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The timeline of the Frankfurt server raid.

Glowie predicts a happening the day before. Image
Nov 7 seems to be the day it happened. Image
Nov 10: possible confirmation on the chans. Image
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#BigDickAnon's CIA Fren Update: The Republic Being Restored Edition.… Image
"I have wondered what it would have been like to be in the U.S. in 1776. To simply see and be a part of the Revolution that shook the world had to be exciting. We are in such a period now."
"December 2020 will be remembered as the beginning of the Republic being restored from the hands of criminals and thugs. Having been a part of the thugs for over 20 years this is absolutely delicious."
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#BigDickAnon's CIA Fren Update: The Biggest Political Event Of Our Lifetime Edition.… Image
"Odd that folks are on a railroad track watching a train come right at them and do not have the sense to get off the track. The simply believe it is the sun they are looking at. Trump and his security team watched this happen on election night.."
".. and shortly afterwards a team was dispatched to Frankfurt to get the servers and other things. People in Frankfurt were shot the hell up and were flying out windows and the ones that could disappeared into the night."
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#BigDickAnon's CIA Fren Update: A Lethal Combination.… Image
MOAB dropped at the AZ hearings.

OP notes the team that inspected the Dominion voting machines saw traffic between the machine and the SCYTL servers in Frankfurt Germany.
Our man agrees.

"This shit right here is why anyone with any fucking sense has already left the Country. The stupid mother fuckers who tried to fuck Trump instead fucked the professionals who could have pulled this off."
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#BigDickAnon's FBI Fren Update: Presidential Address Incoming.… Image
"Presidential Address incoming this week. Bend over Democrats."
"The address will have senior military and justice department officials making comments regarding the election. Why do you think Barr has been so quiet. He has been putting together his presentation and statement that the electoral college cannot legitimize the election results."
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#BigDickAnon's CIA Fren Update: The Smartest Anon In The Room Edition.

2020 Presidential Election, the biggest cloister fuck of all time:…
"I can`t decide if the most stupid mother fuckers in the world inhabit this shit hole or is it run entirely by the CIA, The Chinese Communist Party, the deep state and tranny Democrats. How many times do they have to shove it up your ass before you wake up."
"First the Chinese poison the whole fucking world with the Chinese virus, and now the Chinese and the Iranians, and the Cubans with their fuck buddies the CIA and Deep state and all the Democrat swine and fucking n's steal the election."
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#BigDickAnon's CIA Fren Update: Wait For The President's National Address Edition.…
OP asks if the US government is literally at war with itself over this sham election.

"Yep it happened as I explained a while back and is the reason a number of assets including yours truly has fled the Country for warmer climes, women, fishing and the good life."
"Boys we got caught and how deep this rabbit hole goes is going to be galactic. Seems the Biden Campaign and Hillary Clinton and her folks are right in the middle of this. Wait for the President`s national address before the electoral college convenes."
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#BigDickAnon's CIA Fren Update: No They Are Not Getting Away With It Edition.…
OP asks how they're getting away with it.

"They are not getting away with it. This was fucked up from day one when the ns and criminals jumped in with both feet and went fucking wild."
"Trump and the security agencies watched in real time and even folks that hate Trump will not put up with an American Presidential Election be stolen by a pedophile backed by the Chinese and the Iranians."
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#BigDickAnon's CIA Fren Update: The Kraken Is Gliding Over All Edition.…
"The Kraken had nothing to do with Sidney Powell. You will begin to understand that tomorrow. The Kraken is gliding over all and no longer has a restraining order. He knows all. And Trump knows all. Let the shit storm start. And by the way fuck Q and fuck Obama."
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#BigDickAnon's CIA Fren Update: What Sidney Knows Edition.… Image
"Since you are a few hours from kick off let me share what Sidney knows. She knows that Dominion was switching votes, she knows the CIA was switching votes, she knows the corruption in Georgia involved both the Republicans and Democrats."
"Republicans were bribed months ago to get the Dominion system in and turned a deaf ear as Dominion programmed the system to switch votes from Trump to Biden. She knows money changed hands to prevent mail in ballots from being checked for signature problems."
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#BigDickAnon's CIA Friend Update: Understanding The Level Of Depravity Edition.… Image
OP asks another reasonable question: What's the point of having elections if they're just going to be stolen?

CIA fren: "You still do not understand the level of depravity. We were going to make sure the Republicans won the two Senatorial seats in Georgia."
"But since we got caught that might just be an honest election except for the niggers and democrats stuffing the ballot box. Look the deal was to fuck Trump, the Republicans pick up seats in the House to fuck Pelosi, and the Republicans to keep the Senate. Who knows now."
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#BigDickAnon's CIA Friend Update: Checked and Heiled Edition.… Image
OP asks reasonable question: "How the FUCK did some senile brain-fucked documented pedogroper who was getting smashed with scandal after scandal before the election and couldn't even get 20 people to turn up at his rallies receive such a FUCKHUGE unprecedented number of votes?"
CIA fren responds.

"Brought to you by your friends at the CIA. Hell we flipped at least 60000 votes in Wisconsin alone. Hell of a night flipping votes from Trump to Biden and drinking fine German Beer."
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[Suomennos-ketju] [[ Käänsin tämän - koska mielenkiintoista jos totta. ]] Thanks: @paul_furber

#BigDickAnon'nin CIA ystävän päivitys: Vallankumous tullaan televisioimaan.

"Terveiset maailman kauneimmasta paikasta. Naiset ovat kauniita ja kalastus on fantastista. Minulla on enemmän rahaa kuin ehdin käyttää ja elämä on hyvää"
"Arvoisat naiset, Trump on voittanut ja me olemme pakosalla. Vaikuttaa siltä, että sinulla ei ole riittävää älykkyyttä ymmärtää miten tätä pelataan. Ensinnäkin Trumpilla on jo kaikki jolla kaataa tämä paska kaikkien päälle."
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#BigDickAnon's CIA Friend Update: The Revolution Will Be Televised Edition.… Image
"Greetings from the most beautiful place on earth. The women are beautiful, the fishing is fantastic, I have more money than I can spend and well life is good."
"Well ladies Trump has won and we are on the run but you still seem to lack the intelligence to see how this is going to be played out. First Trump has everything he needs to shit on everyone."
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#BigDickAnon Update: Don Lemon Strung Up On The White House Lawn Edition.…
BDA is continuing his stint impersonating a CIA agent on /pol/.

"You ladies need to appreciate Trump is not a traditional politician. He is a businessman who knows a lot more about how things works in Washington than folks realize."

"He already has the proof that the CIA changed over 4 million votes in Germany and is putting the bow on the Christmas gift. He knows the institutions in Washington are aligned against him including the Courts."

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#BigDickAnon's CIA friend says the CIA servers in Germany were taken by the military:… Image
"You folks don`t get it do you. The CIA servers in Germany were taken by the military. The servers prove over 5 million votes were switched. Information is being funneled from E. And Barr to Sydney."
"We are close to this all blowing up and this is why CIA folks who are in the middle of this are leaving the Country while they can. I was personally involved in switching thousands of votes in Wisconsin and was responsible for fuckhead winning in Canada."
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#BigDickAnon's CIA friend - wink wink - weighs in on a thread speculating that ECW is the Kraken:… Image
"You ladies are missing the key point here. Who was it in the Justice Department that gave Sydney what she needed to get Flynn off and who was it that kept pointing her in the right direction and met several times with her in a bar in Alexandria, Virginia."
"Why none other than William Barr. And who do you think is feeding her information right now. Well William Barr. The flow is from E. to Barr to Sydney. Why in the fuck do you think we are getting out while we can."
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#BigDickAnon's CIA friend gives us an update on the shootout in Germany:… Image
"Yep, there was quite the shoot out. U.S. Military and a foreign intelligence agency broke into the building and took about 15 rogue CIA Agents and 10 CCP intelligence operatives."
"U.S. election data was being routed through Germany and by the time it was changed was routed back to the U.S. By the way E. was in Germany and headed up the operation. Told you maggots we are leaving the Country while we still can."
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Tucker has complained that Sidney Powell won't talk to him about the evidence for the greatest crime in American history.

That's because she can't just yet. It's a matter of national security.
#BigDickAnon, who was an eyewitness on the night, told us that the Trump team watched the votes being switched in real time.…
The system worked by sending the raw vote tallies to Spain and Germany, as confirmed by @RudyGiuliani here:

If the Trump team could watch the totals being adjusted as it happened, that tells me one thing.
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#BigDickAnon Update: Brennan And Haspel Will Hang Edition.…
"Right now there is open warfare between elements of the military and cia. Haspel and Brennan are going to hang for what went on in Germany."

Were the CIA running the Dominion vote servers out of Germany?

"Yep. CIA and elements of the CCP."

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#BigDickAnon Update: It is time Edition.…

Just a single comment from our friendly neighborhood time travelling tripod man.

"Ladies believe what you will but it is time for The Big Dick. And it will be marvelous."

The Big Dick = TBD = Trump Barr Durham originally which is why we gave him that nickname. I hope he's right because everyone's patience is at breaking point.

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#BigDickAnon Update: The Third Act Is When You Bring The House Down Edition.…
"The third act is always the most important one to the showman. Trump is a showman and the third act is when you bring the house down. Now is the time to discredit the media, the democrats, and lock up folks involved in all of this."

"We are now in the third act. Trump brings the house down and secures his place as the greatest american president in the history of the United States and destroys the whole rotten mess."

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#BigDickAnon Update: Four Million Falsified Votes Edition.…
"It is over for Biden. We are up to over 4 mllion falsified votes. The only thing being determined now is who gets locked up. Trump is in a good mood."

"We are all pissing on photographs of Jennifer Rubin today. What is marvelous is most folks do not have a fucking clue."

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#BigDickAnon Update: Trump Has Crossed The Rubicon Edition.…
Anon posts link to this video, recommending to watch it to prepare yourself:

"Great great video".

"And just the foundation of what is to come. Trump has already crossed the Rubicon. The river is tomorrow and Kennedy will play a part in it."

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