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Please continue to wear a mask. Get vaccinated. Stay Safe. Save Lives. Committed to strengthening our public schools and communities #onted #opsba #tdsb
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@tdsb Hearing from delegates first and then from @TOPublicHealth. @tdsb @TOPublicHealth Just on a brief recess at @TOPublicHealth joins the Zoom Call
Sep 14, 2021 46 tweets 19 min read
This afternoon @tdsb Planning & Priorities Committee begins at 4:30 Agenda - Staff Report on Indigenous Land-Based Learning, Staff Report on Implementation of a Mandatory Vaccination Procedure & Staff Update on Return to School - Watch here… Will live tweet The "Implementation of a Mandatory Vaccine Procedure" is now posted with the agenda for today's @tdsb P & P - look forward to the staff presentation…
Aug 17, 2021 87 tweets 24 min read
Special Virtual COVID-19 @tdsb Planning & Priorities Meeting begins at 4:30 - Watch here… - Will live tweet Meeting begins with a delegation from a school council - questions about lunch - hopefully they will be answered through @TOPublicHealth presentation
May 7, 2021 51 tweets 15 min read
Today at 4pm @tdsb Special Planning & Priorities Committee where staff will present preliminary analysis of September 2021 Guidance and Funding Announcements from the Ministry of Education. If you can, join us. Will be live tweeting.… Director @TDSBDirector begins - these are the topics going to be covered today - proud of the work since Tuesday in order to bring as detailed information as possible
Feb 23, 2021 43 tweets 13 min read
Today at 4pm @tdsb Special P&P re COVID-19 issues - please join us here… For those who can't join, I will be live-tweeting from the meeting Today's agenda - the deck to be presented is now posted…
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1/11 Human Rights Annual Report 2018 - 2020 to be presented @tdsb PSSC Wednesday, Feb 17 now posted - first of its kind...… #NoRoomForHate 2/11 In June, 2019, @tdsb Trustees unanimously voted on a Motion – Dealing With Incidents of Racism and Hate. As a result, the TDSB developed the Reporting and Responding to Racism and Hate Incidents Involving or Impacting Students in Schools (PR728)…
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@tdsb Welcome to @TOPublicHealth Ms Welch and Dr Dubey @tdsb @TOPublicHealth Dr Dubey acknowledges partnership with @tdsb and shares the agenda
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@tdsb Today's update from Director @TDSBDirector @tdsb @TDSBDirector .@Singhpeter updating us on the switching survey data
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While this is true (…) it is important to note that this work was completed before the break - this work related specifically to Covid-19 precautions -@tdsb spends millions on mechanical system upgrades as part of our school renewal program... 1/5 ... and those upgrades include replacing existing mechanical ventilation components and building automation systems... but replacement of mechanical system upgrades takes months to plan and implement and funding... 2/5
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@tdsb Following delegations - now hearing from @kgfalcon Interim Director - updated based on @TOPublicHealth advice... agenda below @tdsb @kgfalcon @TOPublicHealth SO Andrew Gowdy - #COVID19 in geographic context - June-August through most recent (Nov-Dec) - deeper the blue greater the risk - overlaid with elementary schools and secondary schools
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Join us!
Agenda - 10:30am
•Zena Shereck and D.Williams, PIAC Co-Chairs
•Elder Dr. Joanne Dallaire
•Rachel Chernos Lin, Trustee
•Karen Falconer, Associate Director
Keynote Speaker-Michelle Munroe, Central Coordinator, Parent & Community Engagement
@TorontoPIAC Excellent presentation - Disrupting Traditional Understanding @TorontoPIAC #PIACReadySetEngage
Oct 27, 2020 37 tweets 12 min read
Special Committee of the Whole on COVID-19 related issues beginning at 4:30 - Join us here… For today's update @TDSBDirector shares agenda - will be sharing new information and updating other information
Oct 25, 2020 5 tweets 3 min read
ADs are now answering questions through the moderator - suggest additional questions through Principals and Superintendents - Trustees can also facilitate Qs&As from patents and communities #TDSBParentConf Image Important @TDSBDirector speaks to keeping focus during these Pandemic times... working on dismantling structures and policies that have created barriers for students - creating pathways, changing disciplinary practices, professional learning on anti-oppression and anti-racism...
Oct 20, 2020 30 tweets 44 min read
@tdsb Updated information being presented by @TDSBDirector @tdsb @TDSBDirector On devices, @Singhpeter speaks to remote learning - up until June requests from 60,488 units shipped - devices were collected from 370 schools
Oct 15, 2020 23 tweets 10 min read
Please join us for @tdsb Committee of the Whole beginning at 4:30 - click here… Agenda includes Reports From Trustees Appointed to @opsba and @TOPublicHealth, Profiles of Administration Sites and an Update on School Reorganization - will live tweet Trustee @Steph4schools reports on @opsba election results and provides summary report from last Board of Directors meeting including a motion requesting EDU immediately disburse federal funding to public school boards and restore school board reserves spent to open schools safely
Oct 14, 2020 8 tweets 4 min read
Please join us at 4:30 for our FBEC Meeting - log on here -… - agenda includes contract awards, updates on two school builds, and an update on emergency purchasing during the Pandemic - will tweet and share information as I can Staff are updating on the provincial and federal funding received to date - and how @tdsb has spent
Sep 16, 2020 43 tweets 12 min read
Join us for Committee of the Whole beginning at 4:30 - among agenda items an update on school reopening as well as a discussion of the Director Search criteria… Meeting begins with a timed item on the Toronto Lands Corporation - extension of terms for Citizen Directors to allow continuity of its processes
Aug 27, 2020 44 tweets 10 min read
Staff will work quickly to deploy funds as quickly as possible and will keep trustees informed and seek direction as appropriate - @TDSBDirector confirms some funding is flexible and will be back to Board with process for determining priorities AD Witherow speaking to registration - began today at 3pm - out in cycles - 2 grades at a time - JK/!2, SK/11, etc - open until Saturday; phone calls for those without e-mail -… lists to be generated by August 31
Aug 26, 2020 10 tweets 5 min read
Please join us for @tdsb Board Meeting tonight - public at 7pm - click here… - We expect the Director to update on the Federal announcement today as well as Reopening Plans in addition to the Agenda items -… Proud that @DavisvillePS opens the @TDSB Board Mtg with their recording of O’Canada!
Aug 21, 2020 5 tweets 3 min read
.@TOPublicHealth reviewed their methodology - identified 80 @tdsb schools in neighbourhoods deemed at a higher risk for COVID-19 - see the map below. Based on the revised information from TPH @tdsb staff revised analysis of class sizes based on the number and grades of students in those schools - highlighted in yellow the numbers that changed
Aug 18, 2020 137 tweets 63 min read
Today - Special @tdsb Committee of the Whole at 4:30 - staff will present further revised models for #ReturntoSchool and a number of motions to come before the Board - Agenda here… Please join us here… I will be live tweeting... In advance, sincere thank you to @TDSBDirector and senior staff... prioritizing health and safety to follow @TOPublicHealth guidelines without the necessary provincial funding makes this an impossible task... #onted