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11 Jul 20
TM Krishna's mindset is an all too familiar trap #nonc fall into. His misplaced sense of injustice springs from a belief that the familiar "near" culture represents the only items and practices of peak aesthetic value and there are measurable advantages that flow to adherents.1
The possibility that the Tribal woman who collected the sticks for the brahmin homam has no desire to actually perform it escapes TMK. It is a "far" practice and her own tribes festivities -- maybe the stereotypical pig-roast/bonfire/songdance is the high for her!
This is the only way sanatana can work. A bewildering diversity of practice oriented in a certain _non abrahamic way - ie without a prophet , revelation, book, clerg- where no practice is superior , they can be different,more elaborate, require more training, but not ++
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6 Jul 20
When you listen to the sheer vulgarity and self incrimination and outright cancellation of *everything tamizh* - there is NOTHING redeemable about Tamils 2000+ yr history other than "prostition and slavery to Tamil brahmins", I can understand the #coreTamizh problem
Many of todays youth Dravidian youtubers fathers and uncles would have grown up listening to Periyar "shudra shame" them , crushed without any sense of history. Cant blame them for turning out the way they did.
Reality: There is no such group as Shudra - there was caste and there was oppression, there were Ilankai/Valankai groups but no Shudra group in Tamil history as EVR described !!
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24 Jun 20
In Telugu, but I could understand šŸ˜€

The #core2 problems
1. He is creating a messiah brand for himself w taxpayer money (it is 100% funded by TS govt)
2. It creates a parallel *govt* school system based on caste
3. The scale is huge. (like 2000Cr/yr) 7000 teachers 2L kids
4. Breaks all reservation rules : quota 75% SC, 12% SC-Christian convert, 6% ST, 5% OBC, 2% Open
5. Empowers a new sectarian rule - that proper education is only possible when every caste/sect is educated separately.
6. TS also has MRIES - with similiar rules for Minorities.
7. TMREIS rules (75% minorities 25% hindoos (i.e non minorities) with internal pro-rata. Muslim 64%, Christian 12%, Jain/Parsi/Budha/Sikh 1% each. 12% OBC, 2% Open)
8. Now coming to the "Separate but equal" - the schools are not EQUAL- they are far better on per-capita alloc
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23 Feb 20
Value ed can create this archetype by the thousands -> A high strung, low analytical IQ, very high EI (emotional intelligence) - I bet @tmkrishna thinks of these things as impure and hence is projecting his own idea on the Leather worker.
@tmkrishna equivalent would be the slaughter industry. All those guys posting mutton biriyani and beef kerala fry - how many here would have the stomach to slaughter a lamb? these are non-brahmins right - so the pure feast of the Gods is impure work of the slaughterman - @tmkrishna
@tmkrishna a side effect of the Dravidian elevation of the tamil-brahmin. The dunning-kruger effect. A few dimwits internalize the elevation and think they are gods gift in brainpower !! What a psychological mess India is in - only #C has an answer to everything. Is this clear by now?
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9 Aug 19
Happened in Rajasthan @ashokgehlot51 - lets see how @ShashiTharoor 's anti-Lynching law would be used.

*against the minorities
@ashokgehlot51 @ShashiTharoor First - the guy got 'thrashed brutally' not killed , but this is enough to constitute a LYnching offence. Any assault committed by > 2 people is Lynching ( a MOB is defined as 2 or more people)
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12 May 19
Missed this development ; wrong for SC to stay Madras HC decision. But the #IOI formula is "Block and temporize" for Group-A and "Allow and temporize for Group-B"ā€¦
The facts are clear : If the Nuns and Priests have a vow of poverty , that is their internal matter. Should be opaque to state. If they take money from Tax payer despite having vow of poverty they should pay TDS like everyone else. #core2
Root of issue :

From 2015 Tamilnadu govt started to use ECS to credit salaries for Nuns/Priests directly to their accounts instead of giving a bulk grant-in-aid to the churches who would then pay stipends as required. cc @by2kaafi
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28 Apr 19
The hijacking of the word "Equity" is neither undetected nor unchallenged.
It starts with the childish example of three kids of different heights watching a ball , game The short one cant see a thing, so he is given a box to stand on. Of course no one disagrees !!! but this a trivialisation
This is trivial because the following is obvious
1. that the heights are different and cant be fixed
2. that the short guy is totally cut off and hence washed out.

hardly possibel in real life !!
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30 Mar 19
So - it looks like this
0-5,000 pm : covers 22% of families
but here is the magic
5,000 to 7,500 pm - covers the next 25% !!!

-- CON and #IOI have created a very poor country. @harshmadhusudan
Avg Monthly Income per Household. This is measured as the Avg Monthly Income of the HEAD of the household.

0-5K - 22% (the targeted group)
5-7.5K - 25% (look at the size of this chunk)
7.5-10K - 20%
10-20K - 19%
20-50K - 10%
above 2%

how pi$$ poor #IOI made us
so the geniuses want to transfer 6K/m to the 1st group - that **LEAPFROGS them over 45% into the 6-11K bracket.. Straight into into the 5th and 6th deciles - can you imagine the social chaos this causes. But #IdeaOfIndia love chaos even mayhem.
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14 Mar 19
This pattern is a result of not having institution control in temples - 99% babus might be benign, but the 1% hostile can take you down.
if you do #core4 you cut off this possibility. Will we put star instead of lotus inside a temple??
Mitron may ask : if 99% are ok , then why are you jumping. Nothing in life is 100% move along.
It appears to be ignorant question but hard to answer. Trying :

All laws/rules/police are about the 1% malice - that is the asymmetry of HARM. It doesnt matter if 99 guys feed you cake , you watch out for the 1 guy who gives you poison.
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16 Nov 18
#Teqyah-1: He very well explained the Sindhi experience (which is valid) but he extends that cover to others. So did all communities getting minority status come penniless from Pak?
#Teqyah-2 : he played the SC/ST card against Hindu institutions - but that is not even the issue. PAY in full. Use vouchers. See how smart they are with Gas subsidy transfers? This is deliberate
#Teqyah-3 : he completely dismissed the implications of oppressive legal regime in institutions. So who is preventing HIndu from opening insitutions? The frontline #TeqBusting for that is "are you asking us to be happy there is no BAN against HIndu institutions"
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14 Nov 18
And this 500Cr is not channeled into labeled #Sabarimala institutions like School chains, healthcare, colleges, credit systems, research, litigation, outreach, promotion. These are basic institutional initiatives in CBCI,

That is the #core4 issue
this is a source level cutoff of Hindu religions institutional capability under the bogeyman of "brahmin or caste capture" . so #core4 is more important that #core5 because if you had the institutonal response you can ward off core5 attacks by them
think outside the box that #IOI has created for you. This took me years -- Imagine a system where the Institution could defend itself. Easily commission a 10C PR Campaign , build vanguards with specific knowledge about the shrine, buy media influence, control edu, etc..
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20 Aug 18
Egregious cases of #RTE as activist hit High Court : Children equally suffer due - now not everyone can understand the issue here and the deceptionā€¦ ; let me explain for benefit of public.
Imagine the following situation :

1 . You are a non-minority trust and have a school with 100 Seats. #RTE stipulates you set aside 25 seats for (whatever arbitrary quota Govt decides) -- all fine till now.
2. It is also the case that the 25 seats wuld have to be subsidized by your trust somehow - most likely by passing on burden to the other 75. Even here -- all fine till now. read on..
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