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24 Oct
Suffolk County, Long Island police harassed and arrested three protesters on Wednesday, using an unmarked black vehicle. This occurred while organizers were complying with police orders to move from the roadside to the sidewalk across the street.

With at least one child present, SCPD pushed through the crowd of activists protecting organizer Terrel Tuosto of LI Peaceful Protest while he crossed the street per Inspector Romagnoli's order.

Terrel and two others were arrested and sustained injuries including concussions.
According to LIPP, most police left the scene after the arrests. "They were out for an arrest from the start, not our safety, because once they got what they wanted they left."

They also claim that police regularly target Terrel and organizer Mike, who was among those arrested.
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21 Oct
Folks on the ground near City Hall / Wall Street say there are around 50 pro-Trump demonstrators and as least as many visible NYPD officers.

photo h/t @hellomrcagle
UPDATE: As many as ten counter-demonstrators have reportedly been arrested, and multiple demonstrators.

The group of demonstrators with a large pro-POTUS flag rolled it up after a short march & the Pledge of Allegiance.

More police on bikes & with riot helmets have arrived.
Today's Lower Manhattan arrestees are slowly starting to be released:
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12 Aug
Approximately 50 people turned out today for the Emergency Rally on the Census at Foley Square. Organizers and city council candidates from various districts came together to emphasize the importance of the census, amid threats that the White House wants the census finished early
“Historically we know that Black and Brown communities have been underrepresented and undercounted,” said @AMRichardson1. “This is no more than another oppressive tactic by the white house to shorten the amount of time that communities of color can stand up and be counted.”
“I live on an invisible borough,” said primary organizer @Amoyforcouncil , City Council Candidate for District 49 Staten Island (below, right). “I see on a regular basis what it’s like to fight for resources. We are the only borough that does not have a public hospital.”
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