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Arizona, you have to vote for Martha McSally!

Texas, you have to vote for Ted Cruz!

Tennessee, you have to vote for Marsha Blackburn!

Missouri, you have to vote for John Hawley!

Wisconsin, you have to vote for Scott Walker!

Florida, you have to vote for Ron DeSantis!
Please, add the Republican to vote for and the State.

Michigan, you have to vote for John James!
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#New Traders, Understand #Mathematics Of #Profit In Market Before You Put Hard #Earned Money On Risk.

Expectancy = Success Rate x Reward Risk Ratio

Lets Talk About Expectancy Of Short Term Directional Trading System.

Read On (1/n)
Success Rate = No Of Profitable Tades/ No Of Loss Making Trades

Reward Risk Ratio = Average Profit Per Trade / Average Loss Per Trade

If Success Rate is 0.5 and Reward Risk 2, Then

Expectancy = 2 x 0.5 =1

For Making Profit, Expectancy Should Be Positive Number (2/n)
To Calculate Expectancy, You Need Defined System With Rules To Get Success Rate and Reward Risk. If You Have No System To Take Decisions, You Are Hanging In Thin Air and Will Never No Whether You Will Keep Making Or Loosing Money In Future (3/n)
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The investigation and charges were brought by DOJ officials, not related to the Special Counsel.

The Washington Post has reported this correctly in the past.
The Washington Post knows this...

"The case, which is not part of the special counsel investigation into Russian interference..."…
#UPDATE: Looks like the @WashingtonPost has updated their headline to reflect the fact that Butina was NOT charged by the Special Counsel.

(Only if you click the link...not yet in the preview on Twitter.)…
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As everyone applauds Republican Rep. Will Hurd tonight...

Remember, he's on the House Intelligence Committee. He's voted with Nunes and the GOP on each and every measure, including on their sham "Russia Investigation" findings and today's vote against subpoenaing the translator.
#FTR: We should applaud Republicans who break from Trump and their party.

At the same time, we should be aware of their actions, and how, even as recently as today, they contradict their words.

We must encourage them to take those words and turn them into concrete action.
We should welcome Rep. Hurd's words and encourage matching action.

I've feared we wouldn't see Republicans like Sen. Edward Brooke β€” the first (of many that followed) to break w/ the GOP and call for Nixon's resignation.

I hope those fears are unfounded.
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Rescuers begin operation to retrieve soccer team trapped in Thailand's Tham Luang cave, head of rescue mission says. #ThailandCaveRescue
A rescue mission is underway to pull out the 12 boys and their coach trapped inside a cave in Thailand. 18 divers (13 international + 5 Thai) have made their way inside the cave to rescue the boys one by one.
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Thanks to Trump's embassy move, #Nakba70 protests start a day early. Israeli army expects West Bank protests & 100,000 demonstrators in #Gaza, is preparing to use lethal force against them & again threatens to air bomb Gaza. 49 Palestinians killed & 9,545 wounded so far in Gaza
Here is a short #thread about the #Nakba
And here is my #thread about developments related to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict from yesterday
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Today is the 7th Friday of the #GreatReturnMarch & the last 1 before #Nakba70 day. Last week was the 1st time Friday's protests w no deaths.
According to @ochaopt, 50 people died since March 30, 40 of them during the protests.
Not a single Israeli was hurt & not 1 rocket launched
Here is my #thread from yesterday about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict & the state of the "only democracy in the Middle East"
And here is my #thread about what happened last Friday
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πŸ’ͺA thread on amazing Twitter threads πŸ˜πŸ‘‡
In the process of revamping my #Twitter profile (dormant earlier), I have come to appreciate the wonderful underutilized platform it is!
Some threads contain crisp knowledge capsules that can help many. Starting 1 on such curated content
1. I largely rely on this: to find content
2. What I wish to share is what coincides largely with my interests- #Learning, #Investing, #Behavioralpsychology (#mentalmodels, #bias, etc), #Businessbooks, Industry insights/case studies, Life experiences, etc
While it will be difficult to structure the order of content here, I will try to block threads by category (as noted above & more). Feel free to comment with any good thread that you would have come across. Cumulative learning always helps.
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Tips 4
Penjagaan ALAS BREK (Brake Pad) . Alas brek nipis boleh menyebabkan sistem brek tidak berfungsi dengan baik dan juga boleh menyebabkan piring brek (disc brake) rosak.
Bedasarkan pengamatan aku, benda ni yang selalu orang terlepas pandang.
Jangka hayat Alas Brek ni bergantung pada cara pemanduan korang. Alas Brek Tulen untuk Perodua Myvi berharga sekitar RM40-RM60.
Tips 5
Penjagaan PENAPIS UDARA. Penapis Udara ni terletak diatas engine, kotak berwarna HITAM kebiasaannya. Penapis Udara yang kotor boleh menyebabkan sistem pengudaraan yang tidak sempurna.
Kebiasaannya Penapis Udara ni orang tukar selepas 20,000km
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