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there is always a #D backend.. Ajantha Subramanian welcome to India Ma'aam
she is not only privileged but her mother V Vasanthi Devi is a very powerful person in Tamilnadu State Govt edu institutions.Contested vs Jaya. GGF Vengal Chakkarai Chettiar one of the most prominent Christian Evangelists and Theologians.
Indians are generally not curious about these things. Its just me .. hence If they get to me (they are trying) then you will not know what hit you. These are extremely intelligent, hardworking, singletrack, well funded -- you are distracted and silly going after Ranaa Ayubs..
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Then why arent we seeing any kilarchi to classify our own #D elite caste as FC - sujay bro. FC is so better la.. 😍😍😁

the #D purposely talk aloud like this mislead followers. the cheat is of course BC has *exclusive* access to 26.5% over and above the shared 31%. FC have 0% Image
Essentially vertical quota is "Over and above".. like a top up for non-FC.

Even though they block me - I have to track them because some of #D elite accounts are sharp af.🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🧐🧐😍 No way these two dont know the fallacy. They embrace the bad faith. They want it.
The real issue is the "BC" group itself is a political #D creation. It isnt homogenous. The honest #c3 way is to disaggregate - now see how this looks.

For example: say I take TVMudali/KVG etc

A 4% has access to 31%
A 2% has access to 57.5% .. did you see the magic @sujays ?
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I updated my #Flickr album on Black and White experiments. Adding a few pictures and sorting again. Adding a short snippet of the story behind the pictures
In 2014 just a few months after arriving in #France we visited #Normandy and the #D-Day landing beaches. Omaha Beach is one, the most (in)famous. The image of the perfectly aligned tombs in the cemetery impacted me and haunts me since then
After that visit I curated and arranged the pictures in this #Flickr album
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Dravidian accounts are abuzz with the familiar "Poonool (TamizhBrahmin Janeyu) Pulling" motif a very familiar one. In reality it is nothing but an assault on a person. Here are #Dravidian-Tamils in *New Jersey USA* creating a cultural event out of this.
This is an event where they grab a kid dressed up as a TamizhBrahmin and the top galaxy of #Dravidian leaders laugh and pull and presumbly remove it. This meme is wildly popular with #DravidianStock Tamils

you have to be *inside the Tamizh sphere like me* - a Local Fox. 👇👇
So yesterday in wake of new TN Rule mandating all to stand up for Tamil-Anthem.. #Dravidian accounts took the famous motif and morphed SumanthRaman ( A Cong leaning commentator but seen as brahmin by #D fanatics) -- look at this guy.. 🖤😍❤️😍😁😁
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muwaaha.. What is banned exactly? Complex issues for #c types. Legal age for consensual sex / co-habitation is 18.. so they can just get married in 'private religious way - contract' and wait for 21 to register it putting girls & any pregnancy in that period in serious harm 1/
so here is the question for BJP- Mitrons..that will expose the noncore :

Qn: Do you think marriage age of 21 for girls is a great idea for education and attainment and health of girls ?

Let me wait to see if anyone will come forward to answer this simple question.
before I forget this and go back to #D - let me answer
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"The #initials of a {word/name} are #key indicators of the {{#Energy}} it's #programmed with"

- This is something most won't be able to comprehend....

That is why I use #pictures.

- We are in the "#43rd" Week....
(#D)oge (#C)oin is starting to pump....

We are in week #43
(#D)og (#C)oins are pumping....

Making sense yet? 👁
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Some #D aspects blow my mind. do ppl recall the saturation volcanic eruption from top DMK ministers on down on PSBB case followed by deluge of defamation and threats from cadre? No one bothered to even comment on chargesheet filed 2 days back. 1/
Leads me to believe that the actual progress of the prosecution, the exact nature of charges, perhaps even the eventual judgment -- is only incidental.

What matters is the instantaneous pretext to vent hate.
See -- EVEN if the eventual judgment is acquittal they still win. Because it only proves that Brahmins control the judiciary and police .. the opportunity to vent ! spew was taken. The faux concern for victims shows in their disinterest in chargesheet - minor POCSO sections
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Public comment for this LA City Council Redistricting meeting will begin within a few minutes.

-Join via zoom here:
-More on other options to join here:

🧵 of the highlights & lowlights...
Chair Ali is addressing the LA Times article. He's now assigning numbers to districts.

More on that article and Fred's dishonest statements.
He is now laughably claiming that it would actually be inappropriate to consider advantaging incumbents because of their commission's principles and values.

Apparently this wasn't him speaking about helping out incumbents on Monday:
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OK so, Dominic Raab at the foreign affairs select committee. That's a thing which will end any remaining confidence you might have in the governance of this nation and it is happening now.
Kicks off in five minutes. Video is here. As ever, mute this thread if you're not interested because I'll cover it pretty extensively over the next 90…
This should be less depressing than a Commons debate because 1) select committees are better at meaningful scrutiny and 2) it'll be much shorter. Point 2 is more important than point 1.
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so thread on rajendra chola. why isnt he more popular? they ask. the answer lies in the Dravidian zeitgeist which continues to this day. 1/
In general the dravidian movement plays down Tamil kingdoms because it was in the initial stages led by nonTamils. Second the missionaries posited the entire span of Tamil history as 'period of darkness'.
Now the main thing is Tamil kings were *vedic - in particular the Cholas. The Dravidian imperative is Anti-Vedic , Anti-Brahmin, Anti-Tamil-Vedjic. So that doesnt square. next question. Why Rajendra I ?
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(in eng) #DravidianTales

Imagine you throw a birthday party for your kid. One guest gifts him a scrabble set. Then your kid becomes a famous author.

The guy who gifted the scrabble demands a royalty. Because ''எங்க பணத்துல ' it is because of my gift.
when mercantile dravidian castes donated to temples, it was for a purpose and in total compliance of the rules in effect at that time. If X didnt donate Y would have.
Today the descendants (claiming to be - dont trust anything in #D but play along) of those groups are driving to throw vedas/brahmins/sanskrit out of temples. And then what? What if those descendants convert and demand to take the temple with them? Ever thought about it?
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1, why cant the locals learn the language. tamilnadu muslims have no such issue with arabic

2, so vedic should be banned? suprabatham etc?

the hue and cry is because this whole racket is a #D tequiyah to disrupt temple liturgy make it vulnerable to an open-ended control mech
again a motte and bailey trick.. if you probe a bit deeper like me, they will back up into "we are only asking this as an option..." but if you pull back they will ""தமிழ்நாட்டு நாடு சாமிக்கு தமிழில் மட்டும்.." (only tamil archanai for gods on tamil soil)
If you back off - they will occupy the bailey and push further. see if you accept the argument then .. 'தமிழ்நாட்டு சாமிக்கு எதுக்கு வடமொழி பெயர் " - அதென்னன சுந்தரேஸ்வரர் மீனாட்சி (மீன்ஆக்ஷி) - அதென்ன நட..ராஜா " .. அப்போ hue and cry பண்ண முடியுமா.
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Ok. looks like our $400M Thinktanks wont step up. It is me again to explain the foundation issues while battling #D in Tamizh as well. The announcement by Modi of 27% OBC and 10% EWS quota in UG and PG Medical AIQ. What is this?
So there are three types of seats :
1. State govt seats - domicile only
2. Central institutes (AIIMS,PGIMER,etc) - all india
3. Seats surrendered by states to Onriyam(Centre) - all India
There is already OBC quota in 1 (each state per their own OBC lists) and 2 (AIIMS/JIPMER pondicheretc)

THe issue today refers to the #3 item.
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I committed to blog about the famous #Dravidian "Kasi" saga of Mr E.V.Ramasamy (Periyar) but it may take time I have too much on my plate. So let me just put the evidence up here in interest of public. (In English because of interest expressed) 1/
Essentially the story goes Periyar left his house in ~1905 in a huff and spent a couple of years (or lesser) as a wandering hindu sadhu mendicant in AP (Bezawada / Hyd) -- he was accompanied by two Tamizh brahmins Venkatrama Iyer and Ganapati Iyer
The three would go around and give religious discourses -- the two tamizhbrahmin would speak in tamil and Periyar would humorously translate it to Telugu in his own irreverent style. This story is installed deep into every tamilian as a #D foundation issue. see this movie scene Image
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GQD & GOD, Same Same ..
17 & Jesus, 1 And the same ..

There is A reason all of this, ALL FOR A BUCK.
It's all about the #BREAK. What do you do right before the #BREAK, You CLEAR THE #RACK 🦌. Velvet.

Are you READY?
Come with me my Love ... ImageImage
#C hrist Before #D eclass ..

🎱 Corner pocket.
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"TBrahmin women are learning Bharatanatyam dance as a scheme to entertain and take the money of Chettiars (Nattukottai Nagarathars)"

12-6-1948 Kudiarasu: Official paper of #Dravidians titled "எல்லாம் பார்ப்பனமயம் ஜகத்"
You all think I am trying haard to find these. Not at all. This is their entire literature. There is nothing else! I can just pick any book/periodical and find this! A cauldron of hatred - to demonize and defame the Tamil Brahmin people.
This is where "Brahmin"Ism will get you @ChetanAhimsa .. no one supports oppression. But only a coward or a deep actor like TNM will support tagging this to an identifiable group.
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The "Sampaashanai" (dialog) model: An understanding of the #AntiTB hate and defamation propaganda techniques is in order.

The official #Dravidian paper carried this.

Depicts TamizhBrahmin couple excitedly celebrating Mahatma Gandhi's assassination
The title says "Quick Di.. here have sweets"..dialog starts.. come here, quick run, have sweets, have you heard the good news. Gandhi has been shot.. .."
Now this isnt a legal issue .. as Sartre said, this isnt like an 'opinion that needs to be protected by free speech' .. it is a criminal passion. Are you legally allowed to have this type of fantasy about a group?
A psychosis of the #DravidianTamil
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Here is a #D thought experiment. Say I push this message

👉Only the vile 3% TBrahmins are opposing such an innocent demand to rename the Centre as Ondriyam"

How many of you would get scared and vacate..

This is how you gain territory.
What is the 'federalist principle' ? Do you guys want a Supreme Court? "India is a Union of States" is a gramatical formation. can you say "India is a Centre of States".. the real messaging is in Tamil communicated by other #D , which yall dont understand.
Most Indians are not curious people. Why is a mere word substitution such a big issue? Who cares.. if you use one synonym or another? I certainly dont care Tomaato Tomatoe..

So there is something else there innit.. the next step requires 'curiosity'..
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see? This is called 'defamiliarizing' and 'problematizing' - tools from critical methods.

I think the semantics of 'central' are established and well understood and there are no functional implications of 'union'. This is akin to throwing sand into the gears. #D for disruption
old 'Lem twist.

அம்மணக்குண்டி ஊர்ல கோவணம் கட்டியவன் .. ஒன்னு பயித்தியக்காரனா இருக்கணும் .. இல்ல மகாராஜாவா இருக்கணும்.. எது இது? 😂😂
in a town of butt nekked if a guy is wearing a chaddi .. he must either be the town idiot or the king. which one is it?

If NO other state or even TN earlier had an issue with "Centre" .. and only #D are erupting .. which one is it? 😂
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so I probed some ppl on free speech they came up short.

A very hard identity based ideology that rides on defamation, their entire corpus of literature is nothing but canards and defamation, can only be defeated by full and scathing free speech in the reverse direction.
any factual defamation must of course be prosecuted but not by political parties , but by the descendants and trustees of that legacy.
any 'wrong opinion' or 'disrespect' is not actionable at all by anyone. Particularly of political leadership who themselves do not think twice to abuse like 'B dogs..' even Ivy League" PTR uses 'rabid dog' for HRaja - that is the current bar of discourse in #D
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OK. looks like 153(A) , 504, 505, and Sec 67 of IT Act. the full spectrum of criminalizing free speech is pressed here. A big issue right now in TN cc @TweetinderKaul
See the magic in #Dravidam is

Sec 153(A) has a #TamizhBrahmin exception baked in. This is extended to Sanathana Dharma an oblique reference to Hindu.

Every speech of Subavee Nellai Kannan #D and Karu Palaniappan is a potential 153(A) crime .. yet that is allowed.
Real issue with that two bit rowdy saattathorai is he barged trespassed into a private property and intimidated owner into making a type of confession. Rowdy is now arrested on flimsy charges in this FIR..
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Who is Professor Dr J. Jeyaranjan? Chairman of SDPC (Tamilnadu State Planning Commission). He is presented as an accomplished economist. Sun TV has a profile, but it does not go deeper.

Now I do not care who the duly elected #D govt appoints to what position.

I am concerned about the celebrations in #ATB (Anti-TBrahmin) core #D circles.. that he is some kind of intellectual nemesis who makes Brahmins squeal (word is Kathara..கதறல்)
Dr J.Jeyaranjan got his MSc from Madurai Kamaraj in Maths in 81.. then a PhD from MIDS (Madras Inst Dev Studies) in 1995. MIDS is a Dravidian research institution.…
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so I embed Kulukkai videos (popular dravidian youtube channel) They disable embedding feature for their videos. how closely they watch. Image
not the first time. I linked to a youtube video - an interview with Dravidian intellectual Suba Vee which had tens of thousands of views. They made the video private.. it was telecast in mainstream with a legit interviewer. #D Image
This was my article about it -- the upshot was this.

"If you break Periyar statue ..
we can break Tbrahmins houses (agraharathai

note 👉 it is not 'we will break Savarkar statue in return"…
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Okay, seeing blank faces. Here is how the fallacy works in Dravidian - if you work in "Policy" or "India Liberal Intelligentsia" this is go above your head. Hence you will dismiss as 'silly'.

Maalan -> came from Uzbek
Babur -> came from Uzbek

same? purpose of this?
This is to 'reduce' Maalan to Babar. This logic is actually a danger to muslims, but Drav do it anyway.

Similar to reducing UVeSa to Bishop Caldwell.. both are foreigners contributing to Tamil.
This fallacy ignores the "Time" aspect. Dont contest the steppe part. EVEN if Maalan (A #NonDravidianStock ) and Babur are from same place. Maalan came 3000 years ahead of Babur, or 2500 or whatever. So there are two aspects

1. first possession
2. civilization development
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