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periodic reminder that if you enjoyed my book #WhippingGirl, I have two other books you might also enjoy... #trans #transgender #LGBTQ #feminism #gender
if you're interested in my takes on call-out culture, intersectionality, how prejudice works, how to improve activism, plus biphobia, "gender performance", Nature-versus-Nurture debates, "end of gender" arguments, +more, then you should check out Excluded!
Outspoken includes my early slam poems, pieces originally slated for #WhippingGirl, essays on trans-misogyny, femininity, DSM & pathologization, cis terminology, trans/queer appropriation, the "T-word", trans partners, sexualization vs desire, + more!
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Brief, interesting, and did you know a new Sappho poem had been discovered (link inside)?

Plus this artwork is glorious.

So here:
Do take the time to read the Sappho work only discovered in 2004.

She speaks to love, beauty, youth, and aging.

@stellaaaa 👆 I think you'll appreciate this.
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#OpChildSafety #PedoGateNews #OpStopMAP
Who does the future belong too?
Who's responsibility is it to protect that future? #ChildrenAreNotToys
Please read & RT thread 🙏 #SAVEOURCHILDRENOK #PedosVsKids 🎭🐉

#Anonymous #TheDragonsDen #OpChildSafety #SaveTheChildren Can all only do so much & expose this so many times before it is too late. WE NEED YOU ALL TO PAY ATTENTION! #Pedophiles are out there right now by the 1000s hunting OUR kids EVERYWHERE, as I type!…
Put out this article & when WE found it, it had 1 RT on it 😔
We are not paying attention 2 what is going w/our #Children!
5TH ROUND OF #ChildSexAbuse charges filed against former substitute teacher Carlos Bedoya since 17'!
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The House Appropriations Committee, passed an amendment allowing taxpayer funded adoption agencies to deny LGBTQ families the ability to adopt a child based on religious objection.

We can't allow this blatant discrimination!
Amendment is on Dept of Labor, Health, Human Services, Education funding bill
If it remains in final bill, it cuts 15% fed adoption funding to states, localities that penalize adoption agencies refusing to place kids in fams conflicting with agency’s religious beliefs/convictions
“House Rs are pandering to their far-right base at expense of LGBTQ people/kids in need of home
Rather than focus empowering fams, uniting
Rs on House Appropriations Committee voted to give child welfare agencies license to discriminate against qualified potential parents”
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#Section377 Day 3 Session 1 : Shyam Divan, Senior Advocate, has resumed arguments. He is appearing for intervenor "Voices Against 377" #LGBTQ
Divan emphasises on positive dimension of Article 14, states that it includes 'equal protection of law'. Refers to Justice Nariman's judgment in Triple Talaq case case to highlight 'equal protection of law'
Divan bats for "Right to Intimacy" quoting from South African Constitutional Court that right to privacy covers right to maintain intimate relations unaffected by law #Section377 #Sec377IPC
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Day3, #Section377 hearing will begin shortly. @TheDeltaApp #LGBTQ
#Section377 Sr. Adv. Shyam Divan continues on behalf of the petitioners. #LGBTQ @TheDeltaApp
#Section377 SD: Quoting Shaira Bano case states that, over emphasis on the doctrine of classification can harm the glory of Art. 14 (Equality). #LGBTQ
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ASG Thushar Mehta submits that Union of India will leave the matter of constitutionality of #Section377 to be decided by the Court. #Sec377 #LGBTQ
ASG further submits that the practises like incest should not be promoted. CJI allays such apprehensions by retorting that such relationships are void under law
CJI states that Court is considering only the issue whether homosexual practises should be treated as a crime. ASG replies that Union of India leaves this issue to the wisdom of the Court, but if the Court is considering larger issues Union of India will file detailed statement
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Day 2, #Section377 hearing will begin shortly.
#Section377 UOI, Adv Tushar Mehta began by submitting that the UOI will not contest and leave the Constitutional validity of consensual sex on the Bench.
#Section377 TM: submitted that the center acknowledges J. CJ understanding that right to choose your partner is a FR.
J. Chandrachud clarified that right to choose your partner is a FR, however in the matter of LGBTQ community, it’s not a matter of choice but it’s innate.
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I am humbled to have been nominated to receive an award from @CityAndStateNY for my leadership of @NYCVetsAlliance. But City & State refused to include voices of women veterans in #HonoringVeterans program. I cannot accept this. My letter today:
Last month, @CityAndStateNY asked if I could receive award. I was truly honored & said yes. That was followed up by an email asking @NYCVetsAlliance to partner on their veterans issue and #HonoringVeterans event. This was an even greater honor for us as a grassroots nonprofit.
Next day, @CityAndStateNY said no, what they meant was would we, as a member-funded grassroots org, pay them to advertise in veterans issue & buy a table at #HonoringVeterans event. This floored me. Their event budget is likely larger than our annual budget.
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this hater apparently missed the part where I mentioned I was a biologist, nor did they bother reading any of the scientific articles I cited/linked to in the piece...… #science #biology #sex #trans #transgender #LGBTQ
...I mean, this entire screed is a farce, but perhaps the most ridiculous part is the bit at the end about having to "mention evolution" in the first paragraph. I've read plenty of *actual scientific articles* on human sex & sexuality that don't mention evolution at all!'s like they're announcing to the world: "Hey, I obviously am not a scientist, but now I'm going to lecture you about what is science and what is not!"
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Day 1: Hearing for the constitutionality of #Section377 will begin shortly. #LGBTQI @TheDeltaApp
One of the the petitioners said "In the previous round there were a couple of curative petitions. Let those matters be heard along with this petition" #Section377 #LGBTQI @TheDeltaApp
Rights protected under Article 21, asking for protection. Principal question - correctness of the existing judgment. - Sr. Adv Mukul Rahotgi #Section377 #LGBTQ @TheDeltaApp
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1. #TimesUp for #Section377!
Today the Supreme Court will begin historic hearings on what kind of #SexualExpression consenting adult Indians can have, whether the court can decide for us what "unnatural sex" is & to what extent the courts can penetrate our sense of self.
2. Section377 criminalizes "unnatural sex," idea being that the only "natural sex" is that b/w man & woman, involving penile-vaginal-penetration.

These are the 64 damned words which have been the cause for so much repression of India's sexual minorities
3. Section377 prescribes life imprisonment as the punishment for acts of sex which the state has decided are "unnatural." 😱

This repression is not becoming of a 21st century democracy. Section377 must go!
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a THREAD of all my essays related to current #transgender/GNC children debates. here is my most thorough piece: "Detransition, Desistance, & Disinformation" - it's a long read b/c this is a complex subject:…
..."Transgender Agendas, Social Contagion, Peer Pressure, and Prevalence" challenges the notion that kids are suddenly being "turned transgender" these days...… #trans #transgender #LGBTQ #health #children #psychology
"Reframing 'Transgender Desistance' Debates" discusses recent research debunking the "80% desistance" myth, and demonstrating the very real harm of gender-disaffirming approaches...… #trans #transgender #LGBTQ #health #children #psychology
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The purpose of the Canada Summer Jobs Program is to help youth gain job experience to help them (and ultimately the country) with their futures. 1/8 #cdnpoli
Did you catch that? It's for youth, not employers. Yes, it rewards the employer for helping the youth, but its purpose is not for the employer. 2/8
If the gov't looks ahead to what our country is going to need & they see we will need more people working in a particular field then they should encourage employers in that field to give youth opportunity for that experience. Right now that happens to be #STEM 3/8
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My Dearest Beloved,
It has been but a fortnight since we last saw the enemy but their presence is felt as we march through the chard remains of Bowling Green, MAGA hats litter the ground everywhere.
It would be incorrect to say there was a massacre, but keeping with the times I will do so anyway.

While the other side has natural advantages in their sheer abundance of camouflage vests our rations, from what prisoners tell me, are considerably better.

Can you believe they have naught a scrap of avocado toast on the other side!? One can’t imagine such a life. I have furthermore come to learn that very few of their military commissaries have Edison light blues, such barbarity.

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Harvey Milk (1930 – 1978)

Visionary #LGBTQ, civil, and human rights leader. One of the first openly gay elected officials in the U.S.

His life was tragically cut short when he was assassinated nearly one year after taking office.

Harvey was born May 22, 1930, in Woodmere, NY. Harvey and his only sibling, Robert, worked in the family’s department store, “Milks.” They were a small middle-class Jewish family that had founded a Jewish synagogue and was well known in their community for their civic engagement.
Milk knew he was gay while attending high school, where he was a popular student w/ interests from opera to football.

While in college, Milk penned a weekly student newspaper column where he questioned issues of diversity and lessons learned from the recently ended World War.
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Just came off the streets after march and rally with hotel workers of @unitehere and #publicschool teachers @uesf who just earned a pay raise thru SF’s #YesOnG ballot campaign waged with @SFDemocrats @sflabor and @TeamPelosi. People are angry and scared about #Janus.... 1/thread Christine and SF teachers union leaders marching
We marched with hundreds of hotel workers of @unitehere who are in contract negotiations with massively lucrative #SF hotel chains that will not give their workers a contract with fair wages. Message: “One Job Should be Enough” It’s NOT - and #Janus makes their lives harder. 2/ Susie Christine Rafael marching
Both the hotel workers and the teachers said the same thing: Donald Trump’s #SCOTUS sided with corporate bosses over workers, first denying protections against #sexualharassment and today denying voices in the job in #Janus. By design, TRUMP’S COURT IS HURTING WORKING PEOPLE. 3/ Local 2 Hotel Workers Union and Teachers Union leaders speak at SF rally
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ICYMI last week I tweeted extensively about Jesse Singal's The Atlantic article, its biased framing, and his history of misrepresenting #trans people & the gender-affirming model - those threads are all compiled here: #LGBTQ #transgender
relatedly, I'm crowdsourcing for a future piece: looking for articles (like the recent Singal one) that call gender-affirming approaches into question, while at same time presenting a "balanced" veneer... know the ones: "trans people exist & they should be respected, but the healthcare they are demanding is harming other kids and/or turning kids transgender!!!"...
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Daniel Keenan Savage
(b. October 7, 1964)

Dan Savage (@fakedansavage) is an American author, media pundit, journalist, newspaper editor, national sex advice columnist(Savage Love), and activist for the #LGBTQ community.

Dan Savage was born in Chicago, IL. He was raised Roman Catholic & attended Quigley Preparatory Seminary North. He has said he’s "a wishy-washy agnostic" and an atheist, & still identifies as "culturally Catholic." He holds a BFA from the University of IL at Urbana-Champaign.
Savage was living in Madison, WI when a friend, Tim Keck who co-founded The Onion, mentioned that he was moving to Seattle to launch a new alt newspaper, @TheStranger.

Savage made a comment that every newspaper should have an advice column— he was hired to write one: Savage Love
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good news: IJT has now made the paper I describe here, which comprehensively challenges the "80% desistance" myth, open access!… #trans #LGBTQ #transgender #health #psychology #children
while I encourage you to read my essay about it, you can access that paper directly here:…
and the second paper I described (by same set of authors) remains open access, and can be downloaded directly here:…
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Peter Thatchell
(1952 - p)

Thatchell is a UK human rights campaigner, best known for his work with #LGBTQ social movements.

He has worked to end anti-LGBTQ laws in the UK & helped LGBTQ people worldwide.
#LGBTVoices #PrideMonth
Born in Australia, he first worked to help aboriginal people & to end the death penalty in that country.

Thatchell moved to London & became a leading member of the Gay Liberation Front, organizing sit-ins at pubs that refused to serve gays & protested police harassment.
He helped to organize Britain’s first Gay Pride march in 1972.
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I am at #HoustonPride, and, well, I have some thoughts.
Turnout is great, especially given the heat index is currently 104F.

LOTS of young people, which is also great. Very racially diverse crowd, which is, again, great.

Lots of dance music, rainbows, face painting, and scantily clad queers. All par for the fabulous course.

A few major orgs have booths and are engaging people around registering to vote, like @AARP, @HRC, and @texasdemocrats. Which is important.


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Laverne Cox (age unknown)

The first openly transgender person to be nominated for an Emmy for acting, and the first openly transgender woman of color to star in a scripted TV series.

Known for her role on Orange is the New Black.

Born in Mobile, Alabama. She and her twin brother were raised by their single mother, Gloria, who was a teacher.

While she was born biologically male, she always felt female.

Laverne was bullied and attempted suicide at age 11. But she found strength in her love for the arts.
Laverne attended high school at the Alabama School of Fine Arts before going to Indiana University and Marymount Manhattan College, where her twin brother also went and studied the visual arts.

Laverne studied acting in addition to graduating with a BFA in dance.
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Hi, this is @Kimahli Powell. I’m the executive director of @RainbowRailroad, a Canadian-based international organization that helps #LGBTQ individuals facing persecution escape to safety. I’m doing an #HRCTwitterTakeover today to mark #WorldRefugeeDay. Kimahli Powell, Executive Director of Rainbow Railroad
In the spirit of and with homage to the Underground Railroad, the mission of the @RainbowRailroad is to help #LGBTQ people as they seek safe haven from violence, murder or persecution. — @Kimahli #HRCTwitterTakeover Rainbow Railroad
Let’s start with 3 terms:
⚫Migrant: Anyone who chooses to leave their country of origin;
⚫Asylum seeker: Anyone seeking international protection;
⚫Refugee: An official designation for individuals forced to flee their country of origin.
@Kimahli #HRCTwitterTakeover
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