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21 Dec 20
When COVID was just starting to appear in Indian news, WhatsApp unkils were running amok. This is a screenshot from that era. Posted by u/deadbroccoli

pmcares.fund was available, so u/maxmess bought the domain and made a satirical modi-themed chrome-like dinosaur game in it. This is by far the cleverest act of dissent we have witnessed on r/India, in 2020.

zomg1!! is this a recap thread?!/
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21 Dec 20
14 years ago, RSS tried to meddle in California School Textbooks wrt its Hindutva agenda and revisionist History. It failed.

Alterations they proposed:

1. Aryans should be represented as being indigenous to India instead of migrating from elsewhere,

2. the harshness of the caste system should be erased and
3. the caste system should be presented as a benevolent institution based on a division of labor,

4. the word Dalit should be eliminated from textbooks,
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20 Sep 20
Thread: A list of things #ModiGovernment claims it has #NoData on.


#NoData on #migrant worker deaths and loss of #jobs


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27 Aug 20
The definitive guide to caste based discrimination in India. Absolutely 100% must read

Some nuggets from the thread.

1. Representation of lower caste people in the media. Image
More ... Image
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