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she/her/hers - Stats/methods @OSUPsychScience, co-PI of the MESS Lab, Dog-lover (esp. pibbles), wine drinker, summer is my favorite season
Aug 6, 2020 12 tweets 2 min read
All y'all psychologists who stand on your PhD hierarchy should be ashamed of yourselves. This insistence that only people with PhDs are important to @APA will have me leaving this organization. What a stance for exclusivity and disenfranchisement of voices. If this is truly the value, mission, and goal of this organization, it is not my organization.
Nov 20, 2019 9 tweets 8 min read
The internet asked for it, and so we shall (hopefully) provide: A diverse expert registry for psychological science. I unveil to you the "DEEP Database" - Diverse Expertise Exists in Psychology. There are many things needed to be successful and I need your help! #PsychScience 1/n The purpose of the database is to provide easy access to experts in psychology who rep: #PoC, #IndigenousScholar, #LGBTQ, the gender continuum, a unique voice that often goes unheard. Modeled after @womenalsoknow @POCalsoknow etc. 2/n
Oct 19, 2019 95 tweets 176 min read
@STP_ECP presenting on "Documenting your teaching for awards, hiring, promotion, and tenure" - @ProfessorJanet Molly Metz, Julie Lazzara, @KMalavanti and Daniel Storage #STP2019ACT @STP_ECP @ProfessorJanet @KMalavanti Outline: creating a teaching-focused CV, developing an effective teaching portfolio, supplemental materials #STP2019ACT
Sep 14, 2019 6 tweets 3 min read
Up next for me at #SIRC2019 (I'm gonna need a wall plug soon, hahaha) - Measurement Symposium. Why did I choose this session? Not that you care but I'm about to propose a dissertation :) Pragmatic measures for implementation research: development of the Psychometrics And Pragmatic Evidence Rating Scale (PAPERS). #SIRC2019
Sep 14, 2019 50 tweets 23 min read
Next up for me at #SIRC2019 - Implementation Outcomes and Measures breakout session. 1st up: Aaron Tierney speaking on his work from Stanford - Advancing evidence synthesis from effectiveness to implementation - recs for integrating implementation measures into evidence review. #SIRC2019
Sep 14, 2019 45 tweets 30 min read
Up next (for me) at #SIRC2019 - Bridging the Implementation Research to Practice Gap. Purpose of the session is discussion/dialogue - NO PRESENTATIONS from panelists On the panel: Dr. Byron Powell (WUSTL), Dr. Bob Franks (Judge Baker Children's Center), Dr. Jenna McWilliam (Triple P Intnatl), with @Aaron_Lyon (UW) as discussant. #SIRC2019
Sep 14, 2019 54 tweets 23 min read
Live tweeting #SIRC2019 again Today. Plenary is "Overcoming Implementation Challenges in Low-Resource Communities: Methods and Solutions from Western Kenya" - Dorsey & Whetten, MPIs; Wasonga, Kenya PI Related to this talk: Ace Africa (ace-africa.org), UW, Center for Health Policy & Inequalities Research at Duke University, and Center for Evidence and Implementation. #SIRC2019
Sep 13, 2019 11 tweets 3 min read
Starting off this #SIRC2019 session: Secondary Analysis of Longitudinal State-Level Support for Mental Health Services in School-Based Health Centers by Tatiana Bustos Background: >20% of US youth experience mental health difficulties and of these, only 30% receive adequate care. Barriers include access and also quality of culturally relevant care #SIRC2019
Sep 13, 2019 63 tweets 29 min read
#SIRC2019 Next session: Building Roads: Exploring
Implementation Outcomes Across Diverse Contexts First up - Dr. Lisa Rogers Making Sense of Context: A Systematic Review; Dr. Rogers became interested in #ImplementationScience from her on-the-ground experience on nursing wards #SIRC2019
Sep 13, 2019 23 tweets 13 min read
Currently in a Mechanisms Network of Expertise (MNoE) workshop/session at #SIRC2019 The room is packed (standing room only) so hopefully my live-tweeting will help folks that couldn't fit. @ImplementCollab also has a webinar on this topic. More info at …plementationresearchcollaboration.org/past-webinars/ (but no link to the webinar that I could find)
Sep 13, 2019 43 tweets 31 min read
Excited today to hear from @APA @ArthurCEvans at the #SIRC2019 conference. One thing I love about #ImpSci is how interdisciplinary it is! @APA @ArthurCEvans You: Are you going to Live Tweet it?
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