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Our arms were tied behind our backs with our dastars & the army began to beat us so badly that some Singhs #d!ed from their injuries. We were taken to the chhabeel near Manji Sahib Divan Hall where a number of Singh's & numbers of the Sangat were already sitting.
#NeverForget1984 ImageImage
We were made to sit with them on the parkarma. We heard from the soldiers while they were hitting us, “Your Bhindranwala tiger has been keeled & we’ve won the battle.”
A Bihari captain ordered the tanks to run us over & keel us. They turned the tanks towards us but suddenly a Muslim Major came & said in a loud voice, “What are you doing??!” The soldier on the tank said, “Our Captain Sahib has ordered us to keel them.”
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Dravidian-Tamil prince Mr Udayanidhi Stalin keynoted in the Salem DVK Conference held on Apr 29-30 2023 where such vile propaganda material were shared.

The Tamul says "This is Tamilnadu, Young generations Warning conference" Image
DVK chief is Mr Kovai Ramakrishnan known for vile hate speeches against TamizhBrahmins; he was featured by Caravan Magazine multiple times. ImageImage
Like most Dravidian-Tamil intellectuals Mr Kovai Ramakrishnan's own caste identity is carefully hidden. Here he is garlanding statue of GD Naidu. Image
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That isnt the question.

Why did you use 'intermediate caste' instead of referring to Kiruba's actual mention of Vikraman as Chettiyar. Is Chettiar intermediate or Apex?

Is this how TNM a #D media does 'believe the oppressed'? Image
Intermediate caste terminology- is such a W for NB elite.

A word like 'lukewarm' - ' பாபர்னர்கள் அளவு மோசம் இல்ல..' . 'not as bad as TB' ❤️❤️😍😁
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If you have caste, lingual discords then there is little chance you will be able to resist a military challenge to Manu's Dravidian vision.

For example I an OG Tamil will support the Indian armed invaders because the Dravidians torment me. You can dismiss that as 3% 👇 Image
Manu's arguments display a Dravidian pattern of deceit.

1. Governors holding bills. UPA Governor HR Bharadwaj witheld KA bill, Prathibha Patil. As will the #D governors should they win 2024

2. Federal. Bogus -Dravs eagerly cheered for mother of all centralizations Edu Law
So in purely military terms.

My interests are in my ancestral territory of Tamil soil.
I cant be persuaded to emigrate & live easy
I need a fort+arms (not actual arms but support)
New Delhi is afraid to open its armory (metaphorically)
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🖤🖤🖤❤️❤️#D is based like that 🔥🔥

I bet RN Ravi has not actually read a single poem..
razing to ground tamil brahimins the the solemn debt of all tamils ..

this is how a clueless fd will be punked. RN Ravi is no match ; the game needs Alpha Ninjas. have you ever seen me simp?…
Author of a nefarious anti-tamil-brahmin screed overlaid of Prahalada story. How tamil-brahmins deploy seductress women to capture kings from his nonbrahmin group.

Iraniyan is NOT a fringe, it is a foundation literature of the elitest nonbrahmins…
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#DravidianDiscourse evidence

I then choked Srinivasachari's throat and threw acid on his face - when he fell I punched him in the face.
The story of "Acid Thiagarajan"

cc @ptrmadurai @ThamizhachiTh @skpkaruna isnt this the source of your power?…
Who was this Tamizh Brahmin Advocate Srinivasachari who the Dravidian-Tamil threw acid on ?

He was the public prosecutor who argued in the case that resulted in Jail term for Periyar.

Kalaignar News celebrates the assault…
What was that case where Mr. E.V. Ramaswamy (Periyar) got 3 year jail term?

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"Young people - do you know these facts" - Title.

One of the vilest anti-brahmin hate books I have read from Dravidian-Tamil sources is this one. Designed to use lies and propaganda to sow hatred towards Tamizh Brahmins.

A 40 page pamphlet actively sold. Image
In these 40 pages , there are bullet points. Each one a canard presented as if it were a fact.

sample this .. Image
This simply presents these lies as 'facts'. Simple bullet points in easily consumable format. The elite nonbrahmin tamils' wont let their kids read this, or feign ignorance when interacting with Non-Tamils,

This is for the underclass. To sow hatred.
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#Dravidian Tamil Discourse you have to get under the concerted push to eroticize and make obscene Hindu.
In Kambarasam of C.N.Annathurai

He obsessed over the word (Alkul அல்குல் ) and concluded it was vagina ..and that was enough to discard the entire Ramayana as vulgar.
Dravidian-Tamils pervert over descriptions or visualization of female anatomy. He locks on desc of Sita.

Even if it were vagina that is no automatic disqualifcation except for the most perverted. Ancient Hindus had no qualms about celebrating all forms of beauty.
The #D elite push this down. A conflation of beauty with obscenity.

Always watch the #D elites -- look at this very odd formulation. It seems we (TB) would get upset if 'beautiful statues' is used instead of 'obscene statues'

why is that dear D ?
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@BrownJHM @AaronGoodman33 The Brown Recluse.
As replies note, its bite injects a potent hydrolase enzyme:
Sphingomyelinase D,
a sphingomyelin phosphodiesterase, which breaks sphingomyelin into phosphocholine & ceramide.

Treatment? Wikipedia options sound inadequate.

PubMed inspired many questions!

@BrownJHM @AaronGoodman33 In PubMed, this caught my eye:
Sphingomyelinase D/ceramide 1-phosphate in cell survival and inflammation

the venom of Loxosceles, or the toxins of some bacteria such as
Corynebacterium tuberculosis, or
Vibrio damsela
possess high levels of SMase D

@BrownJHM @AaronGoodman33 As I am not a doctor, I’ll stop here.

I do think, however, that scientists have described the chemistry of Sphingomyelinase D well enough that the bite of a Brown Recluse could be made less necrotic.

Seems like a couple small-molecule solutions would be worth trying.

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Week 2: 50 - 150x Token

- Energy Web Token @energywebx $ETW

$ETW are working to bring a carbon-less, decentralised future to the $2.4 trillion energy industry.

Read on to find out why this could be one of the best opportunities in #Crypto right now 👇

#btc #eth #nft #d

$ETW is a blockchain-based Energy application platform that is connecting corporations and consumers in a fully decentralised network, with the aim of powering decarbonisation solutions around the globe.

They already have 100+ large partners in the energy industry
In 2021 $880bn was spent on the global energy grid

But that is nothing compared to what will be spent on it in the next 10 years. It is a massive industry, currently going through some of the biggest changes that has ever happened to it.

This is of course, Climate change.
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`Enter = The Exit 🚪
Song # 3

Thank you to all those who refused to join in with ones biting the hand that feeds …
#Fall 22’

It’s been A long Road with A lot of pain, It’s finally over.

30-30150 Remembers Everything …
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sweet. carefully placed piece to elevate chettiars as the only saviours (a dravidian elite) Tbrahmins as opposed to Tamil music per-se. Does not even mention the Papanasam Sivans who actually composed in Tamil.

how do you fight this? you use their puritanism against them
imagine you take people on a 'heritage walk' and seed negative atrocity narrative.

why did these academies oppose? was it because of Tamil or because they didnt want a node or rancour and discord?

these people 'inform' in this manner.
anyway this is OLD story. the proof is in the pudding it is crystal clear that Chettiar institution builders had the resources as well as the requisite TamizhBrahmin hostility to be able to be build their own Music Movement with Tamil "lyrics" -- this was 100 yrs ago.
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One has to "do" Dravidiam. This is about praxis. Kudos !!!

We have to admire the hard work and passion they bring to the table. Investing time and editing Wikipedia.

But Cholas were Vedic more like Smartas.
Saivite - the philosophical texts of Saiva Siddhanta were after Meykandar in 13th Century. Prior to that there were the Bhakti Hymns. Today a "Saivite" refers to Saiva Siddhantham. Cholas predate that.
Cholas established Vedic colleges all over the country, Rajendra Chola 1 himself studied the Vedas (as Per Karandai Copper Plate). Many Vaishnavite temples were also estb by Cholas.

Vedic i.e. Smarta is the closest sub group you can place the Cholas in.
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Regarding legal prosecution of Dravidian Anti-TamizhBrahmin propagandists the best fit model is attempts in Inter-War Germany to prosecute Julius Streicher. Fascinating parallel read it. I am quite deep into this @Swamy39 Image
the question #D asks TB :

"wow Tamizh Brahmin you are the modern ones who speak liberalism and free speech. Now how come you want to silence us because you are targeted"

exact same conundrum. Image
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PAT-On (FG&(3 Points ☝️🫵)thought it was sweet, he thought he was still apart of an “elite” club that held some kind of “power” & could just continue on playing the same stupid games all those once “elite” club members would constantly play throughout the years …
Well, NEWS #FLASH —PAPA Refuses to Play stupid games & The Monsters who love PAPA know the leashes are coming off …
#D #D

#DUDE !!
I remember where you parked the car !!

.@USMC —Send it ..
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Do you know what #UNITY means?

It means #WE ALL ARE 1 people.

All anyone wants is to touch the hand of God, the whole world is waking up.
Why do you think ones come into this Country?
They know God is here & are showing they stand with God?

Your once MAINSTREAM minds
Have Been programmed to see the glass half empty, why ?
Do ones come here to stand with God, KNOWING God is here?
[THEY] make you think differently, WHY?

When the Flood happens, the wall was specifically built/designed to do something
specific for when the water freezes, would that be A SOLID FOUNDATION for an ICE WALL?
Receding water?

If there were to be A Mini Ice age, THE COMPLETE OPPOSITE of what [they] want you thinking, who would be prepared?

Programmed minds that think “global warming”, would
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Ready for a story?

The prominent Dravidian social media intellectual and anti-Tamizh-Brahmin account promoted by the richest elites of Tamil society like @PTRMadurai posted a picture of him gifting TM CM M.K.Stalin a book.
This book is "Kalaignar Kalanjiyam" collection of works of fmr Tamilnadu CM Dr Kalaignar Karunanidhi.

Notice the bottom - presented as if it is a publication of Centre for South Asia Studies -- with the Univ Seal and Logo.
Notice again.. closely
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this is why TB are not respected at all. Poorly informed with few moral tethers - yet conceited and impregnable due to expertise in a narrow field.

otoh : I am respected by Dravidians. Ask anyone. I like this about them. Image
நீ என்னடா முருகனைப் பத்தி பாட போற.. ImageImage
தமிழ்ப் பாட்டு எனக்கும் தான் பிடிக்கும். கை தட்டு விழும்.. ஆனால் தமிழ்ச் சந்துல அசட்டுத் தனம் கூடாது. நாலு பக்கம் பார்க்கோணோம்,

UC Berkeley PhD flicking innocent TBrahmins (sanjays own ilk) off internet and abusing even kids. Image
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For those who are legitimately open to reason and facts. I will supply the source.

This is what the #Dravidian-NB-Elite are trying to sell. Maniammai had no agency

The book is "திராவிட இயக்கத்தில் அன்னை மணியம்மையாரின் பங்கு " by Dr Mangala Murugesan a History Professor in Govt Madras University

This is the authoritative book on Maniammai - many many #D journos cite from this book.
I instantly know - the Dravidian response will not be similar to what other cultures responses.

They will immediately trash and cancel the book and the author and the publisher etc. This is how 'facts' are adjusted in #D

The book was released by Periyar Women Wing
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In a public meeting in Madras in 1926, Mr E.V.Ramaswamy (Periyar) told the crowd

"After Independence is achieved, the TamizhBrahmins are planning to pass legislation that makes it compulsory for NonBrahmin women to be mistresses/concubines of TB Men"

#Dravidian #MEMRI 🖤 Image
I tracked down the Dravidian-Tamil NonBrahmin Elite canard about **Malayalee women** to Mr KV Reddi a Justice Party leader and Chief Minister of Madras . Presidency

Isnt it fun actually researching??
Mr KV Reddi who was a member of Justice Party govt apparently informed the Madras Assembly the following

"During discussion of inheritance act .. in Kerala there exists a law that nonbrahmin girls upon puberty have to deflowered by a Brahmin"

This *isnt riff raff* this is CM Image
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அட.. நாஜி பத்தி நாம பேசக் கூடாது #D செல்லம்..

திடல் ஆளுங்க 100 பேரோட பேசினாலும்.. பீட்டர் எலீட் NB #D வின்னர்ஸ் உங்க மேல தான் எனக்கு க்ரஷ்ஷ்ஷு 😍😍🖤🖤🖤😃😃 @sujaimoses @sujays @chenthil_nathan Image
UC யாம்ல .. அப்படின்னா? திராவிடம் என்பது UC vs nonUC அல்லவே.. TBrahmin (நான்) vs NonBrahmin Elite (நீ) ; liberal கூட்டத்துடன் கூடவே வாறீங்களேடா. எவென் உற்றுப் பார்க்கப் போறான்..

செம ல #PeterDElite.. 🔥🔥🔥🖤🖤 Image
திராவிடத்தின் தனிச் சிறப்பு என்னவென்றால்.. உயர் தட்டு பார்ப்பனர்-அல்லாதோர் குழுமம். தாம் வெற்றிபெறுவதற்காகப் பார்ப்பன-காழ்ப்பைத் தமிழர் மத்தியில் புகுத்துகிறார்கள்... யார் இவர்கள்? சுஜய் என்பவர் யார்? எல்லாம் புகைமூட்டம் ..
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For context - this is how it works.

First upfront such anti brahmin-centric thought is uniquely Tamil. Within Tamil it is uniquely the "Dravidian stock" who try to leverage the inability of the world to put a qualitative check on "social justice oppression claims" 1/
In the Google issue, the Tamils (Dravidians claiming to represent the 97% nonbrahmin bloc) try to replicate their success in their home state of Tamilnadu in southern India. That 'success' itself is due to failure of Indian Supreme Court and jurisprudence to evolve tests.
Think about what the Tamils (#D) are trying to do in a western society.

They are trying to get 'equity' for a bloc - which means capping Tamilbrahmins to 3% or to secure a quota for themselves within the "Indian quota" in California United States😍😍 Remember equity = quota.
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there is always a #D backend.. Ajantha Subramanian welcome to India Ma'aam
she is not only privileged but her mother V Vasanthi Devi is a very powerful person in Tamilnadu State Govt edu institutions.Contested vs Jaya. GGF Vengal Chakkarai Chettiar one of the most prominent Christian Evangelists and Theologians.
Indians are generally not curious about these things. Its just me .. hence If they get to me (they are trying) then you will not know what hit you. These are extremely intelligent, hardworking, singletrack, well funded -- you are distracted and silly going after Ranaa Ayubs..
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Then why arent we seeing any kilarchi to classify our own #D elite caste as FC - sujay bro. FC is so better la.. 😍😍😁

the #D purposely talk aloud like this mislead followers. the cheat is of course BC has *exclusive* access to 26.5% over and above the shared 31%. FC have 0% Image
Essentially vertical quota is "Over and above".. like a top up for non-FC.

Even though they block me - I have to track them because some of #D elite accounts are sharp af.🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🧐🧐😍 No way these two dont know the fallacy. They embrace the bad faith. They want it.
The real issue is the "BC" group itself is a political #D creation. It isnt homogenous. The honest #c3 way is to disaggregate - now see how this looks.

For example: say I take TVMudali/KVG etc

A 4% has access to 31%
A 2% has access to 57.5% .. did you see the magic @sujays ?
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