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Founder of @MomsDemand, grassroots army of @Everytown. Worst nightmare of the NRA. Author of Fight Like a Mother. Californian. IG: @ shannonrwatts #MizzouMade
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17 Jun
BREAKING: @GovAbbott just signed permitless carry into law, showing that he’s full of empty promises when it comes to stopping gun violence and crime.

We won’t let Texas voters forget that their lawmakers chose gun extremists over public safety. #AbbottFailedTexas #txlege
Tomorrow, Texas @MomsDemand volunteers will be out in force for #AbbottFailedTexas protests across the state because they know how dangerous and extreme the permitless carry law is. Sign up below to join us! #txlege
#AbbottFailedTexas Houston at the Nau Family Pavilion at Eleanor Tinsley Park
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16 Jun
Thanks in large part to the THREE @momsdemand volunteers elected to the Oregon statehouse - @Rachel_Prusak, @RepLisaReynolds, @djgrayber - for the first time in two years, two gun safety laws just passed.

It’s been a long road, so let’s look back at how volunteers persisted...
In 2015, Oregon passed background checks.
In 2017, Oregon passed an extreme risk law.
In 2018, Oregon closed the boyfriend loophole. #orleg…
But in 2019, Republican legislators in Oregon walked out of the building twice to block progress on our bills. Gun extremists infiltrated @MomsDemand's advocacy day, recorded private meetings and physically prevented access to others, at the request of a Republican legislator.
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15 Jun
NEW: Bending every rule possible is part of the gun industry’s M.O., but bragging of record sales last year while taking federal PPP funding shows their blatant disregard for taxpayers.…
A report from @Everytown shows that 1,871 firearms-related businesses and organizations received $156.9 million of PPP funding in the federal government’s first round of PPP funding last year.…
Taxpayer funding through the PPP included $3 million to a producer of AR-platform weapons, $1.6 million to a manufacturer of silencers, and nearly $400,000 to one of the most prominent producers of ghost gun kits and parts.
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14 Jun
NEW: The firearms industry took over $150 million in paycheck protection program funding meant for struggling businesses, while simultaneously reporting record sales. Some of the businesses that regulators gave taxpayer funds have deep ties to the @NRA.…
For example, Polymer80, a ghost gun manufacturer that was raided by the ATF and is facing several lawsuits, received PPP funding. The company repeatedly mentioned online the high demand it faced while taking a $317,000 loan.
Gun retailer Brownells Inc., owned by former NRA President Pete Brownell, received a $5 million PPP loan, the second largest firearms industry recipient. In 2020, Brownell bragged about how the “market is exponentially larger than the Obama market” and how quickly items sell out.
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12 Jun
NEW: An arrest was made in the Austin shooting that wounded 14 people after gunfire broke out between two parties that were fighting, hitting bystanders.

Austin's mayor: "One thing is clear: greater access to firearms does not equal greater public safety."…
According to a new poll, 62% of Texas residents worry about their safety on a daily basis, compared to 47% of people nationwide.

Yet Texas Republicans just passed bills loosening gun laws, including a law to allow concealed carry without a training or a background check. #txlege
Data from 33 states that have adopted more lax gun laws like permitless carry show violent crime will likely increase in Texas when the law goes into effect.…
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11 Jun
NEW: At least a dozen men at the Jan. 6 Capitol riot have histories of domestic violence, sexual assault or child rape and abuse arrests - some were arrested multiple times and repeatedly violated restraining orders.

🚨 Content warning for thread 🚨…
One of the men had a history of “choking and beating women to the point of loss of consciousness, of many hospital visits for many victims, of chipped and missing teeth, and of even breaking into one victim’s home multiple times to assault her.”
Another man had a history of arrests for domestic violence against previous partners - none of which resulted in prosecution. He was pending trial for choking and beating a child when he traveled to Washington, DC, for the Jan. 6 insurrection.
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9 Jun
How it started (2013) How it's going (2021)
Advocacy is a marathon, not a sprint - but last night New York @momsdemand volunteers won some major victories, including passing a first-in-the-nation bill to hold the gun industry accountable and two bills to keep New Yorkers safe from ghost guns. #nyleg
In 2018, despite a groundswell of support @MomsDemand volunteers could not get a single bill to the floor of the New York State Senate. A handful of Democrats were caucusing with the Republicans and prevented gun safety (and so many other) bills from moving forward.
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7 Jun
I am friends with and respect many Conservatives, but Joe Walsh has not yet done the work to deserve redemption. There’s always time, but it starts with apologies to those he’s hurt, and actions to repair the damage done. He dislikes Trump - yay. So do tens of millions of others.
Honestly I could do this all night…
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2 Jun
Today, @Everytown and @MomsDemand unveiled new TV and digital ads urging Congress to take bipartisan action on background checks. The ads, featuring gun owners and law enforcement officials, are a part of a new $500,000 ad campaign that will run over the next two weeks.
Federal law requires background checks for all gun sales by licensed gun dealers, but it doesn’t require background checks for people who buy guns from unlicensed dealers, even in instances when strangers meet online or at gun shows; 21 states have closed this loophole.
The loophole has created a large, unregulated gun marketplace that makes it easy for gun traffickers to buy and sell guns without background checks or scrutiny. States that don’t require background checks are the main source of a disproportionate number of trafficked guns.
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27 May
As we turn grief into action following yet another mass shooting, help @MomsDemand recognize National Gun Violence Awareness Day by supporting local organizations committed to ending gun violence. @Everytown will match up to $150k in donations! #WearOrange…
We’re supporting the Anti-Violence Coalition of Hudson County in NJ @JCACM201. They’re dedicated to reducing violence and its impact on young men and women in Jersey City by empowering residents and building a peaceful community.
In Maryland, we’re supporting @baltimoreceasefire. They rally Baltimore to be peaceful and celebrate life during Ceasefire weekends and work with schools, neighborhoods, organizations, individuals, and families who are impacted by violence.
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27 May
I'm tired of pundits and anchors saying Americans are numb to gun violence. It sends a signal that we should be hopeless.

Are we supposed to assume our loved ones could be shot down at any given moment? That's there's a 25 year life expectancy rate and anything more is a bonus?
Cynicism is an insult to all gun violence survivors. Just because media is tired of reporting on these tragedies doesn't mean Americans don't care.

NINETY PERCENT (including the vast majority of Republicans and gun owners) of Americans want lawmakers to pass stronger gun laws.
We don't need pundits to debate what is causing gun violence in America. WE KNOW THE ANSWER. It's easy access to guns.

Instead of a 20 minute segment suggesting Americans might grow to accept 100 deaths and hundreds more wounded every day, FIND A SENATOR AND ASK HARD QUESTIONS.
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25 May
NEW: We’ve always known that you’re only as safe as the closest state with the weakest gun laws. To illustrate this fact, @Everytown just released a new tool allowing you to see just how much criminals exploit our patchwork background check laws.…
Key takeaways:
-Over 1.1 million crime guns were recovered and traced
-76% of traced guns that crossed state lines came from states without background check laws
-82% of traced guns with a short time-to-crime that crossed state lines came from states without background check laws
Explore the data yourself, like the fact that 89% of crime guns that came into Illinois from out of state came from states without background checks.…
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24 May
Permitless carry, passed today by Texas lawmakers, was opposed by law enforcement, gun safety instructors, doctors, domestic violence victim advocates, editorial boards of major newspapers, faith leaders, veterans, most Texans and, of course, @momsdemand volunteers. #txlege
This legislation would make Texas one of the few states where it is legal to carry a concealed handgun in public without a permit and would dismantle the culture of responsible gun ownership that Texas’s License to Carry (LTC) helps promote.
Texas law currently requires people to obtain a criminal background check and complete firearms safety training, including live-fire training, in order to obtain an LTC. HB 1927 eliminates these safeguards, allowing unvetted and untrained people to carry handguns in public.
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15 May
California @momsdemand volunteers are on 🔥. A few things they did this week:

On Monday, volunteers supported @WeAdvancePeace at a Sacramento city council meeting. There was an important discussion about racial equity and the need for the city budget to reflect these priorities.
On Tuesday, former San Francisco @MomsDemand leader @SupStefani introduced a local ghost guns ordinance. Amazing @studentsdemand survivor advocate and volunteer leader @mia_tretta spoke in favor of the ordinance.…
On Wednesday, Carlsbad @MomsDemand and @StudentsDemand volunteers helped pass a secure storage resolution.
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11 May
This ruling is just the beginning of the NRA’s troubles. Now they return to legal battles with attorneys general, former vendors and spurned donors. And they're even weaker due to what was revealed at trial.

The NRA filing for bankruptcy was a disaster and a colossal mistake.
Now not only is the New York Attorney General well positioned to litigate its case against the NRA in New York, but because of this trial, the Attorney General is privy to damaging NRA executives' testimony and has a factual record of mismanagement and corruption at the NRA.
And there's potential for criminal investigations. Might be why NRA execs pleaded the Fifth, and the NRA Board President “shredded and burned” relevant notes.

LaPierre said himself that the organization's lawyer is the only one standing between him and “an orange jumpsuit.”
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11 May
BREAKING: A Texas bankruptcy judge granted an order seeking the dismissal of the Chapter 11 case of the NRA Tuesday afternoon, agreeing with the Office of the New York Attorney General and others that the case filed in bad faith. #nrabankruptcytrial…
This is a bad outcome for the so-called nonprofit. Now the NRA will go back to fighting various litigations across the country against former vendors, angry donors, etc. In addition, the NRA will continue to face lawsuits brought against it by the NYAG and DCAG.
This news comes at the worst possible time for the NRA: right as background checks are being debated in the Senate. It will be onerous if not impossible for the NRA to effectively oppose gun safety and lobby lawmakers while simultaneously fighting court battles and mounting debt.
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11 May
Sen. Ted Cruz just said ghost guns are a “made-up problem." Yet the ATF said it’s a fast-growing crisis and law enforcement is recovering an increasing number of ghost guns from domestic abusers, sex offenders, white supremacists and minors. #StopGhostGuns…
Ghost guns are showing up at crime scenes across the country. The ATF recently reported that from 2016 to 2020, nearly 24,000 homemade firearms were recovered in crimes. #StopGhostGuns…
“We’ve learned that the market for ghost guns exploded because ATF changed its approach to unfinished frames and receivers, the core building blocks of ghost guns," @NickSuplina, managing director of law and policy, testifying on behalf of @Everytown #StopGhostGuns
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9 May
BREAKING: Six people were shot and killed at a Colorado birthday party today where friends, family and children gathered to celebrate. Police said they believe the gunman, who also killed himself, was the boyfriend of one of the female victims. #coleg…
Each month, 57 women in America are fatally shot by intimate partners, and most mass shootings are related to domestic violence. The presence of a gun in a domestic violence situation makes it five times more likely a woman will be killed.…
Women in the U.S. are 21 times more likely to be shot and killed than women in any other high-income country. Every country is home to domestic abusers, only America gives them easy access to arsenals and ammunition.

Colorado Springs…
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7 May
NEW: This proposed rule is a huge win for public safety and a huge loss for any criminals or extremists who wanted to buy untraceable guns with no background check and no questions asked.…
Ghost guns are the fastest growing gun safety threat in the country, allowing anyone to make an untraceable weapon in under an hour. This rule will save lives, and President Biden’s swift action is more proof that hes building the strongest gun safety administration in history.
The proposed rule will stop the proliferation of ghost guns by strengthening the regulation over frames, receivers, and ghost gun kits, requiring the core parts be sold with a serial number and a background check (by licensed dealers).
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3 May
BREAKING: A gunman who killed two people and wounded a third at a hotel restaurant attached to Oneida Casino in Wisconsin was under a restraining order, but the court allowed him to keep his guns - even after he threatened the life of a co-worker. #wileg…
Court Commissioner Paul Burke granted a permanent restraining order, but records indicate he did not find "clear and convincing evidence that the respondent may use a firearm to cause physical harm to another or to endanger public safety."

Wisconsin doesn’t have a Red Flag law.
A 28-year-old female co-worker said the 62-year-old gunman sent her threatening texts and emails, including photos of her home and threats against her family: “Time’s up,” one said. Police said the gunman had a "specific victim" in mind, but the woman wasn't there that night.
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29 Apr
After four years of speeches from a president who actively blocked gun safety legislation, while hundreds of thousands of Americans died on his watch, tonight we got to hear from a president who treats gun violence like the epidemic that it is. #PresidentialAddress
President Biden is right in demanding action now, and our @MomsDemand and @studentsdemand grassroots army of six million strong stands behind him as he urges the Senate to pass life-saving background check legislation into law.
The actions that the Biden-Harris Administration have already taken will save lives - from cracking down on ghost guns, investing in community violence intervention programs, pushing model red flag laws, and nominating a strong leader to the ATF.
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