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Lay’s, Kurkure and Bingo are taking over Indian #snacks like Aloo Bhujia, Murukku…

By @Krittiiii Image
The changes in customer preference is pitting India’s traditional snacks like Aloo Bhujia, murukku, makhane and more against international brands like Lays, Bingo and Pringles. While this may come off as a comparison of apples and oranges, it does stand true.

#snacks Image
Strong distribution, wide flavour range at varied price points and aggressive promotion are some of the leading drivers for Pepsico and ITC strong portfolio and market dominance.

#snacks Image
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In my live @CTVNews #interview last evening, I said that the current migrant crisis on the #BelarusBorder with #Poland is important because it involves Poland, which is a EU members, and Belarus, which is allied with #Russia, and it is near #Ukraine, which has an armed conflict.
In my CTV News interview, I also said that UN Security Council meeting concerning migrant crisis on #BelarusBorder with #Poland is likely to produce divide between #Russia that supports #Belarusian government & Western countries, such as US, UK, and France.
I stated in my @CTVNews interview that EU #sanctions against #Belarus won’t resolve the #Migrant crisis on #Belarus #Poland border, because sanctions were proven to be ineffective after last #Belarusian presidential elections & after diversion of passenger plane by Belarus.
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#Russia’s solution to EU-#Belarus #migrant crisis and #NATO’s Black Sea buildup | Nov 11
- NATO is exploring the #BlackSea region as a potential theater of war, while #Kiev is getting ready to resolve the #Donbass issue by force, the Russian says…
Moving #NATO closer to Belarus-Russia Union State described as alliance's long-term strategy | Nov 10
- #Lavrov also said that on 10 November the sides agreed they are going to step up foreign policy coordination of the ministries of foreign affairs,…
#Poland Sees #Migrant Surge at Border, Accuses #Belarus of '#StateTerrorism' | Updt: 42 minutes ago
- Concern was growing for more than 2,000 migrants — mainly #Kurds from the #MiddleEast — who are trapped at the border,…
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#BREAKING Polish police detain 'over 50' illegal migrants near border: spokesman
#UPDATES Polish police say they have detained over 50 migrants who crossed into Poland from Belarus over the last 24 hours, and are still looking for others
#BREAKING Belarus says West 'provoking' migrant crisis to impose new sanctions
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I'm grateful to Samina Mishra (author) and Tarique Aziz (illustrator) for recording Jamlo's story. Because we do tend to forget easily, and if we hadn't lived through this point in time, all this might even have seem far-fetched. #jamlowalks
With the present government in power, I wouldn't be surprised if every story about migrants walking home disappeared from our archives. Which makes this picture book published by Penguin India, and Jamlo's story even more important.
As a writer, I marvel at the tone that's used through the book. Samina's writing feels like a quiet observation and never feels gimmicky. I liked that even as we get glimpses of diverse children's lives, it never judgmental. #childrensbooks
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#BREAKING French minister warns Britain against 'blackmail' over migrants
#UPDATE French Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin said Thursday that France would not accept Britain violating international maritime law or "financial blackmail" as London steps up efforts to prevent #migrants crossing the Channel
#UPDATE Britain and France locked horns on Thursday over reported plans by London to turn back boats carrying #migrants across the Channel, triggering alarm and anger in Paris
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A 🧵with a quick take as @VP @KamalaHarris heads to #Mexico this evening. From the outset of the Lopez Obrador Administration, the gravest danger lurking over the horizon was always going to be the president’s vision of an imperial presidency and the whittling away of the ...1/8
..checks and balances and autonomous institutions that a generation of Mexicans painstakingly spent more than three decades building to deepen and widen democracy. The president is now doubling down on that threat, revealing a deepening split in #Mexico over the very nature ..2/8
..of its democracy. Regulators (telecoms or energy) and semi and autonomous institutions (the Comptroller General’s Office or the Central bank, National Electoral Institute and National Institute for Access to Information) have all been targeted -tarred and feathered from ...3/8
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[Suo Motu Migrant Crisis]

Supreme Court to shortly resume hearing an urgent application moved in the #suomotu case concerning #migrants to ensure they are not deprived of ration & food, and don't face difficulty in travelling back home (if they do)

#SupremeCourt @pbhushan1
#SupremeCourt in its last order had directed Delhi, Haryana and UP govts to provide dry ration and adequate transport for the #migrant workers @ArvindKejriwal
Justice Ashok Bhushan: We received the affidavit just a while back

Justice MR Shah: the reply was supposed to be filed yesterday. how will we be in a position to read. our orders are required to be implemented
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1/3 ⚫️ #Libya 22.04.21 - In a tragic turn of events more than 100 #migrants perished off the coast of #Libya as their rubber boat disintegrated in extreme weather conditions. Why? (Questions & Plausible Answers BELOW 👇) [cont] @Europol @EmmanuelleChaze #migrantcrisis #frontex
2/3 [cont] Q. Why did #OceanViking after leaving Italy sailed immediately for Qarabolli area and stayed there for 2 days despite volatile weather and warnings of upcoming storm? These questions must be answered by the Captain & Chief of Mission! (see #migrant answer below 👇 )
3/3 [cont] LCdr R. Ghommed CO of the Libyan Coast Guard ship "Fezzan": "These boats are like floating coffins and can disintegrate in minutes pulling all to certain death." #migrantcrisis #frontex #seenotrettung #COVID19
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We got our hands on the final report by #Frontex working group on #migrant pushbacks in the Aegean. Prompted by investigations by @Derspiegel, partners at @LHreports, @Belingcat & other media, it is rather embarrassing for the Agency. Main takeaways: 1/8…
2/8 It does not exonerate either Frontex or the Hellenic Coast Guard; It criticises the shortcomings of the EU’s strongest and exponentially growing Agency under the leadership of Fabrice Leggeri in terms of monitoring, reporting, recruitment and other crucial aspects.
3/8 It reports that after all these months, five pushback incidents are still not clarified completely, because of “deficits and the need for improvement of the reporting and monitoring system".
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Welcome to Aajeevika's #InternationalMigrantsDay campaign, “Badalta kaam, badalta daam,” where we centre the diverse coping mechanisms of #migrant workers as they face depressed wages, wage theft, and body burdens amidst a post-lockdown economic ‘recovery.’ (1/8)
Our narratives come from migrants who work in Mumbai’s informal manufacturing and construction sectors. Specifically, they live and work in Khairani Road & Netaji Nagar Nagar: industrial-residential neighborhoods in Sakinaka, in the city’s L-ward. (2/8) #InternationalMigrantsDay
These neighbourhoods areas are home to thousands of informal manufacturing & recycling units producing garments, metal moulds, pipes, stationery, furniture, e-waste, hospital waste & constitute local, regional or global value chains ending up as far as Sudan & Nigeria. (3/8)
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Happy to show my latest work with @_SudhaNarayanan & @shreesaha00 on #NREGA in @Ideas4India & @firstpost
hopefully of interest to @rozi_roti @aashishg_ @Ugentilini @AninditaAdhik13 @StrandedWorkers
Our findings related 2 #poverty and #migration are below…
In the wake of the #COVID19 lockdown and the large-scale return of #Migrant workers to rural areas, #NREGA played a crucial role. After lockdown restrictions in April 2020, #NREGA person-days expanded substantially before they reduced back to pre-lockdown levels
Are these additional person-days distributed across districts in ways that are commensurate with their population shares of #outmigration and #poverty ?
This is important in a context where historically poorer states have utilised less funds than richer states. 5 major findings:
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On now, Dave Perkins of @dialogues360 presenting results of study on 5 #ASMecosystems in #SouthAfrica. #Data variability is a persistent research challenge and also needs coordination across partners in the ecosytem. @DelveASM confirms this as a problem of global scale.
Cost of compliance, lack of access to capital, markets & weakened institutional support to #ASM sector in #SouthAfrica are validated as barriers in this sector. Impact of these factors pale in comparison to the policy/ reg vacuum w/in whichsector operates. Policy schizophrenia.
.@dialogues360 argues, and I concur, that time is of the essence in influencing the new policy process launched by the government of #SouthAfrica on formalizing the #ASM sector, ideally convened by a neutral, honest broker party.
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Delighted to announce the release of my new report for @CFR_org, “The Day After in Venezuela: Delivering Security and Dispensing Justice.” Should @NicolasMaduro relinquish power, the US and likeminded partners will need a plan to reinstate the rule of law.…
#2. International actors have not planned sufficiently for stabilizing the security environment or fostering #transitionaljustice, which could itself be an important lever to push regime operatives toward defection or at least meaningful negotiations.
#3. Aftermath of Maduro’s departure could see conflict among armed factions, unstable political coalitions, corruption, and a #refugee and #migrant outflow. US should anticipate such fallout and identify opps now to ensure that any transition begets the restoration of #democracy.
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#LabourCodes provide exemplary flexibility to industries;Definition of "fixed term" employment has been changed,making it easier for firms to hire contractual workers

Fixed term/Contractuals&regular workers will enjoy equal benefits,in many spheres,to protect Contractual workers
Social SecurityCode by @narendramodi govt will universalize social security by bringing informal&platform workers, under its ambit

Firms with less than 20 workers can join #EPFO to get social security benefits

Big move by @narendramodi govt to give informal sector a safety net
Internal workers will be free to voluntarily join employee state insurance,#ESI,scheme for getting healthcare benefits

#SocialSecurityCode says,all employees will now have offer letter

States&Centre will create database on #migrant workers&offer them several benefits-Good move
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On Monday 14th Sept we will be launching #theartistandtheprof, an artistic collaboration between myself and @LauraNyahuye @maokwo exploring themes of #migration #identity #belonging and what it means to be boxed in and categorised as #migrants #women #mothers #wives...(1/?) Image
Funded by @covcampus @warwickuni as part of @Coventry2021 this collaboration has been undertaken entirely online during the #COVID19 #lockdown It's been a powerful and challenging experience for many different reasons. We've laughed and cried, written and woven... (2/?) Image
For both of us this is the first time that we've had an opportunity to #stop #breathe #pause and reflect on the ways in which our own and societal expectations of gendered and racialized roles and responsibilities have shaped our lives #morethanalabel #beyondcategories (3/?) Image
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****Linguistic diversity in a time of crisis****

Special issue of Multilingua addresses #language challenges of #COVID19 pandemic

Out now. All papers free access, thanks to publisher @dg_mouton… Image
Global public health #communication is characterized by the large-scale exclusion of linguistic minorities from timely high-quality #information #COVID19

What are the #language regimes behind these exclusions and what can sociolinguists do?… Image
#Translation is an important means of enabling access to #information in disaster response

How did volunteer translators in #Wuhan go about procuring medical supplies in the initial stages of the #Covid_19 emergency?… Image
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MY MOTHER WAS RIGHT. Knowing little about #Melania, I've resisted judging her. The evidence is in. Literally. New book, based on texts, emails & recorded calls, shows the beautiful 1st Lady is as racist, callous, and, frankly, ugly as the rest of the clan.…
#Melania asked Wolkoff, 1 of her few close friends, to help plan the inauguration, but when questions were raised about corruption & embezzlement, Wolkoff was falsely blamed. To protect herself, she began saving all communication w/ M. The book's based on those "receipts."
#Melania thought #migrant kids were better off in detention camps: "They are taking care nicely there." She buys into #birtherism. The book shows she's "rolling around in the muck" (as Fox puts it in her review) as much as the rest of the family.
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1-I’ve been covering the #refugee #migrant crisis for 5 years and I thought I’d write down a few of my experiences following the largest migration of people the world has ever known. I hope this thread raises awareness of the complexity around the subject. pics ©_edwardcrawford Migrants wearing face masks...
2-What I find interesting about the refugee/migrant crisis, particularly on social media. Is that people with little or no experience seem to be the most vocal and convinced of their opinions. Image
3-I’ve covered the migrantion crisis for 5 years & worked on the ground extensively. I’ve visited dozens of refugee camps & illegal migrant encampments. I’ve spent hundreds of hours with refugees & migrants. Listening to their stories and trying to make sense of this crisis. Image
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"We are an important base for US troops" #Germany Defense Minister @akk Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer tells #EUDefense in prerecorded interview when asked about impending US pullout

"We on German soil are also contributing to American security"
"What we are discussing is the security of the [@NATO] alliance" per @akk "If there are troop reductions in #Germany, which we regret, if the decision is being taken, then the question is where do the soldiers deploy?"
"If they were redeploying within #Europe then that would mean that the strong commitment of the United States in the transatlantic partnership and the focus on Europe would remain, and that would be an important message for @NATO" per #Germany's defense minister
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#COVID spreads through human-to-human transmission, so #migrants are an important vector. In the absence of adequate covid tests in LMICs, can we predict sub-national COVID spread, or identify likely hotspots using data on migration?

Short answer: Yes.…
Data on airport returnees predict subsequent quarantines & #COVID19 distress calls across districts in #Bangladesh. Data on migration permits predict confirmed cases in #Philippines municipalities and Bangladeshi sub-districts.
Beyond the validation using public health data, our recent phone surveys across Bangladesh helps to ground-truth this approach:
Living in communities with recent #migrant returnees triples the odds (!) of reporting #COVID symptoms. This is the single largest risk factor.
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I've taught pre-K to college & wrote my PhD dissertation on #racism. All research shows Ms Newsome is 100% correct: if your kids are old enough to talk, they're old enough to talk about racism. <thread>
Children's Community School in Phillie has resources to help parents & teachers talk w/ kids about #racism.…
Children as young as 2 use "#race" to reason about people's behavior (Hirschfeld, 2008).…
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'Rajasthan'....Why NOT getting some limelight in #COVID19 context? At a Glance:
- 5119/mil tests
- 66% recovery rate
- 31% active cases
- 2.23% mortality
- 3% growth rate, which needs to be down further.
The state is doing fine so far!! #rajasthancoronaupdate Image
States w/ 1000+ #Covid_19 cases: Sample tested until 31 May & Positive rate(%)
#Maharashtra 14.63%, highest
Trouble: Delhi, Telangana, Bihar & Gujarat, need intervention.
Excellent: Andhra, Karnataka, J& K positive rate below 1.5%.
Good: Rajashthan, Haryana, UP #COVID19India Image
As on 1 June, #TamilNadu added 1162 new cases. Positive rate stands at 9.77%, highest in last 7 days. Recovery 57%, Active cases 42%, mortality is just 0.79%. #TamilNaduCoronaupdate #IndiaFightsCoronavirus @Sheks65 @pibchennai
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