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31 Aug
A última década na @NFLBrasil pelos pontos marcados x sofridos na temporada regular... A THREAD
Os @Giants conseguiram o milagre de ganhar o Lombardi entrando como wild card e batendo novamente os @patriotsbrasil na grande final, repetindo o feito de 2011
Destaque para Ravens e 49ers que já ensaiavam o que estava por vir em 2012.
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9 Aug
Playing again with team target ranks. Now crossing them with season points

#1 targets
#2 targets
#3 targets
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29 Jun
2020 receptions by yardage range, a thread:
.@SleeperHQ is my favorite platform not only for playing #fantasyfootball, but also for researching. So let's take a look at those charts.
Ben Roethlisberger took Alex Smith's place as the league's Tyrannosaurus (you know, that short-armed dinossaur). We're used to see those passes going to RBs, but the Steelers passed a lot to guys in short routes. Oh, and our former dinossaur, Smith, also helped WFT to be up there
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21 Oct 20
Receiving corps after 6 weeks:
Hopkins is undisputed
Ridley has been enjoying some fun, but Julio is back to cut into that share
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20 Oct 20
RB volume after 6 weeks:
Things didn't change much for Drake in Arizona, so his recent production was kinda expected judging by other RBs against Dallas (Brown, Hunt, Freeman)
Gurley's been healthy and his receiving numbers are getting better. His talent keeps him as the bellcow in Atlanta
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5 Oct 20
Target share, weeks 1-4🧶
There would be no doubts about DHop.
Kenyan Drake looks like he's done for the season. Way under that good 10% we look for in RBs. Edmonds is the one who got it and sounds like a Tarik Cohen in that offense.
Hollywood is getting the targets, but not the scores. So, for those who are expecting his breakout, be patient.
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29 Sep 20
After publishing the (now) weekly Analytics report in @BrFFootball, I bring the charts to those who don't speak portuguese (or spanish 🤣)
Completion % vs direction and distance Image
Play selection vs down Image
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24 Sep 20
For those who follow me and don't speak portuguese: I've started a new series in @BrFFootball which explores some in-depth data…
But the charts are down here:
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9 Sep 20
Conversando com o amigo @renas_o, fui buscar a distribuição de jogos top-12 nas últimas 10 temporadas entre jogadores draftados:
QB bom é QB de primeira rodada...certo Brady?
RBs só ultrapassam os 10 anos de carreira quando são duráveis, como DeAngelo Williams, Adrian Peterson, Matt Forte e Frank Gore.
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8 Sep 20
O que esperar do jogo corrido do pior time da temporada?

As casas de apostas dizem que os Jaguars terão a pior campanha da temporada que começará esta semana.

Aqui estão os RB1 (em jardas corridas) dos "lanternas" entre 2010-19.

Dá pra apostar em Robinson ou Armstead? Image
E o jogo aéreo? Podemos ver que a coisa é inversa, obviamente, já que os times buscam mais os seus recebedores (WRs em destaque, aqui).

Portanto, esperem um bom ano para DJ Chark. Image
Enquanto isso, é de se esperar que as melhores campanhas sejam acompanhadas de corredores que acumulam muitas jardas.

O que esperar de Mark Ingram (Dobbins?) ou Clyde Edwards-Helaire, os líderes de backfield dos times mais cotados para 2020? Image
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3 Sep 20
Dependência de TDs, 2019, PPR. #ThreadWars
No fantasy football, QB bom é aquele que marca TDs (seja como for). Portanto a dependência é uma correlação importante. Image
Alguns RBs serão relevantes sem anotar TDs, sobretudo quando participarem do jogo aéreo. Image
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28 Aug 20
Konami code is real

Drew Brees athleticism in Madden: -1 🤣

16.9: the worst QB12 weekly scoring last year Image
Some guys with the lowest touches here will be joined by rookies:

Ekeler (Kelley)
Ingram (Dobbins)
Singletary (Moss)
Williams (Dillon)

What does it mean? Nothing yet, but it's interesting. Image
Tyler Lockett, DJ Moore and Robert Woods are almost hidden gems.

How low is consistency among wideouts... Image
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27 Aug 20
Let me try:

ADP-beaters - 86
ADP-beaten - 124

So it sounds easier to get disappointed by the draft than not ImageImage
Top-12 ADP and Top-12 Finishers
ADP-Beaters: 33
ADP-Beaten: 34

So drafting a Top-12 guy in the board is basically a flip coin ImageImage
Top-12 ADP and 13-30 Finishers: 40

Adding those guys to the second group above means 74 in 107 cases in which it wasn't good to draft a QB at his ADP. Image
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26 Aug 20
Target Share:
Arizona: once upon a time, Fitz was everything. Now there's no more Carson Palmer.

Murray/Hopkins might bring that max back up again.
Atlanta: a pass-heavy team, with Julio monopolizing Ryan's eyes year after year. Ridley is ready to jump.
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26 Aug 20
Pairing teammates (QB top 12 x Non-QB top 12) is not a safe thing in most cases, unless you know the nature of that team offensively (and chemistry between passer and receiver). Anyway, let's do it!
(1 chart for 2019 x 1 chart for last 10 years)
TIght ends: two streamable positions could only mean that few combos are / were really worthy drafting.

Ryan/Hurst and Wentz/Ertz might cost cheap in your draft.
I'm rooting for Prescott/Jarwin. ImageImage
Wide receivers: what most fantasy players aim when using this strategy.
WR consistency isn't easy, so if you want to pair them, aim for the target hog and pray for the QB to be solid.

Can Stafford/Golladay take us to the promised land here? ImageImage
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19 Aug 20
Positional target share over the last 10 seasons (among RBs, WRs, TEs) #slowThread
Arizona: Klingsbury has lost no time in addressing his WRs (Arians was slowing them down until his last year, 2017)
Atlanta: it's been a long time since the slump in the WR corps, but this a pass-heavy team
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18 Aug 20
Em seus conteúdos, @LateRoundQB nos ensina que analisar tendências é mais importante que se impressionar com o que aconteceu na última temporada.
Dito isto, vamos olhar o ano passado em jogos top-12 cedidos, ou seja, no ponto de vista da defesa, bem como nos últimos 9 anos (PPR).
Giants e Lions foram muito generosos para QBs ano passado, como de costume (estão entre os que mais têm permitido bons jogos de QBs adversários nos últimos 10 anos).
Já Baltimore só permitiu a Mahomes uma partida top-12, o que é de se esperar pelo seu histórico defensivo. Image
Carolina, de CMC, foi o time que mais vezes viu um adversário ser RB1 semanalmente (11), e sua média recente comprova a inabilidade em defender a posição.
Na contramão, Pittsburgh comprovou a eficácia contra RBs permitindo 0 jogos top-12. Image
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13 Aug 20
Evaluating backfields from 2010 to 2019… Image
Crazy Image
Is D'Andre Swift changing this?
@wendellfp thanks for the heads-up Image
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6 Aug 20
If you don't know @bob_lung, well, you should. 🧵👇📊
#Consistency #FantasyFootball #HalfPPR
A third of the 2019 were above average consistency-wise. That means (again) that you can wait for them in your draft (@LateRoundQB) or stream weekly.

Note: If I can get Dak on the cheap, fine. Image
If you got an early pick, please secure your stud RB and don't waste that capital. Once you have a solid starter, you have one less problem week-to-week.

Note: don't sleep on Kenyan Drake, guys. Image
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5 Aug 20
Começou a jornada para o bicampeonato #FFIDP ImageImageImage
A configuração da liga valoriza os IDPs e muda completamente o cenário do draft. ImageImage
Zero-RB é algo que não me acostumo, mas que certos drafts me forçam a fazer, como este Image
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31 Jul 20
🧵 "Não julgue um recebedor pelo seu QB": edição Wide Receivers Image
Se todo QB de elite produzisse WRs de mesma categoria, seria fácil encontrar os valores que queremos a partir dos nomes, mas veja como a correlação não ajuda:

Temporadas 2010-19
QB: 300+ tentativas de passe
WR: 50+ recepções Image
"Mas e aquela semana do Will Fuller hem? Ele e o Watson arrebentaram!" É, mas olha o outro canto do gráfico (agora semanal): fazer o combo pode tanto ser ideal quanto extremamente prejudicial.

2019 (Semanas 1-17)
QB: 30+ tentativas de passe
WR: 5+ recepções Image
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