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11 Jul
Jérôme (Jerry) Lalonde: Dec 25, 1931 -- July 10, 2020.
My father-in-law. Another victim of #COVID19.
For journalists, the pandemic is a professional challenge; but it's a personal one too.
He was diagnosed with a suspected case of Covid-19 on Thursday, died Friday (still no test results.) But isolation and loneliness were a large contributing factor. Before the pandemic, my 89-year-old father-in-law still played tennis, volunteered daily at his church.... /2
....played bridge, was a voracious reader and loved the social life in his nursing home. The home was great, but it's been locked down four months. All activities ceased. He couldn't even get a library book. He missed his family horribly - they used to visit a lot.... /3
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3 Jun
Sweden’s top epidemiologist, who persuaded country to not impose a strict lockdown, now says that approach caused too many deaths and he regrets it… via @business @LussiD #Covid19 #GlobalHealth
Epidemiologist Anders Tegnell says his comments were misinterpreted and he still believes Sweden had a good #Covid19 strategy… via @radiosweden @JacobGudiol #GlobalHealth
Sweden’s hands-off approach to tackling #coronavirus resulted in too many deaths, top epidemiologist says, by @pwaldieGLOBE… via @globeandmail #Covid19
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10 May
Just days after Germany lifts social restrictions, #coronavirus cases accelerate again, by @Busvine… via @globeandmail #COVID19 #PhysicalDistancing #GlobalHealth
South Korea warns of #COVID19 second wave: As restrictions ease, cases rebound, by @HeeShin… via @Reuters @globeandmail #GlobalHealth
After taking tough and early action, Greece sees only 150 #COVID19 deaths. Now it is lifting the lockdown and looking forward to a summer tourist season beginning in July, by @HelenaSmithGDN… via @guardian #GlobalHealth
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6 May
The Slaughterhouse: North America’s largest single #coronavirus outbreak started at a meat-packing plant in High River, Alberta. Take a look within - if you dare, by @joeldryden @sarahcrgr… via @cbcnews #COVID19
How Cargill became the site of Canada’s largest single outbreak of #COVID19, with almost half the 2,000 workers infected, by @KBlazeBaum @CarrieTait @TaviaGrant… via @globeandmail
#COVID19 cases surge at third Alberta meat-processing plant, by @jasonfherring… via @CalgaryHerald
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8 Apr
I usually reserve my opinions for @globeandmail columns but feel compelled to write a brief thread about the public maligning of Dr. Theresa Tam @CPHO_Canada and criticisms she has been 'flip-flopping' on issues like the usefulness of masks… 1/
Dr. Tam has been doing #coronavirus briefings for 12 weeks. @CPHO_Canada has been remarkably consistent in both her demeanor (calm, professional) and her advice (cautious, evidence-based). As our knowledge of #COVID19 changes, so should policies.
On masks, Dr. Tam has said the same thing since day 1:
They do not protect wearers from infection, they can provide a false sense of security and, because of short supplies, surgical masks and N95 respirators should be reserved for medical personnel. All this remains true.
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29 Mar
Saskatchewan says 16 of 30 new #coronavirus cases linked to snowmobile rally… via @torontostar #COVID19
How an Edmonton curling🥌bonspiel for doctors became a hotspot for the #COVID19 outbreak in Canada. At least 24 of 72 who attended tested positive, by @TylerDawson… via @nationalpost
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28 Mar
Doctors and nurses are writing their wills. Patients are signing do-not-resuscitate orders. Preparing for death has become grim new reality during the #coronavirus pandemic, by @picardonhealth… via @globeandmail #COVID19
It’s Time to Talk About Death: The #coronavirus pandemic highlights how much we need to have conversations about end-of-life care. by @SunitaPuriMD via @NYTopinion #COVID19
At least 50 doctors in Italy have now died from #COVID19, with thousands of health care workers infected by #coronavirus… via @Newsweek
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18 Mar
#COVID19 update March 18 Canada: 727 cases - 231 BC, 214 ON, 119 AB, 94 QC, 17 MB, 16 SK, 12 NS, 11 NB, 3 NL, 1 PEI, 9 GP (cruise ship). 9 deaths.… #pandemic #cdnhealth
#COVID19 update March 18 global: 218,644 cases, 8,942 deaths, including 137,750 cases, 5,705 deaths outside China. Sharp increases in deaths in Italy, Iran, Spain. #Coronavirus now in 173 countries. Canada has 727 cases, 9 deaths.
Canada's #coronavirus map, March 18: 727 cases, 9 deaths, 50,977 tested via @JPSoucy
@ishaberry2 #COVID19
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18 Mar
"Having friends over for dinner is not #SocialDistancing. Arranging play dates is not social distancing. Visiting family in hospital or care homes is not social distancing. Stopping at a grocery story to stock up after travel is not social distancing" - @epdevilla #COVID19
"Like every medicine, it has to be applied in the right dose for the right amount of time...It takes time to work" - @epdevilla on #SocialDistancing #COVID19
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14 Mar
In today's column, I tried to answer the question: "How much worse can the #coronavirus pandemic get?" So, for data geeks like me, I'm going to post a thread of stories and graphs with projections.…
How Much Worse the #Coronavirus Could Get - features some great interactive charts and examines how long the #pandemic could last… via @nytimes
Unsurprisingly, Our World In Data has some of the best data on #coronavirus, like this chart that shows how long it took for cases numbers to double. (in Canada it's four days)
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26 Nov 18
Has the brave new world of designer babies arrived? by @picardonhealth… via @GlobeDebate #CRISPR #bioethics #genomics
'Pandora’s box has been opened’: Scientist's baby gene-editing claim fuels backlash, by @KirstyLNeedham… via @smh @Kaubo #CRISPRbabies #genomics
Chinese scientist provokes furor with claim of world’s first genetically edited babies, by @nvanderklippe via @globeandmail #CRISPRbabies #genomics #bioethics
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25 Nov 18
1,400 Canadians have died and 14,000 have been injured by faulty and unproven medical devices since 2008, by @jesse_mclean @TheCribby… via @ICIJorg @torontostar #ImplantFiles
CBC takes you inside Health Canada's medical device records… via @cbchealth @MEDEC_Canada #ImplantFiles
'We're guinea pigs': Canada's oversight process for implanted medical devices stuns suffering patients, by @valerie_ouellet @VikCBC @mckiedavid… via @cbchealth #ImplantFiles
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22 Aug 18
There are no winners in the senseless withdrawal of Saudi residents and fellows from Canadian teaching hospitals, by @picardonhealth… via @GlobeDebate
Withdrawal of Saudi trainees exposes vulnerability of Canadian health care… via @CMAJ @drstanbrook #MedEd
Saudi medical trainees' recall sparks a crisis in Canadian hospitals… via @DrIvyBourgeault @TheLancet @jocalynclark
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22 Jul 18
Please indulge me for a rare (but brief) thread of personal comments.
I was on a city bus in Copenhagen early this morning. A young man clearly suffering from mental illness was screaming angrily. Not an unusual occurrence on urban transport. Passengers ignored him. 1/
Suddenly the man rushed to the front of the bus and began viciously punching and stabbing the driver. A passenger intervened - he disarmed and subdued the man. (Turns out he used to be a police officer in Syria.) Two women in hijabs came to the bus driver's aid. /2
One was a nurse from Somalia. The other was a nurse from Iraq. (The bus route services a major hospital.) Police arrested the man. The bus driver, despite his injuries, asked police if they could ensure the man got help for his "mental sickness." 3/
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