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Neurology PGY-2, currently carrying a tuning fork in a cup of ice. She/her. English/Español. 🏳️‍🌈🧠 #endneurophobia
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May 8 6 tweets 2 min read
🦪 IDK about you but I did NOT learn about "vision tilting" as part of lateral medullary syndrome. I had a stroke code this AM where patient woke up to find the room appeared to be flipped "like a mirror image, upside down". #MedTwitter #neurotwitter Involvement of the vestibular nuclei in lateral medullary lesions can result in nystagmus and diplopia (which we are taught), but can also result in vertical image displacement, referred to as 'environmental tilt'!!
Jun 7, 2020 48 tweets 11 min read
THE PROMISED NEUROLOGY FELLOWSHIP THREAD: I’ve taken it upon myself to hype up neurology despite being under the tutelage of medicine for the next year. Neurology gets left behind when students resolve never to live in a world where ‘dysdiadochokinesia’ is used unironically. Disclaimer: This thread is NOT comprehensive. Neurologists practice in vast spectrums that cannot be conveyed here. This is simply meant to inform prospective applicants about the options within the field of neurology, and hopefully, to entice them to explore something(s) new.