, the targets of #cybercrime and the preponderance of financial motivations #ThreatIntel
@PwC #threatintel team issued 221 reports covering these sectors and threat actor locations in 2019
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للمهتمين في مجال #الأمن_السيبراني لكم هذا الثريد الشامل:

يتحدث الكاتب من خلاله عن أهمية الأمن السيبراني وكذلك أهمية البرامج المستخدمة وماهي أفضل البرامج المستخدمة في الأمن السيبراني والتي يجب على المتخصص معرفة كيف إستخدامها وتطبيقها في عمله.
ما مدى أهمية الأمن السيبراني؟ 👇
يمكن معرفة أهمية الأمن السيبراني من خلال البحث الذي أجرته Mimecast حيث تشير الدراسة على أن هناك زيادة بنسبة 26٪ في برمجيات فيروس الفدية و نسبة 88٪ من الشركات شهدت الانتحال نتيجة استخدام البريد الإلكتروني و أشارت الدراسة أن هناك منظمات لديها زيادة 67% انتحال الشخصية
الأدوات المستخدمة في الأمن السيبراني أمر لا بد منه لضمان نجاح تطبيق برامج الأمن السيبراني في كل منشأة ومن خلاله  نحمي الشبكات أو الأنظمة أو التطبيقات من الهجمات السيبرانية. يتم استخدام البرامج والأدوات لتجنب الوصول غير المصرح به إلى البيانات من خلال الهجمات السيبرانية.
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If stock photography has taught us one thing it's how to recognise a hacker! But how much do we really know about these shady characters, with their balaclava and their Windows 7 laptops?

For #DataProtectionDay here's my essential stock photography guide to #cybersecurity...
First things first, hacking has come on leaps and bounds in the last few years. Backing up your sensitive data on C60 cassette and labelling it 'Kajagoogoo Live' is no longer enough to keep your information safe!
Hackers are hard to spot because they dress head-to-toe in black (or very very very dark grey). This is because they live on the Dark Web and want to blend into the background.
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BREAKING 'Iran cyber hacks American government website and gives chilling warning' FDLP
American Federal Depository Library Programme (#FDLP) are greeted with a hacked image from ' the Islamic Republic of Iran' #CyberSecurity 👉…
Former EMP Commission chief believes Obama-holdovers and "deep state" operatives could undermine America's ability to protect itself from an #EMP
National Defense Authorization Act was signed by President Trump on 12/20/2019, EMP -Executive Order…
Iran Deal Agreement Calls on the U.S. to Help Iran Develop Its Cyber Security Capabilities
👉Assisting Iran's ability to defend against cyber weapons (like Zero day) that the US or allies may want to use against #Iran #Treason
Full Video👇
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