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8 Apr
Sleepy eyed and murmuring at the disturbance of what was a beautiful and dreamless deep sleep, I reached for my phone to see what the buzz was about.
I looked at the time "12:13am", tossed the phone aside, adjusted my pillows and changed my position. Few seconds later, I jumped
from the bed and looked for the phone under the duvet. What happened? Well, there was a lag in my processing the contents of my phone's notifications, and thus, an email was missed. Anyway, as I was about to sleep again, it hit me that one of the contents of the notifications was
an email from a company where I had been interviewed a week ago.
I retrieved my phone and alas! the email wasn't a figment of my sleepy imagination - I got the job!!!
I couldn't contain my happiness, but then, being somewhat of a loner, I didn't really have anyone to share the
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25 Oct 19
Content Marketing through Storytelling #Thread
In 2018, I said this, and I have kept to my word.
Here you'll find a collection of introductory & insightful threads that may help you understand some of the emerging tech, as well as other stuff that affect our general wellbeing.

You may also check my pinned Tweet for interesting thread of story threads…
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8 Jan 19
Babcock University: Recalcitrancy, Poor Information Dissemination, Disregard for Parents & Guardians, etc. #Thread
We are always so quick to point at the government and politicians, to tag them as corrupt, when we, the people are corruption defined.

Babcock University is a good tertiary institution with regards to academics, but I'm afraid, I can't say same for their administration and

I have a sister, who's a 400 level law student there. About 2 or 3 sessions ago, a few days to resumption, the school increased their fees almost triple times the normal fees, without prior notice. Okay that passed (it's one of those things, yeah).
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7 Jan 19
A Very Brief Introduction to Artificial Intelligence..... For Dummies like You and I #Thread
The world of innovative technology keeps evolving, an you have just two choices, you either be a part of the evolution or you get left behind, and trust me, getting left behind in this digital age is no way to go, why? You may not be able to do something as basic as sending texts
A lot is happening in the technological "realm", & even among the literate, these things sound like sorcery, I mean, imagine your reaction when you step into a room, and your favorite music comes on, the temperature of the room automatically adjusts to suit your body temperature
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4 Jan 19
A Night in Helltown Story #Thread
I was a freelance photographer, freelance portrait artist, freelance writer, and a professional gamer. Well, I was actually rolling in money, but still lived a private and secluded life, loved by many, friend to none, and it just had to be that way if I still wanted to cohabit
peacefully with others.
I was born with a curse, one that some call a β€˜unique gift’. Where the normal human sense would pick up the strange smell of burning rubber and sulphur in unusual places, I could see the demon itself, yeah! I could see and hear angels, demons, and ghosts
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1 Jan 19
Very Brief Introduction to the Blockchain Technology #Thread
Before I proceed, please note, I do not have formal training on the subject matter. The knowledge is from research and thousands of blockchain articles I have ghostwritten. Hence, feel free to chip in your bit. The world is tending towards disruptive technologies, let's join.
In recent times, particularly between 2009 and now, the blockchain technology has continued to attract attention. Let's go back to 1990 when the internet was made public, the truth is that the technology at the time was faced with a lot of criticisms & skepticism, to the extent
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25 Dec 18
The Order of Light - Story #Thread
I just got into town and needed a place to stay, but for some unknown reason, everywhere seemed occupied, after checking the last motel available, I was left with no choice, but look for a secluded spot to just pass the night. It was dark, the moon had a faint glow about it, and
with all the occupied houses, one would have expected some domestic noises, but everywhere was quiet, it didn’t bother me anyway. As I walked with my backpack, I saw a house down the street that looked abandoned and overgrown with weed, β€œperfect spot” I thought to myself, it was
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30 Nov 18
Imperfectly Perfect Love #Thread
"I haven't written for a while, I'm not even sure I can piece words together to form beautiful sentences that would appeal to you the reader, but I do have a story, a really beautiful story...." I paused. Would that make for a good intro? Was something missing? As I pondered, my
thoughts were interrupted by a light knock on the bedroom door, and the sight of a bearded light-skinned face peeping
"Hey Teddy Bear, you up yet?" Chuks said, as he came in.
"No, you light-skinned bearded Ogre, I'm still fast asleep" I replied.
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28 Nov 18
Men Are Scum - Story #Thread
Battery full! I unplugged my phone then sat on the edge of the bed as I scrolled through notifications from different social media platforms, some needed to be replied immediately but no, I just wasn't in the mood to reply them yet. I was still going through the notifications
then saw a tweet from one of my feminist idols, the tweet read thus:

"I'm about to do a thread, another experience...*sighs* men are just scum"
I wasted no time diving into her twitter timeline, I followed the thread with rapt attention and retweeted, it was indeed a
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6 Nov 18
True Confessions of a Humper and Humpee #TwitterAfterDark R18+
I stared out the window, as I sipped a cup of black coffee, damn! The coffee was good, if there was one thing my receptionist, aside being the best user of company WiFi and phone, she was good at brewing coffee.

The day was bright, and I had hopes that it would be a good one.
I took my seat behind my desk and checked my agenda for the day, I still had about two hours before the scheduled time for my first clients to show up. As I went through the file of the clients, my mind wandered far away, far far away to my country Nigeria.
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31 Oct 18
It was a Friday night, I stayed back at work after everyone had left, to run the organization's server updates, so that no bugger in the form of a director or any member of staff working weekends would bother my weekend. I checked my laptop to see the movies I was downloading...
and added more to the download. Damn! I loved my job as an I.T. guy, perks- the best WiFi for free!!!, now before you scuff at me, I understand your resentment for I.T. guys & especially H.R., well, in my case I was different. I was not one to hide the good WiFi password from you
if you asked, I was not one to tell you to pay tens of thousands to install an Antivirus program that the company paid for, & I also was not one to smile mischievously or frown when called upon to attend to a colleague's system, I did it all with joy, and that made me very loved
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29 Oct 18
We had been chatting on Twitter for a while, we had a unique style of communicating: on the TL, we rarely interacted with each other, a few retweets here, some likes there, you could hardly see us comment on each other's Tweets. However, our DM was all shades of lit, that was...
our safe haven, the one place where we were so free that if it were possible, we could walk into each other's DMs in our birthday suits.
There was this vibe between us that made it seem like we had known each other for years, we knew almost everything about each other, so much so
that if anyone had seen our DM, nothing would have convinced the person that we had never met physically. We were so close that we were only a physical meeting away from dating, but neither of us wanted to rush it, we wanted to take our time.
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