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ॐ। संस्कृतेन संस्कृताय गृहीतं व्याघ्रपुच्छम्। { “भोगा न भुक्ता वयमेव भुक्ताः” }
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30 Apr 20
Tools / Apps for the संस्कृत Student

१ Dictionaries

Simultaneously search 30+ dictionaries


Detailed expert search

For offline dictionary apps
२ विभक्तिः & लकारः।

Most sites have BOTH vibhakti/declensions & Lakaras

UoHyd संसाधनी

JNU Samskritam



३ For Sandhi

Many sites like UoHyd, JNU, TDIL have Sandhi tools (joiner/splitter) attached

For offline use, Vyoma Sandhi app
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9 Apr 20
@hamsanandi @btbytes @sudarshanhs This is a very common expression you see - converting an ocean to a puddle (cow गोष्पादीकृत्वा or calf वत्सपदम् कृत्वा)

e.g श्रीमद्भागवतम्।
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2 Jun 19
How do we expand the role of Samskritam in भारतीय Popular Culture?

Apart from our texts, literature and art, how do we incorporate Samskritam in songs, movies, cartoons, social media and the like?

To explore this important topic, collating the use of संस्कृतम् in movies here...
To kick start this list, here is an achingly beautiful song in Samskritam from a Malayalam movie (Dhwani-1988)

The use of simple Samskritam within the context of a regular mainstream movie is breathtaking & pathbreaking 👍🏼

2 min sample👇🏼

*all images courtesy @OGSaffron
To see / hear the full song, please click this link

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28 May 19
लकाराः । Lakaras। ‘VERB’ usages in Samskritam

For a beginner, Lakaras can be utterly confusing. Ask me!

Unless you are a lucky beginner, you go through months of ‘लकार’ confusion till it all slowly clears up. Then you wonder-‘what was that all about’?

But it needn’t be so..
To help सहपाठीs possibly avoid this needless confusion, I am sharing snippets from Neelesh Bodas Varya’s wonderful lecture on Lakaras:

I strongly recommend listening to the entire lecture multiple times!

But for those who want to sample it, here goes...
Verb usage in Samskritam come under what is known as Lakara Prayoga. There are 10 Lakaras-each used to convey a different ‘Tense” (काल) or a “Sentiment’ (भाव)

काल - Present, Future (2 types), Past (3 types)
भाव - Order, Request, Wish

Each लकारः represents a type of verb usage
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15 Mar 19
#SamskritamSelfStarter 1

प्रतिदिनम् (Daily) 10 Min Samskritam Kickstarter. From Gitasopanam by Samskrita Bharati

[Read - Understand - Respond]। पठतु संस्कृतम् । जयतु भारतम्
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17 Feb 19
युद्धं पार्श्वे आगच्छति।

युद्धकाले तु सम्प्राप्ते ऋषिभिः आचार्यै: च उक्तानि अथवा उपदेशवाक्यानि अवगन्तव्यम्। अपिच अनुसरणीयम् एव।


विजिगीषुरात्मनः परस्य च बलाबलं शक्तिदेशकालयात्राकालबलसमुद्दानकालपश्चात्कोपक्षयव्ययलाभापदां ज्ञात्वा विशिष्टबलो यायात्, अन्यथाऽऽसीत

कदा करणीयम् ?
अपायः कति विधः ?

कथं परिहरणीयम् ?

Internal vs External
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29 Jan 19
h/t @ShriVBasu

This site from Rashtriya Samskrita Sanstha shown below has videos and vignettes useful for beginners

#StartupSamskritam 39

Adding the Gitasopanam from संस्कृतभारती - an excellent beginner’s self study text - simple, logical and well structured ....

#StartupSamskritam 40

Learning संस्कृतम् through Pradeshika Bhasha

[h/t @Narayan29691877 ]

१. Kannada

संस्कृत सम्भाषणम् - Introduction to basic संस्कृतम् in Kannada

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19 Jan 19
(Dummies) Guide to ‘Start Writing In Samskritam”

BIG CHALLENGE: you love Samskritam,are learning it & now want to start writing in Samskritam – but HOW?

This series is for folks like me - just starting out to write

*inspired by this thread below

Prologue; *अत्र शीरषके डम्मि अथवा डम्मिभ्यः इव नामकरणं कर्तुम् ऐच्छम्, परन्तु डम्मिपदेन कं वर्णयति यत् परिभ्रमं जातम्।

यदि कदापि सहृदयानां मनसि लेखकः एव डम्मि इति चिन्ता उद्भवति स्यात्?🤪🤪

धैर्यं कथञ्चित् सङ्ग्रह्य एतत् शीर्षकं एवं दत्तवान्। 🙏🏼
Problem1:You know what you want to say. Your ideas are complex, clauses are nested & you appreciate nuance. But you sure as heck don’t know how to convey all that in Samskritam

All you can manage to write are sentences like ‘Rama reads”, “I go to temple” & “My name is Kalidasa”!
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16 Jan 19
A common misconception! Our ancestors were scientists/artists of the highest level

The basic concept of छन्दस् deployed across multiple domains incl. architecture inform the fractal forms thus reflecting the universal भारतीय vision of सत्-चित्-आनन्दः

The स्थपति (master builder) needed years of training in domains including drafting

The architectural / engineering knowledge was quite advanced
Our alienation from the original Samskrita source materials & inability to read/consult them is a challenge!

The only way to resolve this is by learning Samskritam

QED: Indians with their own MASTERKEY to unlock the knowledge hidden in plain sight!

पठतु संस्कृतम्। जयतु भारतम्
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12 Jan 19
@hymnoptera The transformation of the young, sporting poet in Shringara Shatakam to a chastened renunciate in Vairagya Shatakam is quite something

However, the stunning imagery/impact of the words continues through the arc

The young poet, bewitched by the joys of fair companionship..
@hymnoptera Compare the love lorn poet to the one here..reflecting life’s arc

Quite brutal, staring reality honestly in the face, yet beautiful..
@hymnoptera And for those unfortunate souls (😡), awaiting the right मुहूर्तम्, yet to start learning Samskritam, the आङ्लभाषानुवादचित्रम्।

What are you folks waiting for ? You are missing something unimaginably wonderful..

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27 Oct 18
गते वर्षे (2017) अहं संस्कृतस्य पठनम् आरब्धवान् । तस्मात् पूर्वं कथम् आरम्भं करोमि इति चिन्तित्वा इतस्ततः भ्रमणं करोमि स्म। शाश्वत-परिहाराय मया अन्तरजालेन “तीव्रं संशोधनं” कृतम् (J)। सुदीर्घस्य अन्वेषणस्य परिणामफलम् इत्येव अभवत् …….
……. स्पष्ठं उत्तरं लब्धम् यत् संस्कृतस्य पठनं नैव क्लिष्टा न च कठिना ।
अस्मिन् समये तन्त्रज्ञानस्य पुरोगमनेन संस्कृतस्य पठनं अति-सरलम् अस्ति । कोऽपि, कुत्रापि संस्कृतस्य पठनं कर्तुं शक्नोक्ति । नैव क्लिष्टा न च कठिना
अहं मन्ये मया सदृशः अनेकाः अन्वेषकाः भारते लोकै च भवन्ति स्युः । आगामि कतिचन कूजनेन (tweets) मम संशोधनस्य परिणामफलम् आङंगलेय-भाषायां अहं प्रदर्शयामि। एतानि सङ्ग्रहणानि आगामि-छात्रेभ्यः प्रयोजनं कुरवन्ति – इति मम अभिलाषा ।
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