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An interim legislative committee on prison population is meeting on the impact of last week’s Denver City Council vote to end contract w/private companies GEO & CoreCivic, which house ~500 inmates transitioning out of prison. It’s had uncomfortable moments. #coleg #copolitics
Public Safety Director Stan Hilkey, DOC Director Dean Williams, Denver Public Saefty Chief Troy Riggs and Denver Deputy Director Eric Williams are on the hot seat answering tough questions by prison population management committee.
Hilkey started with worst case scenarios:
•Influx of triple digit inmates being returned to state prisons (which don’t currently have enough beds)
•Detainees could be released homeless
•Detainees might walk away versus return to prison
#coleg #copolitics
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I see we're talking about Transportation, one of the (arguably) legitimate functions of government. Here's a few fun facts about Transportation in the 27 years since #TABOR was passed. #copolitics #coleg
Since FY 1993-94 through FY 2019-20, Transportation appropriations have averaged 6.7% of the total appropriations for each year. The high was 11.4% in FY 2000-01. The low was 5.1% in FY 2009-10 #copolitics #coleg #TABOR
In the years when Republicans controlled 2 or 3 of the Governor's Office, Senate and House, Transportations appropriations averaged 7.8%. Since the Democrats took charge of 2 or 3 of the 3, appropriations have averaged 5.8%. #copolitics #coleg
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Whoever is running this account is clearly no taxpayer advocate, is not part of any "alliance", and is clearly hostile to #TABOR. They also either don't understand taxation or are not above spreading misinformation. #copolitics #coleg
Note that they call for a "progressive (tiered) income tax" to "fix Colorado's outrageous tax code". The graphic purports to show that the bottom 20% pays more income taxes by implication. #copolitics #coleg #TABOR
So I looked at the source they gave. Leaving aside that it's from a white paper published by a lefty think tank (part of #TheProgressiveAdvantage) using data from another lefty think tank, it shows something different. #copolitics #coleg #TABOR
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A look at Colorado state budgets FY 1993-94 to FY 2019-20. Shocking growth, even with #TABOR in place.… #copolitics #coleg #TuesdayThoughts
Note the 6.5% for Transportation in the FY 2019-20 budget. That is consistent with the average appropriations of 6.7% since the year after TABOR was passed. Don't let them lie to you and say TABOR is at fault. #copolitics #coleg #leftylies
I'll be talking about Why Budgets Matter at 8:30 this morning with @JimmyLakey on @600kcol. Looking forward to shining a light on this important topic. #copolitics #coleg #TABOR
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A Colorado state representative whose son was fatally shot in the Aurora movie theater is being targeted for a recall by @cologop and the Rocky Mountain Gun Owners - just because he cosponsored our new Red Flag Law. #coleg
Representative Tom Sullivan was very clear about his support for gun safety - he ran for office because his son’s life was stolen by gun violence. Please follow and support him: @Sully_720

Gun lobbyists and gun extremists should not be allowed to undermine democracy. #coleg
Go here to support @Sully_720 - a gun violence survivor and Colorado state representative - against this recall being called for by gun lobbyists and gun extremists.
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I'm sad this morning for the family of the young person who died, the families and others who were wounded and the entire community who was traumatized by yesterday's #StemShooting.
Another horrific, senseless act of violence. #copolitics #coleg
My fellow Americans who reside on the "left" side of the spectrum believe that designating schools as "gun free zones" and enacting ever more restrictive legislation on firearms will make our public spaces safer. Kudos to them for their good intentions. #copolitics #StemShooting
I favor an evidence-based approach, and the evidence CLEARLY shows that this strategy does not work. No gun laws on the books prevented yesterday's killers from getting guns. No artificial designation prevented them from carrying them into the school. #copolitics #StemShooting
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Turns out the new Florida law that raised the age to purchase a gun from 18 to 21 should have precluded the Miami teen from buying a gun in Denver: “The ATF repeatedly said the sale was legal, but refused to explain how it reached that conclusion.” #coleg…
Contrary to reports in the press and claims made by the dealer who sold the out-of-state teen the gun, the sale was not only irresponsible, it was also illegal. #coleg…
Federal immunity laws have created environment of impunity. Federal appropriations rider prohibits the government from disclosing the names of the irresponsible dealers who contribute to gun crime. And the ATF doesn’t have the bandwidth to supervise and penalize rogue dealers.
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Police are searching for an armed Florida woman, 18, who is believed to be in the Denver area after threatening students at Columbine High School. Nearly 20 schools were on lockdown; Saturday will mark 20 years since the Columbine mass shooting. #coleg…
Miami officers say the 18-year-old woman made "concerning comments" in the past and expressed an obsession with the Columbine shooting. She was able to fly to Colorado and buy a shotgun and ammunition when she landed. The age to legally buy a long gun in Colorado is 18. #coleg
Authorities provided this description: “She is a white female, 18 years old, approximately 5’5″ in height, with brown hair. She was last seen in a black t-shirt, camouflage pants, and black boots in the foothills of Jefferson County.” #coleg

Tip Line: 303-630-6227
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Here we go again. Senate gets its first crack at bill to eliminate #surprisemedicalbills in Colorado. Lots of docs here again.

This is the same bill that sailed through House. HB1174.

More amendments for this one. (Lots of special interests getting their opinions heard on this one)

(Would have to go back to House if amendments approved)
@COHealthAccess heavily involved in pushing this forward.

Bottom line. Whatever happens to language of bill, patients would not receive these surprise bills from out of network providers they never chose.

“It’s time to stop sending these patients to collections” says CCHI
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THEY DID IT!!! Colorado @MomsDemand volunteers supported @Sully_720’s efforts this year to pass an ERPO bill, and today it was signed into law by @GovofCO. This victory was the result of flipping the makeup of the state senate to a gun sense majority in November. 🙌🙌🙌 #coleg
Thank you to the bill’s sponsors @AlecGarnett and newly elected Tom Sullivan (@Sully_720).

Sullivan’s son, Alex, was fatally shot at the Aurora theater. Listen to him explain why he fights to protect Coloradans from gun violence in his son’s honor. #coleg
The new law will empower Colorado family members and law enforcement to ask a judge to temporarily suspend a person’s access to guns if there is evidence the person poses a risk to themselves or others. It was opposed by the @NRA. 💪💪💪 #coleg
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THEY DID IT!!! The Colorado senate just passed the Extreme Risk Protection Order (aka, Red Flag Law) 18 to 17. @MomsDemand volunteers helped flip the Colorado senate to be a gun sense majority in November.

Thank you to the bill’s sponsors @AlecGarnett and newly elected Tom Sullivan (@Sully_720).

Sullivan’s son, Alex, was fatally shot at the Aurora theater. Listen to him explain why he fights to protect Coloradans from gun violence in his son’s honor. #coleg
And thank you to all of the Colorado @MomsDemand volunteers who showed up for hours and hours at a time. Not just to testify, but to make “I am a mom and I am not f%cking around” eye contact with state lawmakers. Even today, they sat in their red shirts in the gallery. #coleg
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So, here's what happened today:

❄️ @COSenDem refuses to call a snow day, requiring Senators, staff, lobbyists, maintenance workers, and Coloradans wanting to testify to brave the #BombCyclone to come to the Capitol. #COpolitics #COleg (1/6)
[Reminder: @COHouseDem/@COHouseGOP, @CityofDenver, @DPSNewsNow, @DENAirport, and every @GovofCO department had all closed (or canceled flights).] (2/6)
✋ Between the floor debate and committees, dozens of journalists, activists, etc, urged @COSenDem to postpone committees to allow Coloradans to be heard when it was safe to come to the Capitol. #COpolitics #COleg (3/6)
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As a Coloradan, it’s really galling to see ads by @NRA lackey @RepMikeCoffman accusing Jason Crow of being bad on gun safety.

Coffman has a NRA A-rating and has taken more gun lobby dollars than any other member of Colorado’s Congressional delegation.…
Coffman supports legislation to make state concealed carry permits recognized across the US. In 2017, he voted to repeal the rule submitted by the Social Security Administration relating to Implementation of the NICS Improvement Amendments Act of 2007.…
.@JasonCrowCO6 is committed to passing stronger gun laws that will protect our families and communities and - unlike Mike Coffman - he’s rejected the @NRA’s agenda and their money. #coleg

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