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6 Apr
I look at the overwrought debates among my British lefty friends about the state of Labour and think they're overthinking things. From a distance, it feels very simple - Labour are reaping what the right of the party and their allies in the media sowed for 5 years. That's it.
Electoral outcomes are overdetermined, and the state of Labour now is the aftermath of 2019:

- Corbyn was the victim of an obscene volume and quality of attacks in the media
- The rightwing of the party sabotaged him from day one
- Liberals deliberately made Brexit a wedge issue
That's it. It's both bitterly simple and also also ruinously difficult to see a solution to what comes next after that.

The British media (the BBC and the Guardian were the worse of all imho), the right of the Labour Party (especially Starmer!) + the Remainers created a desert.
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12 Sep 19
So #AB1482 passed in the California State Assembly. The bill is a huge step in the right direction. It is also not enough.
HUGE HUGE shout-out to all of the tenants across the state, including so many of my friends, who worked their butts off to get this anti-rent gouging bill through the Legislature. We can and will do so much more still to get REAL rent control
Folks have been circulating a number of questions about today's bill. Though we were not sponsors of the legislation, I do understand some of the thinking that went into the bill. To start:
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